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Becoming a Shopify Developer in 2022 (The Truth) are you thinking of becoming a Shopify,web develope

Aleksander Vitkin

Updated on Jan 07,2023

Becoming a Shopify Developer in 2022 (The Truth)

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Becoming a Shopify Developer in 2022 (The Truth)

are you thinking of becoming a Shopify,web developer you're not quite sure how,to get started and what is a proven,process to start as a freelance Shopify,developer or an agency owner well in,this video we're gonna talk about,exactly that we're going to cover which,programming languages you need to learn,but also how to get your first sales how,to price a project and how to make sure,you have a constant flow of projects so,you can really take off as a Shopify web,developer what's more we're going to,cover which services are best to offer,as a Shopify developer because it's not,just teams and custom themes and,installing Shopify for clients there's,actually much more to it and there is a,service that is much more profitable,than just selling themes so it will also,cover that so why should you listen to,anything that I say why am i a credible,source for information well I just spend,nine years on up work myself it used to,be called oDesk and after that I've also,taught many people over 700 how to also,get started as freelancers and agency,owners so we have some pretty good data,on how to become a Shopify web developer,so let's dive right into the content but,before we do that Lee's hit the,subscribe button and the Bell,notification icon to support the channel,and also to get future updates on which,services to sell as a developer and how,to get there,so what's going on right now is,companies are starting to figure out,that they need to have an online,presence and not just a website or a,WordPress website what they're looking,to do is they're looking to sell,products on the Internet and for this,the best current platform is Shopify,because it allows you to have an,e-commerce presence on the internet that,is essentially the number one thing that,Shopify developers sell it is not the,only thing as I'll mention in a few,minutes but it's the number one thing,and as the first thing a company needs,and it is an online presence an,ecommerce store so regardless of the,current circumstances what's actually,going on is this industry is growing,very rapidly because companies actually,have no choice but to get started online,because they're closing shops and,they're opening web shops so let's dive,a little bit deeper into how to sell,them a project that's between six,thousand and twenty five thousand,dollars so let's focus on three services,the number one service is as I just said,Shopify themes and custom themes but,then there's a second service and that,is CRO which is convert,rate optimization so once a client has,an online shop Shopify store they will,need a conversion rate optimization,which is essentially how to make the,website how to make the e-commerce,platform that they have how to make it,convert and not just be pretty which is,equally as important as setting up the,shop in the first place and you can,charge for this monthly recurring but,we'll talk about pricing in a few,minutes and then there's a third service,which is the most expensive service that,I know of in the Shopify ecosystem and,that is Shopify amps now Shopify apps is,something you can get into once you are,good and delivering stores and Shopify,apps are essentially extensions to the,stores they're extensions to what shop,if I can do and it's essentially like a,mini sass that you're building inside of,the shop Shopify platform and Shopify,will promote the sass eater for your,client or for yourself if you launch it,yourself if you're just starting out,it's probably better to sell the apps to,other companies that are building apps,instead of trying to launch the app,yourself because it's quite complicated,and requires serious marketing dollars,to launch an app yourself but to sell it,as a service to sell Shopify apps to,clients that are currently launching,Shopify apps is very accessible to most,developers who have a lot of time on,their hands and want to build a real,business or who wants to freelance so,let's talk about the programming,languages that you wouldn't have to know,as a Shopify developer so the first one,is for Shopify stores and Shopify 8,themes and that is liquid you need to,know liquid to be able to work in that,also you need to know html5 and css3,so which framework and programming,languages you need to build Shopify apps,now there's a lot of choice here however,the easiest to start with is Ruby on,Rails because there's a lot of examples,and skeleton apps that are built in Ruby,on Rails so that's usually the easiest,to store it however you can also use PHP,so it doesn't just have to be PHP or,Ruby on Rails really anything that uses,Jason REST API with auth will work so,for conversion rate optimization this is,a service that is a combination service,of marketing and tech because it's,something that people buy after they,need to build the Shopify store because,then the store needs to make money it,needs to actually convert into sales now,the best way to do conversion rate,optimization is to have best practices,in place by looking at the best stores,out there and also by testing now,thing is done with tools like Optimizely,and also with Google content experiments,and of course you also need to have,Google Analytics installed on the,website to do CRO so what you do in CRO,in a very short summary is to test,multiple versions of the same page in an,a/b test them to see which one converts,best for a certain type of traffic as,you can see this is highly related to,marketing so if you're also interested,in marketing you should also offer,conversion rate optimisation as one of,your services so let's talk about,getting clients as a Shopify developer,so the easiest way to get started at the,Shopify web developer is to join,freelancing platforms which have already,done the work of generating leads for,you in the sense that there are many,projects on there where they're looking,for developers and they're looking for,freelancers and agencies to create,Shopify implementations for them now,what are they looking for all kinds of,stuff and they're not entirely sure how,to explain it,however if they're looking for Shopify,and they're looking to install a Shopify,store optimize it and then build Shopify,apps that is essentially what you can do,and you can offer that service which is,in very high demand right now especially,considering the circumstances is growing,it's exploding there is low supply and,high demand which means trisys can range,between six thousand and twenty five,thousand dollars now if you're selling,Shopify stores on upwork or a different,freelancing platform then only then does,it make sense to start selling Shopify,apps you really need to understand how a,Shopify store implementation works what,clients care about and then you can,create things like Shopify app because,it's a whole ecosystem on apps just like,with Android or Apple but it is for an,e-commerce platform essentially so you,really need to understand what is going,on and for this you need to start,creating Shopify stores as your first,project that are in the range of $6,000,before you can get those big juicy 25k,projects that our Shopify apps next up I,have a more detailed tutorial for you on,how to get started as a developer on up,work so click the video right here which,goes into great detail along with many,other videos in the playlist to explain,exactly how to use up work and how to,become a very successful developer on up,work or an agency owner also have many,other videos in the same playlist so,click Subscribe,and watch the playlist right here now if,you have any questions I would love to,respond to them so please comment in the,comments below and I'll see you in this,video right here on how to get started,as a web developer on up work

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