how to change prices on shopify

FASTEST WAY to Bulk Edit Prices on Shopify! what's going on guys figured I'd make a,quick video beca

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

FASTEST WAY to Bulk Edit Prices on Shopify!

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FASTEST WAY to Bulk Edit Prices on Shopify!

what's going on guys figured I'd make a,quick video because I've been struggling,to edit all the prices here on Shopify,and I watched a couple videos and I,noticed that they didn't do something,that I figured out a lot of these guys,are not doing it the fastest way,possible so to pretty much show you guys,what I did what I figured out pretty,much is open up your products and from,products click inventory now if you have,a store where you're selling clothing or,if you're selling jewelry so if you're,selling clothing first off to edit all,of your t-shirts you'll look up you know,t-shirt however you put it or you'll put,tea right so I recommend if you're,editing your titles right and you're,editing all your clothing whatever the,case may be in the title put something,that's gonna group all of these items,together so if you're putting hoodies,make sure you put hoodie in the title if,you're you got crewnecks you got pants,put crewneck put pants right so then,when we edit it right I could just,simply look up tee all of my t-shirts,will come up right then when that,happens I'll click this right here I'll,click actions and I'll click actually,now I'll click Edit variants and from,there it's gonna open up all of the,prices now I have so many shirts and,it's gonna show every single variant so,it goes on about I think like 30 pages I,think I went through that's what this is,up here think about 30 pages so,obviously this could be very,time-consuming if you're clicking and,editing and clicking and editing even if,you're copying and pasting this could,take so much time and pretty much if you,guys don't know what this is compared at,price this is pretty much gonna be the,discounted price on the left and this,will be the price that they show then,pretty much showing them what the,discount is all right so on the left,side I made these camo shirts 27 dollars,maybe a little bit overpriced I'll,rethink it I don't know I'll see how it,goes but look what you'll do is if,you're if you have Mac,you'll click command and the down arrow,key you see how it's highlighting,everything now this is something that I,haven't seen everybody do what people,have been telling me to do is click this,copy it right copy and then you know,paste paste paste imagine how long,that's gonna take if I have 30 pages so,simply all you have to do is click the,top one click command if you have a Mac,if you have a Windows click control so,on a Mac which I have I'll click command,and then I'll hit the down down in,Turkey I'll wait till everything on the,left side here is highlighted and then,I'll just simply put 27 all right and,it'll write it in there same thing goes,for the right side click the bottom,command up and I'll just hold it down,until it goes all the way to the top now,if you guys get confused just simply,rewatch this video pause go back,whatever you need to do now to open up,all the pages if you want to do this the,fastest way possible now simply right,click this if you have a Mac just use,two fingers open link in new tab right,open the link in new tab it's gonna,bring you to the next page alright,brings you to the next page you do the,same thing open link in new tab the,quicker way to do this is you hit if,you're on a Mac you hit command and then,you click it and it'll open it in a new,tab or if you're on a Windows you hit,control and click it it'll open in a new,tab,so you just do that over and over and,over again until you see this one second,alright until you see this you can no,longer click this arrow right here,alright so that means you're at the end,and then go page the page command up,alright and edit the price alright and,then same thing for the right side,you'll do that on every single page,you'll click Save do not close out the,page listen to what I'm saying cuz it's,very important I'll show you right now,and demonstrate don't close out the page,until everything is saved this is very,important because if you close out the,page before everything's saved it's,pretty pretty much waste of time alright,so I'll put this and then I'll click,Save now watch what happens here on the,left side you see the circle you see the,check you,wait until everything is checked so keep,these tabs open and the reason why I'm,doing this so fast the way that I'm,doing it so fast is I'll click Save and,then instead of waiting for them all to,finish boom I have it opened up in the,next page right I have the next tab open,and I'll do it on this one click Save,doing on this one click Save doing on,this one click Save and then everything,is happening in the background and I'm,getting like 20 to 30 pages done all at,once right and I'm sure a lot of people,didn't even know this trick and wound up,spending you know eight hours instead of,four hours or you know five hours,instead of two hours so I hope this,guy's this saved you some time,if I should add anything else right if,we go back all right one more thing I,guess so we'll go back to here and we'll,go back to inventory now if you're,selling jewelry and you're selling,watches you'll go to you'll type in,watches right you'll search that you'll,open all this up I'm not someone watches,so you're not gonna see me watches,you're selling jewelry you do watches,you'll do your necklaces you'll do your,bracelets you'll do your you know your,socks whatever the case is if you're,selling accessories you'll look,everything up and you'll just do this,for every single category obviously it's,very time consuming but it's not gonna,be as time consuming as always before,hope I helped you guys out definitely,help me everybody you know subscribe,drop some likes I'm gonna be dropping,tips and stuff for dropshipping as well,and my journey from the beginning to the,end

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