how to back up shopify store

How to backup your Shopify store in 2020 hey guys how you doing Ron here with,tech tips to go in tod


Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to backup your Shopify store in 2020

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How to backup your Shopify store in 2020

hey guys how you doing Ron here with,tech tips to go in today's video I'm,gonna do something a little different,from the crypto news and VJ news Bitcoin,news etc so I'm gonna be showing you,guys how to back up your Shopify store,I'm going through transition right now,I'm just moving over getting off Shopify,and just transitioning over to a,wordpress site so let's get into it so,the first thing you want to do is come,over to your Shopify store this is one,of my sites and in the Left panel here,you want to go to themes and I'm gonna,leave a link to Shopify's instructions,on how to do it and you could actually,go to help dock Shopify calm but I'm,gonna leave the link to the description,below and so it says go to your online,store go to themes go to actions and,then download the theme so what you want,to do is come over here go to themes go,to actions and now what you want to do,is you can either duplicate your theme,or download theme files so now what what,you can do actions download theme file,now all of your email so all of your,files are gonna be sent to over here,so now when you select your theme where,it says download theme files you're,getting a message or a pop-up that's,gonna say download everything from,clothing our 90 now I don't have a,clothing store have more of a technology,star but it mentions your themes will be,emailed to your email address and then,just click send now the themes file sent,and I'm gonna check my emails and I'll,probably get a zip file so let's just,wait for that okay so I got my email,confirmation from Shopify now what I'm,gonna do is there's a link over here now,it says you're a theme export is ready,downloads so I'm just gonna download,this so over here you can see at the,bottom of my screen so I downloaded and,I clicked on it and let's do show in,finder and as you can see I've got my,the file name right here that is,exported so now I'm just gonna save this,into my Dropbox folder I'm gonna copy,this move to Dropbox and that's it so,now it's moved over to Dropbox and that,is how you download your files so that,is how you can backup your store and the,next thing you can do is just send it,off to your developer that's what I'm,doing right now I'm not a wordpress,developer or website developer I just,want a bunch of businesses and one being,a couple of e-commerce stores so now,what you can do is just send that file,over that theme file over your developer,have them convert it over to a wordpress,site or a magenta commerce store and,that's it and you're done so guys if you,like the video please subscribe like and,comment below

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