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3 Ways To Succeed On Shopify (CRAZY SIMPLE) what are three simple things that you,can do to make sur

Hayden Bowles

Updated on Jan 09,2023

3 Ways To Succeed On Shopify (CRAZY SIMPLE)

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3 Ways To Succeed On Shopify (CRAZY SIMPLE)

what are three simple things that you,can do to make sure your shopify store,goes extremely well in terms of results,as well as the customer experience which,is always super important,let's talk about that hey welcome back,into another video if you guys are new,to the channel my name is hayden on here,we talk a lot about business,primarily e-commerce real estate and of,course some fun stuff,with cars now in this one specifically,i've kept this super simple super short,made a fun little,presentation for you but uh these three,things which i'm just gonna list for you,right now,experience your value slash margin which,is more so something,that'll benefit you as a business owner,as well as your post success right what,do you do,after something starts working that is,exactly what we're gonna talk about in,this video i just wanted to set those,expectations for you,so if you have questions along the way,leave it in the comment section i'd be,more than happy to help you out there,and potentially make some more youtube,videos on it so these are things,that i have learned over the last four,and a half ish years as i've done tens,of millions of dollars in sales in the,e-commerce industry myself,and pretty much just you have a good,perspective on if you haven't really,watched this channel a lot,pretty much all my marketing i would say,85 is on facebook ads alone,now i've gravitated away from shopify on,certain stores because i really wanted,to customize my checkout process,however this doesn't change that at all,what we're talking about here are,concepts that would be the exact same,thing,for any platform any website builder,even if you're building your own from,scratch,right same thing with amazon you're,going to see the similarities and kind,of what they focus on and things like,that so,without further ado if you uh need any,you know further assistance if you want,a custom built shopify stores with,winning products or want to learn,exactly how i run my facebook ads,all those resources can be found linked,in the description with a little,discount link for you guys so,be sure to check that out don't forget,to smash a like and let's jump inside of,my computer and go through,these three things all right so let's,jump,right into this video number one,experience,okay a lot of people don't really think,about this too much and there's so many,angles that you could approach this but,the customer experience,truly is important it's a very key piece,in,not just making money on shopify look,let me tell you this real quick i've,seen people,make millions of dollars in profit which,means,many many more millions more than that,worth of revenue in a short window of,time,and what happens,they screwed up and one of not the only,reason i've seen people do that they,make such a high margin because they,don't fulfill orders, some people who teach e-commerce do,that it's very,very obviously bad they can ban off,payment processors and it's it's not,long term,one of many things you have to focus on,if you want long-term success,in any business is the customer,experience,look i go to the gym okay three to four,times a week,i would not be going to the gym if every,gym i walked into,punched me in the face that would be a,bad customer experience,i would buy a gym for my house at that,point so just think about it customer,experience doesn't matter if you're a,chipotle,your best buy you're flying on an,airline you know i'm not trying to get,dragged off an airplane so customer,experience,is key now here's a couple things that,that can relate to,number one the buy and process your,website is it easy to navigate your,website,you'd be so surprised by the amount of,people have a terrible website,i'm not saying your website has to be,fantastic it just needs to be good it,needs to be usable it needs to be simple,all right the next thing after they end,up purchasing your order confirmation,page,should be cleaned should look simple,again nothing too flashy or crazy,but it should give them information,about their order let them know that,they're going to get an order,confirmation email,and on that order page right the the,order confirmation page,what i like to do personally is i put,our support uh email,as well as a phone number if we have it,for that brand so for some of my stores,that are now brands,we do offer phone support where they can,call in my team that does it on the,phone,they just get paid per minute but,regardless people can then have,access to that some people will bookmark,that page screenshot it take a picture,and all of that same stuff that's,mentioned on there will be relayed,through that first order confirmation,email,which should be instant okay so you,should,always always make sure you have an,order confirmation email going out,if you don't know if it works that just,means you haven't tested it,so go change the product price on your,storage like four dollars order it,yourself,make sure that everything looks good buy,it as if you were a customer,you should look at that experience now,another thing with uh related emails,make sure to build rapport so one key,thing that helps your support which,we're gonna talk about,and just helps overall people not,leaving bad comments or just,you know overall more work for you is by,setting up an auto drip sequence and,this is what i mean,someone orders their product from you,three days late well instantly they get,an order update,24 hours they might get an order update,saying we got a package it's getting,ready to be shipped,three days later it's on the way seven,days later given update sequence,even and this is my recommendation to,someone starting even if it's not order,specific,which means to their specific product as,long as it follows that timeline that,you're confident the product is,in so that they can have updates along,the way it's what's called bringing up,an,unspoken objection right so it's,commonly known as a sales thing,where before they bring it up you bring,it up and so in this sense,that's gonna ultimately lead to less,people reaching out to your support,less people commenting any annoying,stuff or questions and overall just a,better experience for the customers,because they don't have to lift a finger,right so that's kind of a sales thing,the unspoken objection it's like me,saying,all the things that could and will go,wrong when you're trying to learn,facebook ads,but the fact that all this can be solved,through the facebook ad academy found,linked below it's the same thing like i,went through when i was starting right,so,that's the experience side of things,let's talk about something that,benefits you a little directly a little,bit more directly i should say,and don't get me wrong the experience is,a great thing number two value and,margin this is something for the,business owners out there i wanted to,toss at you,a couple things to think about i see,people trying to like sell products that,are just priced incorrectly,an example i always use i had someone,who was trying to sell a 170,product meaning like that's their,selling price what they wanted to get,for it,and they get the product for like 120 or,127 or whatever it was,they're like oh yeah we have a 50,something dollar margin i'm like no you,don't,no you don't your product cost is like,70,forget the dollar amount you're going to,be screwed,and here's the reason you should try to,follow what i call the 35,rule and this is based on the price to,price point ratio,price meaning what you're getting it for,price point,what you're selling it for 35 get it,you want to sell something for 50 bucks,okay well it shouldn't be more than,20 right max so that's kind of the range,right think about it as long as you can,be under that i try to keep it under 25.,it's easier to do once you're getting,consistent orders and can get better,pricing better shipping price better,shipping time,but that price to price point ratio is,huge because especially when you're,doing paid marketing,you want to leave more room for,fluctuation i know some girls who are,huge on tick tock,they have millions and millions of,followers and i help them set up their,own e-commerce store right they keep,telling me that,they're going to teach me tick-tock in,exchange for facebook ads but not quite,worth it,regardless they sell products and the,price the price point is,absolutely screwed up they're selling,something they get for like nine dollars,and they're selling it for like 16 but,they have no,advertising cost unfortunately for 99,percent of us watching this first of all,like 70 percent of us are dudes,we're not going viral on tick tock we,probably don't have an organic audience,so that you know price to price point,setup is probably out of the equation,so just try to follow that 35 rule it's,going to be,very helpful in terms of making sure,that you can have a buffer,because especially for any facebook ads,dude it'll fluctuate a little bit that's,totally fine,but you don't want your margin to go,from 20 one day to zero you want it to,go 20,25 21 17 20 like you keep it in a range,so having that extra room is always,going to help you out,second point on here boost your average,order value and i can't stress this,enough,without disrupting your customer,experience,people have pop left right boom jab hook,it's like getting punched in the face,when you go in the gym,relax dude offer them something that is,coherent with the product they're buying,for an example this camera,sitting on a camera stand right well if,someone's buying a camera from you,offer them a stand don't be offering,them 27 different things through,multiple pop-ups,i like to use an app called candy rack,there's also zipify one click upsell,it's bold upsell,candy rack's a good simple one when,you're starting i always recommend that,people who buy our custom built stores,because it's the most simple option to,have three upsells it's a little pop-up,it looks like a bullet point,it's very clean looking it is not flashy,it's not alarming it's not annoying,but it's a great thing that you can use,to boost your average order value which,will help your margin,so especially for going through any,struggles in the first 30 days of,running ads where,you know one of the things i talked,about recently in a video i showed a,store that i started and did five weeks,worth of drop shipping on,and i brought it to sixty thousand,dollars but in that time,frame i had a huge issue with facebook,miss tracking,and it would have brought my margin,unprofitable and i wanted to keep the,ads running to bring data coming in even,though facebook was mistracking,so i really focused on the upsells that,boost the average order value,and that boosting ultimately led to me,staying profitable,as i was figuring out and combating that,issue so it kind of saved the store or,at least the ad account,so never sacrifice that first point of,the customer experience,keep it simple keep it clean but upsells,are a great way to boost your average,order value now,point number three by the way make sure,to drop a like down below if you haven't,already i appreciate it,number three is something that i mean i,don't really think most people talk,about this it's all like specific stuff,post success man what happens after,something's working,okay what you do in these months after,you get something working meaning sales,coming in 20 sales 50 sales 200 sales a,day,once sales are coming in consistently,what you do is almost more important,than what you used to be doing,and it's because it really sets up the,long term and there's a lot of things,that can go wrong,that people don't think about different,ad account bans for security reasons,and for policy violation reasons payment,processing right just so many different,things so,a couple simple things post purchase,emails this is something we talked about,the drip sequence that's for the order,update,you should send them updates based on,the product based on the industry you're,in you want to become that expert,you're building something long term give,an example i have a friend with a teeth,whitening company,he sends out a newsletter a newscast,letter is what he calls it,every seven days so every sunday people,get hit with,it's not something being sold it's just,value yes there's a link to the website,but it'll be like imagine a mini blog,post with like four paragraphs,talking about how to floss your teeth,better how to get whiter teeth,how to keep them white simple foods to,avoid foods that are good for you just,like you can pick up a thousand,different things,depending on your industry if you're,talking about soccer you have a million,different things to talk about right,whatever your product is,there's always something you can talk,about and you got to become an expert in,that space,that will help you build engagement with,your list get a higher open rate and,then when you go to launch a new product,or you want to sell something directly,you can send an email and you,instantly have like 400 sales in the,first 24 hours that's something that can,be beneficial,the next one which also goes into that,long term is social media content and,following,i personally recommend posting on there,just a few times a week,you can take ads and just remove any,promotional text just show the product,my simple rule for social media and i,still have been following this for four,years now i've really only been building,social medias for the stores for like,two,i have never once on any of them in two,years,tried to sell something it's purely been,value i've done giveaways i've done,stuff for free and the only thing i'm,looking for in exchange is following,likes and comments and people tagging,right so i'm just looking to build it,it's an asset you don't really need to,use it,and people like oh well let me promote i,need to get some sales but you have,90 followers if you could even get one,sale which probably wouldn't happen,it would just be ruining those 90 people,right because you got to build something,first,so focus on the long term with that you,make your money through the ads,number three testing new similar,products once something is working,i recognize that okay this product's,working great maybe i'm making good,money,but usually the product that i start out,selling is not the best performer,so i always like to test more products,that are similar to it that's a great,way to just continue testing and find,more stuff that works,number four working your product costs,down and shipping times faster,obviously when you have sales coming in,now you have a little bit of leverage,talk to your current supplier,and go get quotes from other suppliers,or drop shipping agents,use those quotes against each other as a,negotiation factor,and from there you can probably get at,least better pricing hopefully faster,shipping time depending on the cost of,that and just you know your product,because,if it weighs a lot if you're selling you,know dumbbells that are 100 pounds,your shipping price and cost is your,shipping price and time,is going to be drastically different,than someone selling a bag of feathers,so you know it's just something to keep,in mind last point on here,more creatives always expands the,lifespan of the product it always just,makes it longer,and it keeps your cost low so you guys,know me i love talking about video ads i,mix things with animations i do so many,photos,and i've made videos talking about how i,do that and stuff and it's all broken,down in our program as well,but creatives for me have become a lot,bigger part of my ecommerce,journey than they used to be i used to,just throw up a simple photo and it,worked great,but now i can really extend out the,lifetime of these audiences and i'm,spending a lot more money than i used to,and i used to drop ship at like the you,know three to eight thousand dollar a,day level in terms of ad spend now i'm,at like the 20 to 50,dollars a day an ad spend level which is,still just baby steps but you know,i've really found kind of what works for,me my groove and it just slowly,increases and,you know some things will click because,i'm learning and buying more training,and stuff and just trying to figure it,out,but one thing for me that's really,helped throughout that process,and operating on a higher level of spend,is having,more video ads because it makes it,easier to scale and if something goes,wrong you can easily swap between them,you can test the same audience that's,already working on a different creative,with a new one and that can be now a,whole other cbo that's working,so having more video ads more creatives,is something good to do so just think,about it like this,post success not post malone post,success after something is working and,you're making money,invest some of that money doesn't need,to be all of it but some of it back into,making some video ads getting some cool,pictures,you know it can be like thousand bucks,500 bucks you can get multiple video ads,and some good pictures for 300 bucks,so just do that put a little bit of,effort into it that long-term value is,always something you're going to want to,pay attention to i just know that from,experience so,i hope this video helped you out if it,did i would really appreciate if you,guys smash a like down below,don't forget to subscribe to the channel,and be sure to check out some of those,resources,that we have on sale for quarter four,right now so,if you really want to take advantage of,ecommerce and everything we've talked,about in this video,and do it during the most profitable,time of the year well the best time to,start was two weeks ago the second best,time is today so,there's only two things we offer there,custom built shopify stores pre-loaded,with winning products so you don't have,to go through that annoying testing,phase,where you'll probably spend thousands,and thousands of dollars and months of,your time so you'll miss quarter four,and we also have a facebook ad program,that'll show you exactly how to run ads,for any products you want to sell,do that successfully once you get it,working goes through all the metrics all,the live examples,you get to watch me scale live making,you know 30 000 a day 70 000 a day,showing examples all the way to stores,that are just doing a couple hundred a,day,i show you every possible step of the,process so if you want some help like,that it's over you know four and a half,years of experience and tens of millions,in sales,be sure to reference those again,discounted with the link in the,description,hope you enjoyed the video if you have,any questions as i said in the beginning,feel free to leave it in the comment,section i would love to give you an,answer there,and potentially make another video on it,so without further ado,have a good day start running your ads,start focusing on things make sure to,drop a like on your way out,and i'll be seeing you in the next video,peace

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