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Shopify Orders: How To Merge Orders On Shopify [SOLVED] hey guys what is going on this is eric,from

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

Shopify Orders: How To Merge Orders On Shopify [SOLVED]

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Shopify Orders: How To Merge Orders On Shopify [SOLVED]

hey guys what is going on this is eric,from steely ups and in today's video i'm,going to teach you how to merge orders,in shopify,sometimes customers place orders one,after another directly,and eventually you're going to ship it,out in two different packages pay double,free shipping and the customer is going,to get a horrible,customer experience what if you can,actually merge these orders together,ship them together save a lot of money,on shipping and refund this excess,shipping fee for the customer,and provide an awesome customer,experience all right let's just jump,into the video and i'll show you how to,get it done,by default this is not something that is,possible within shopify capabilities but,we've created an app for you that called,order merger you can find it on the,shopify app store so if you just head,over to the shopify app store and search,for order merger you're going to find it,and what order merger basically does,is two things it allows you to either,merge orders automatically based on,rules,you define or it allows you to merge,orders,manually and that's where you select,multiple orders and just combine them,into a single order now it also allow,you to do a bunch of other stuff like,tagging and adding order notes to the,original order and,new order and it allows you to notify,the customer when these orders are being,merged,so let me just show you what it looks,like,okay so the first thing you need to do,is to select a plan for order merger,if you're just a small store i would,suggest going with the merge as you go,plan,so the way the plans are going is,basically you get,a bunch of free mergers per plan and,then the additional,cost per merge is going to decline as,the,plan you select grows so the pay per,merge plan,includes five merges per month and then,each additional merge is going to be 50,cents,per merge and then the basic plan is,going to be 10 a month,and it's going to be 35 free mergers,every month and then,each additional merge is going to cost,30 cents the prop plan is going to be 20,a month and it's going to include 100,merges and,20 cents for each additional merge and,you can see the way it goes by the way,all features are included in all the,features so you don't really have to,worry about that for the sake of the,example i'm just going to select the,basic plan,once you've selected the plan you'll,have to go through this quick onboarding,process that's going to,define how you want the app to work now,it's important to mention that this app,is very sensitive so if you're not 100,sure how to set it up right please make,sure to contact our support,live chat team in the bottom left corner,of the screen they're going to be,available for you 24 7,and they're awesome so the first step,would be to define the merging rules,these are automated rules that are going,to define if two orders are eligible,for merge or not the built-in rules are,the customer id,must be identical and the shipping,address must be identical and we don't,allow you to change,these rules since they're pretty much,fundamental,for a merge now by clicking the end,condition you can choose any of the,following conditions,either time sends the last customer,order first order fulfillment status,financial status shipping address,shipping carrier order tag,customer tag and all products are,available at location,for those of you who have multiple,locations what we recommend adding,is just past order fulfillment status,and fulfilled okay you want to make sure,that both orders,are for the same customer the same,address and they're both unfulfilled now,you can add multiple conditions but,these are just the ones that we,recommend and the second part would be,to choose the,merge delay time now this is important,because,many stores have all sorts of,automations that starts running right,after an order,comes in so what we allow you to do is,just to choose,how long after an order comes in we're,going to check the,merge rules to see if the orders are,eligible for merge now by default it's,set to 10 seconds,which i think is good enough for the,sake of the example so i'm just gonna,hit next,the next step would be conflict handling,the way order merger works is let's say,we have order a,and order b we're going to combine them,into order c now many times order a and,order b,are going to be a little bit different,and every time we see a conflict we need,to choose which parameter is going to be,where,and where should we take the value from,let's start with the shipping rate to,keep you can choose from which order you,want to keep the shipping rate you can,either keep the most expensive one the,cheapest one combining them,or completely ignoring that i'm going to,select it to keep the most expensive,shipping rate and then you can also keep,any shipping rate that is not,used in the merge order which is going,to provide even better customer,experience,let's assume that you offer free,shipping over,i don't know a hundred dollars and you,want to check this condition,on both orders we've added an option to,refund all shipping rates,for all merged orders if the total price,of the merge order is greater than and,then you can choose the value,so if we said 100 then that's great and,then let's say that the customer is,going to place one order for 40,and another order for another 120,dollars we're going to refund the entire,shipping rates from both orders and the,customer is going to get free shipping,for both orders i'm just going to,disable this for now and i'm going to,keep,the most expensive shipping rate we also,need to decide about the new order,shipping method name,again you can choose everything you want,from the following options,when ordered tags are exist you can,either discard them,keep some of them or keep all of them,i'm just going to set it up to keep all,ordered tags,when refunded items exist in the merged,orders,let's say that you have one order with,two items one of them was refunded and,the other one,still exists in the order and there is,another order with just two items,when you combine these orders you can,either choose to have all four items or,just discard the one that,is already refunded so we're just going,to keep it that way and then the new,order name you can either choose to,combine the new order names and let's,say that you have order 1001 and 1003.,the name of the new order is just going,to be this,combined all right another option would,be just keep the order name in ascending,order so let's say that you have,1001 and 1003 the next order should be,1004,so that's going to be the order name and,you can also create a custom name,with some dynamic tags so you can do,let's say most recent order name,and then your store name let's just do,it random,okay i'm just gonna keep it at combined,and then you can do the same for,the tax name you can choose if you want,to do the original tax name from both,orders or you can just do the original,tax values you can create any type of,tax name you want you can do the exact,same thing,for the discount name again you have,some dynamic tags here or you can just,use something that is,pre-made so for the tax name i'm just,going to use original tax names,and for the discount names i'm just,going to use the original discount names,and then,when any other conflict occurs just keep,settings from the most recent order,that sounds great moving on to the next,step this is order actions and this page,will allow you to add new,notes tags and perform some other,actions to the,original orders and to the new merged,orders so let's talk about new orders,let's say that you want to tag your,orders with the original,order names and this way let's say that,we have order 1001 and 1002 and we,combine them into 1003,then order 1003 going to have the tag,1001,1002 which is great you can also add,some custom tags in here and then with,order notes,again same idea you can add an order,note to the new order so let's do,here merged from and then original order,names,perfect and then order financial status,now guys,this is very important i highly,recommend set it up to,zero value the thing is shopify doesn't,allow us to ignore,any analytics generated by a new order,even if it's created via,api that means this checkbox is not,going to be checked we're not going to,set the value of the merged order,to zero and then that's going to count,as revenue in your store we created this,option,just to make sure that we don't mess up,your store's analytics moving on to the,original orders this is pretty much,the same thing with order tagging what,we can do is just,add the new order name and with order,notes we can do,merged to and then the new order,name on mer date okay looks great now,another thing you can do,with the original orders is first,archive them which we highly recommend,and another thing you can do is just,cancel the original orders it's,important to mention,we do not refund the original orders we,just cancel them because that's going to,clear it up,in many fulfillment systems so that's,highly recommended and then,another thing you can do is restock,items on order cancelling,which we don't recommend but again it,really depends on how your business,works moving on to the next step the,only thing you have to do right now,is just enable automatic merge you can,also skip this stage if you're not sure,yet and this is what your dashboard,looks like you have an option to just,disable the app right from here you can,see here how many merges you have left,and your plan you can change it out,later here you're going to be able to,see some stats from the last 30 days and,you're going to be,able to see your automated rules on the,automatic merge page you're going to be,able to edit,everything we just went through in the,onboarding process in a manual merge,page,this is very easy all you have to do is,just insert the order ids,that you want to merge and then just go,through the conflict handling for these,orders and then just click the merge,button,another option order murder allows is,just to send customer notification and,this will allow you to send an email to,the customer whenever,you merge two or more orders and you can,pick everything here from the email,subject line,and some dynamic tags add your logo,email header or,text body etc once you're done you can,preview,this email just to see what it looks,like and enable this feature,by clicking the save button now that the,app is enabled let's just run,through a quick test to show you what,the app is going to look like on a real,store let's head over to the store and,place,two test orders from the same customer,one after another,this looks like a cool product,okay perfect so we've placed the first,order now let's head over back to the,store and place another order from the,same customer,okay guys now before i complete the,order let me just show you what it looks,like in shopify,if we head over back to the orders page,we're going to be able to see the first,order which is,unfulfilled and we paid i think three,dollars for shipping for that order,and for the new order i select the same,shipping fee and we've selected we,actually refund,any access shipping fee from this merged,order so we actually should see a refund,of three dollars for the merged orders,let's see if it's working right let's,complete the second order and wait 10,seconds,for the app to check if these two orders,are eligible for a merge,okay so the order is complete let's just,refresh the shopify orders page,and here are the two orders now let's,just wait,10 seconds let's refresh the page and as,you can see,we have two orders that are now,cancelled and we got the new order,according to the order name we chose set,up to zero revenue not to mess up our,analytics let's have a closer look,inside the three orders to see what it,looks like,order 21746 you can see that the order,is now,cancelled and archived and we can see,that we have the order note,merged to this order on this date,and we also added the tag of the new,merged order,let's look at the second order and here,the same idea merged to the merged order,and the date and the date of the merged,order and let's have a look at the,merged order,perfect and as you can see all the,orders are in one order,the order was merged from these two,orders,on this date all right guys thank you so,much for watching you now know how to,merge orders in shopify and provide an,awesome customer experience if you like,this video please make sure to hit that,subscribe button and hit that,notification button so you know whenever,we release new videos,if you have any questions just make sure,to comment them in the comment section,below and we will make sure to answer,each and every one of you,i'll see you on the next video,you

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