how to change my store name on shopify

HOW TO CHANGE SHOPIFY STORE NAME AND URL NAME hey guys happiness here welcome back to,my channel and

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Updated on Jan 14,2023


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hey guys happiness here welcome back to,my channel and this channel is all about,different shopify's tutorial small,businesses tips as well as,entrepreneurship in general so if this,is your very first time in my channel,hey there welcome so in today's video i,am going to be showing you guys how you,can go ahead on your shopify store and,change your store name as well as your,store url domain name so there are so,many reasons of why people are going and,change their store name,and i can say one of the reasons is,because they want to rebrand their store,uh another reason is because they have,been running their store for a while and,they are not happy with the results they,are getting from their stuff that is why,they want to change it for whatever it,was to another different thing i really,don't know what is your reason of why,you want to change your star name or,your store url domain name but what i,know is just i am going to show you how,you can go ahead and do it,step by step and this process is very,easy and very simple,so,before i go ahead and start showing you,how to do it please don't forget to,smash the like button subscribe on my,channel if you haven't done so for more,tutorials like this and leave me a,comment down below and let me know what,you think about today's video and yeah,let's go ahead and jump in today's,tutorial so the first thing you're going,to do is log into your shopify store and,this is how our shopify dashboard is,going to look like and as you can see,our current store name is called for,raju so you can go up here,on the left hand side you will find your,store name,so in order for us to go ahead and start,changing our shopify name we are going,to go to the setting down right over,here so go ahead and click settings and,as you can see once you get on this page,there are so many things you can go,ahead and click,and do some changes or add more,information but for now we are going to,change our stone name so pretty much go,ahead and click here on the store,details,and this page will come up so in here,there is a start name is the contact,email and the store industry,specifically,as well as the phone number you're gonna,have to put a phone number as well so,now go ahead and edit your start name,and put the name you want so i'm just,going to go ahead and check this out uh,so i am going to name my store as cheek,chic styles,okay so once you're done changing your,style name you can go ahead here and,click save,make sure to click save almost,every time when you do some changes on,your style because you never know if,something happened to your computer like,your computer restarted itself then,you're gonna lose a lot of work that you,have been doing and you'll be wasting,your time so,just have a habit of saving every little,detail so yeah this is how you change,your stone name now let's go ahead and,change our url so basically when you set,up a shopify store with shopify they,normally give you an admin url which you,can see right over here which is this,one for raha to go to dot,you can also see here on the searching,place on google right over here it's,called,that is basically a permanent domain,name of your stuff so this cannot be,changed based on how the domain name,really works so if you want to change,yours and be accurate to the new name of,your store you'll need to buy a new,domain name or transfer your existing,domain name so basically let's go ahead,and click here on the domains,and this is your domain name here and it,shows this is our status that this,domain name is connected with your,shopify store,and the provider is shopify so,if you want to change your domain name,to be accurate with the name of your,store that you have edited like few,minutes ago you will need to buy a new,domain name or transfer your existing,domain name if you already have so,basically this is because the current,url the one we are using here,um,represents the old stone name as you can,see here the old stone name was called,for raha to go to and i have changed,those thought name to,cheek styles okay so you're gonna need,to go ahead and buy a new domain,and uh in order to match your stock name,and the url so you're gonna have to,click here to buy a new domain or if you,have a new domain,from a different platform you can,actually transfer your domain here oh,you have a domain and you want to,connect it you can click here but for,now we are going to buy a new domain so,pretty much go ahead and click here by,new domain,and this is the page where we can go and,buy a new domain so basically go ahead,and type the domain name you want,uh most of the domain they are taken so,make sure to pick a domain that is still,available or the one that is taken but,you can buy it,so pretty much i'm going to type cheap,styles,okay let's see if this,name is available,okay so looks like,um, is unavailable so when you,when you search for your domain name,there are a big chance that they won't,be available as people have bought them,already so you can't use them,but you can go ahead and pick another,domain names like this one like, dot store ordered shop,so these are the only available for now,so just in case if you want to buy a,domain name with dot com or dot net,um,you're gonna have to change you have to,twist your domain name so let's say let,me put three there and see if that will,be available wow okay so with number,three looks like this domain name with,this name is available so pretty much,you can go ahead and buy this if this,money is on your budget so pretty much,click buy,to buy this domain name,okay and yeah so pretty much on my,shopify store i didn't add any payment,method so it this page will take me,straight to my card that are saved on my,shopify store,and it'll take payment there of course,you're gonna have to authorize it before,going ahead and charge the card what i'm,gonna tell you if you don't have a card,just go ahead and click add payment,method and once you add your bank card,information you can just follow all the,instruction for you to buy the new,domain name okay so since i'm not going,to buy a new domain for now,um but i just want to show you really,quick once you bought your domain name,you'll have two domain names right over,here so so when you have your two domain,they will all appear on this domain page,so pretty much the thread to go to that, will be the connected,domain name and the other one will be,down over here cheek style 3 will be,down over here and the starter is not,connected so what you can do is so once,you bought your domain name shopify will,want to verify your email address that,you have been registered for a new,domain,and once you have been verified you can,go ahead and start this new domain name,as your primal domain name as you can,see here the front to go to that is the,primal domain name so if you want to,change this domain name and you can go,ahead and replace it with the domain,name that you bought,from the internet okay so to go ahead,and connect your domain name as a primal,domain name you can go right over here,uh on this,link here that says change primal domain,um so you can go ahead and select that,and this box will come up here so,since because we bought another domain,that says,you will have these two different domain,name right over here and you can have an,ability to go ahead and unselect this,one and select the other domain name,that you bought it okay so yeah that is,how you can go ahead and change your,start name as well as you are still url,domain name and once you once you make,some selections here you're gonna have,to click save once you click save then,this will be down here and the floor,and the cheek style 3 will be up here,and connected so yeah guys i hope you,liked today's video if you do please,don't forget to give me a big big big,thumbs up subscribe on my channel if you,haven't done so for more tutorials like,this and i'll see you guys on the next,video

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