how to add products to shopify from aliexpress

How to Add Products to Shopify from Aliexpress (2023 Updated) and now the next step is to import our

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

How to Add Products to Shopify from Aliexpress (2023 Updated)

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how to add products to shopify from aliexpress catalogs

How to Add Products to Shopify from Aliexpress (2023 Updated)

and now the next step is to import our,product to our shopify store so i'm,going to be drop shipping from,aliexpress which is the most popular,place to drop ship products from,and when you drop ship from aliexpress,you can use a tool called deezers which,makes things a lot easier so this allows,you to simply import any product from,aliexpress to your shopify store and,then it also makes fulfilling the orders,a lot easier once you start getting,sales so i'm going to leave a link to,this tool down below in the description,so click on that link and then once,you're here simply click on try it free,then here you can simply create an,account with your email and a password,and then click on create account,and now here we can link our shopify,store by clicking on shopify right here,and that will take us to the shopify app,store where we're going to install the,deezers aliexpress dropshipping app so,here we simply click on add app,then here we want to make sure that this,is our shopify email address that we,have just used to sign up for shopify,with and then click on yes,then click on install app right here,then we're gonna have to choose a plan,for this app i'm gonna go with the basic,plan which is free so i'm going to click,on get started right here,and then here we're going to click on,aliexpress,so now we need to connect our deezers,app to aliexpress so if you already have,an aliexpress account you can sign in,right here i actually like to create a,new aliexpress account for every new,store so i'm gonna click on register and,then create a new aliexpress account,right here then here we're gonna click,on authorize,and now we can start importing products,by clicking right here,then we can simply skip the tutorial,right here because i'm going to show you,everything that you need to know now we,also need to install the chrome,extension for deezer so we're going to,click on home here on the top left,and then we're gonna click on chrome,extension so you're gonna need to use,the google chrome browser in order for,this to work so we're gonna click on add,to chrome right here and then confirm,add extension and that will add the,chrome extension here to the browser,however in order for us to see it at all,times we need to click on the puzzle,icon and then make this pin icon blue,right here and then we can always see,the extension here on the top now we,also need to log into our diesel's,account so we're going to click on these,right here that will take us to the home,page and then we're going to click on,login and that should automatically,connect our chrome extension to our,deezers account so once that is done we,can go back to the aliexpress page where,we're going to drop ship the product,from,and as you can see here on the bottom we,have a new button that says add to,deezers which we're going to use to to,import our product to,shopify so before we do that i want to,quickly show you that here on the top,with your extension you can also,change some options so here for the,option we're going to leave this at all,for the shipping methods and if you're,going to sell in another country apart,from the us you also want to change the,country right here so for example if you,would sell in the united kingdom we,would choose united kingdom right here,and then also change the currency to,british pounds however i want to sell,this product in the united states i'm,going to leave united states and also,leave the currency at us dollars click,on update settings,and then i want to reload the page again,just to make sure that the import button,works and now i'm going to click on add,to these here on the bottom and now it,will import my product to my deezers,account so now we can go back to our,deezer's dashboard and click on import,list here on the left side,and now we can see our product is on our,import list where we can then push it to,our shopify store but before we're gonna,do that we're gonna quickly click on,edit product and then make sure we only,import all the variants that we actually,want to sell on our store so here we're,gonna click on variants where we can see,this product comes in four different,colors white green blue and pink so for,example if you would only want to sell,the green version we could simply delete,all the other versions right here and,then it would only import that one,variant so i want to sell all the,variants right here so i'm going to just,leave it as it is we can also click on,the description and make sure we delete,everything that we don't want to import,it doesn't really matter because we're,going to change everything manually,anyway later on when we create the,product page and then we also have,images so you can just select all the,images that you want to import to your,shopify store and then what's also,important to click on shipping info and,make sure that the product actually,ships to the country you want to sell in,so i want to sell this product in the,united states i'm going to type in,united states click on the search icon,and then i can see,that the product is shipping to the,united states now the delivery time,isn't great which is uh very usual with,drop shipping products i might be able,to find this product with another,provider such as,cj drop shipping or sand drop or spock,it or something like that where the it's,already in a us warehouse where i get a,lot lower shipping times however in the,beginning i don't like to spend a lot of,time trying to find the perfect supplier,for this product because most products,you're going to find multiple suppliers,but i want to test this product first,with some ads and make sure that the,product actually works in the market,before i spend more time finding a good,supplier and making sure the shipping,times are as low as possible so that,works fine for me right now so i'm gonna,click on save and and then we can click,on,push to shopify right here,here we're going to tick also publish to,online store and then we're going to,click on push to shopify so now we can,go back to our shopify store click on,products and then we can see we have a,new product on our store

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