how to connect shopify to etsy

How to Export Listings from Shopify to Etsy + Sync Inventory - FAST + EASY! all right good thing i

Hannah Gardner

Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to Export Listings from Shopify to Etsy + Sync Inventory - FAST + EASY!

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How to Export Listings from Shopify to Etsy + Sync Inventory - FAST + EASY!

all right good thing i didn't record,that video because i wasn't even wearing,a freaking mic so,let's start again what's up guys in this,video i'm going to show you how you can,with one click of a button take all of,your shopify product listings and,transfer them to your etsy store i'm,super excited to share this with you,because this is going to save me,and you a lot of time and energy when it,comes to creating your listings um via,shopify and etsy and i've actually,talked about this application before,it's called shopups inventory i've made,another video on it in the past because,not only does it do this where i can,with one click of a button transfer all,of my shopify listings to my itsy,account but i can also sync the,inventory so in real time i can track,inventory as i get a sale from etsy from,one sku the same sku in shopify will,deduct inventory so it's going to,prevent you from overselling giving bad,service to your customers um and just a,really really big headache when it comes,to just managing the day in and day out,of,your business oh yeah let's hop into,this video,what's up guys my name is hannah gardner,and if you are new to the channel i talk,about,mainly ecommerce and selling products,online but a lot of business and,entrepreneurship you know topics as well,so if that is what you're into go ahead,and subscribe to the channel and comment,and like this video,because,honestly,it helps my channel so just just do it,as i mentioned before we're talking,about shop ups inventory shop ops,inventory has an abundance of features,including,not only being able to take your shopify,product listings and pushing them into,your etsy store so you don't manually,have to make new listings every time you,have new products but also syncing all,of your inventory and now i haven't even,set this up and i'm not really going,over this in that in this video,specifically but,now with the orders option inside of,this application you can actually get,your etsy orders to get pushed into your,shopify account and actually fulfill,your etsy orders from shopify and this,keeps you know a lot of less confusion a,lot of more tracking all in one place,because this application allows you to,keep all of this in one place via you,know shopify,showing you your best-selling products,because some of your best-selling,products might be different on shopify,than on etsy things like total daily,weekly monthly sales instead of having,to manually go back and forth in between,the platform and calculate you know how,many sales or how many you know weekly,monthly sales you're actually getting,it's going to show you it in one place,as well as things like you're reporting,for your cost of goods sold so a lot of,accounting factors as well that you,would manually have to go and pool,separately which i don't even think etsy,lets you put in a cost for the product,um,more or less show you that with shopify,so really really cool stuff guys but i'm,gonna hop into my computer right now and,i'm gonna show you how i am literally,transferring my shopify products in to,etsy with just one single click so when,you go to you know the shopify app store,and download um shop ups inventory i,think you get like a 14 day free trial,by the way the link for this is in my,description um you the first thing that,it's going to do is it's going to prompt,you to connect your etsy store so it's,going to look like this you're going to,just press authenticate,and you're going to allow access to your,shopify,store all right cool so congratulations,your success,um and some of the few things that i,just want to point out here as we wait,for this to load is that in this,inventory tab that we are currently on,right here um that's where you're gonna,see all of our products file in,to,the application one thing that you do,need to note with this is that before,downloading this application you want to,make sure that all of your skus match,between platforms as well as the,quantities because that's what's going,to synchronize this and to put it into,place from the get-go so you want to,make sure that you have it set up,properly when you're making these,listings so that they sync together from,the beginning and once you launch this,you activate the order syncing it will,begin tracking together so if you have,two products that are the same but you,gave them different skus it's not going,to work you need to make sure that the,skus are the same before and the,quantities are the same before,before you launch this so as you can see,in here you can see i have all of the,products and skews,and the reason why you're seeing so many,different like here you're seeing,shopify having you know five different,rows it's because i have that sku and,many many different listings and that's,why you're seeing multiples under,shopify of the same skew okay so,in the orders tab obviously that's where,you're going to enable the order sync,but what we are going to focus on is the,export listings to have so,um say we want to export a listing here,and one thing that you need to know is,you can only export new listings onto,etsy if obviously the list like the sku,can't exist already on etsy so you have,to make sure,that you're exporting skus that are new,wait so that would make sense,so you can pick your etsy category here,um and then you need to pick an etsy,shipping profile so this is another,thing that's really really important is,that inside of your etsy account you,need to make sure that you're using a,fixed etsy shipping profile you can,always change it if you want to do,calculated rates,later on and you can do that in a batch,so it's not like a heading but you to,for it to pick it up in this app it has,to be a fixed shipping profile so if you,offer,you know free shipping and then i mean,mostly everyone on etsy offers free,shipping so it's not hard to make it a,fixed shipping profile free shipping and,then internationals are usually like 15,from the us because most of my orders,are from canada but you can change,different fixed rates per you know the,main countries that you sell to as you,can see here it's pulling all of these,shipping profiles um from my etsy store,but i made a fixed shipping profile and,it's just called fix shipping profile so,now i'm gonna go and i'm going to choose,a listing that is not yet on my etsy,store and i'm going to see if it's going,to work and publish into my,etsy draft and that's where it's going,to put it it's going to put it in draft,so don't worry it's not going to,make it,you know public so i'm just going to hit,export now,and let's see what happens,sweet so as we see here it says,congratulations,it is complete,and let's go to our draft listings in,etsy,and,let's see if it made the metamorphosis,ring and look at that it's right there,perfect it sinks the skews the,quantities the photos even look,the same so obviously there's gonna be,some things that like just don't sink to,etsy because,you know shopify doesn't have those,conditions because it's just different,conditions different forms that etsy,doesn't have the most part it really did,get everything though like everything it,got even the description this is going,to save me a lot of time especially,if you're somebody new,and yeah forgot the quantities we got,everything um especially if you're,somebody new trying to sync their,shopify store to etsy for the first time,this is gonna save you,days depending on,how many listings you have i would say,so super super cool stuff um that's,basically how this works,inside of,shop ups inventory,again there's other features like um,like i mentioned before,um where you can go back and actually,sync your orders um and this will,actually,um put all of your orders in one place,but we'll have to make another video on,that so if you guys want to try out shop,ups inventory go ahead and click the,link in my description,and save yourself a lot of time,and head it,just,don't go through the headache,all right guys i will see you in the,next video

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