how to find what theme a shopify store is using

How To See What Theme A Shopify Store Is Using do you want to know how to figure out,what theme and

Zach Inman

Updated on Jan 15,2023

How To See What Theme A Shopify Store Is Using

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how to find what theme a shopify store is using catalogs

How To See What Theme A Shopify Store Is Using

do you want to know how to figure out,what theme and other Shopify stores,using within five seconds I'm gonna show,you how to do that hey guys welcome back,I'm Zach and if you're new to the,channel learn all the secrets of the,e-commerce world simply by subscribing,to my channel and hitting that little,Bell icon so you don't miss anything and,today I'm bringing you a bit of a,shorter more simple video because as,you've noticed I'm not in my normal,apartment I'm actually back home because,it's spring break and so I'm living it,up back home and I'm actually going up,to Oklahoma so I'm gonna have a few,videos film there but yeah we're just in,a little bit of a different setting,shouldn't affect anything we're still,gonna have a good time I got a lot of,videos planned so real quick what I'm,just gonna show you guys is how to,quickly find out what theme a Shopify,store is using if they are using a theme,that has a name and I'll show you what I,mean by that so basically I have three,stores right here a sugar and cotton,gecko and possum Couture these are just,some websites that I found and like past,videos and I'm just gonna show you how,to quickly find what theme they're using,it's super super simple so what you do,need is you need Google Chrome okay and,this will allow you to right-click and,have this inspect element feature right,here okay so this is what you need so,all that you're gonna do is right-click,anywhere on the page it doesn't really,matter and just go to inspect and this,is for inspect element so as you can see,it'll bring up this little thing over,here and basically this shows the source,code of the page and basically all that,you're going to be doing is searching,for one specific part of this and so you,don't have to drag through and just look,for the thing know what you can just do,is make sure you click within this box,hit ctrl F and then what this is gonna,do is bring up a little search bar so,all did you have to do within the search,bar is type theme okay,and boom this actually came up right,here so as you can see it came up with,the highlighted theme a colon and then,copy of Brooklyn so that means sugar and,cotton is using the theme Brooklyn and,it'll show different indicators for this,but you'll get a really good feel for,actually what the theme is out of the,jumbled mess of,you're gonna be seeing here like if you,don't understand HTML or CSS it can be a,little bit confusing but pretty much,it's just themed : copy of Brooklyn so I,have the two other stores to show you,some other examples of what you can,possibly see so that's really it just,real quick once again you go to inspect,control F type theme and it'll come up,and they're there maybe theme there's,others theme mentioned like 9 other,times in here it might come up with one,of these later ones just keep hitting it,until oh here we go,clothing store 21 you say you just keep,hitting it until you get to this section,right here so theme copy of Brooklyn,right that's very easy so that's all you,need to find right there so let's go,over to get Cuomo we'll go to inspect,element right here we're gonna do the,same thing ctrl F and then just type,theme and there you go as you can see,lime spots store info equals the theme,Brooklyn okay so very very simple this,store is using the Brooklyn theme as,well and I actually didn't plan that,that just happens to be it let me have,possum coat or this is obviously a,different theme so we're just gonna go,ctrl F theme and so research them,through as you can see it didn't come up,automatically so we're just looking,through a little bit more and now here's,the thing look at this it doesn't have,one okay and so basically look Shopify,dot theme equals and then name so,basically what this means is this is a,custom theme either they edited it in,their own way they purchased it they had,a commissioned either way what this,means is that they're not using a theme,that is just readily available on the,Shopify store right I have a theme that,I purchased that's like a premium theme,but it still shows the actual name of it,this is just a custom theme or something,else so you actually can't copy it so if,you come up comes up with this you don't,actually see a theme no it's not screwed,up all that happened is they just use,you know a non default theme or non,Shopify theme like that they had a,custom made so yeah when you see that,that's what that means don't worry but,it's also kind of sucky because,like yeah this is a good theme I want to,copy this but you actually can't now I,did I believe this is just an edited,theme because I have seen stuff like,this with the lines coming in right,there on other Shopify themes so I can,almost just guarantee you this is a,customized pre-made theme but yeah it,doesn't have a name on it so it's a bit,of a bummer but what are you gonna do so,that's it guys that's as easy as it is,to find out what theme a Shopify stores,using ridiculously simple and it's also,very helpful for if you like the theme,you just go ahead and copy it you know,it's all about copying great artists,steal and copy and whatever other crap,there is out there but I want to thank,you guys for watching if you want to,learn how to make a really high,converting Shopify store and drop,shipping business I've linked to my,course in the description below I also,have a link to a free 14-day Shopify,trial down there hit that subscribe,button right there check out those,videos over there if you want to watch,anything else that would be really,helpful and I will see you guys in the,next video

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