how to add users to shopify

How to Add User & Staff to Shopify Store hello and welcome my name is amulya and,you are watching,tu


Updated on Jan 12,2023

How to Add User & Staff to Shopify Store

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How to Add User & Staff to Shopify Store

hello and welcome my name is amulya and,you are watching,tubemint in this video i'm going to show,you how to add,users and staff to,shopify store so let's get started so,first thing first go ahead and log into,your shopify admin area,and then click on this setting settings,tab here on the left bottom,and you will see there are so many,options here so click on this,users and permissions,and now you would be able to add stuff,by clicking this button here,so this number may vary depending on,what plan you have,i am on developer plan and i do have,the right to create like up to 15 staff,members so let's go ahead and click on,here,so click add staff type in the first,name,it could be any name right,and here you simply type in the email,address,so let me type my email address,suppose this is the email address,now i can go ahead and give this user,permissions,to do stuff on my line on my store,so you can see online store,if this guy is just a themer,and you just want give him permission to,make or customize,themes so this is the section you want,to check all,here and if you want,this person to kind of manage your,store this guy can,create edit products and,do other stuff so you simply go ahead,and check everything here,you can go ahead and check all like this,and then,uncheck the boxes that you do not want,to get this person,so you definitely want don't want to,give this person,right to add and remove stuff,payment okay so if this guy has,something to do with the payment setup,then you do want to give this permission,emails no view private apps,this is perfectly fine so this there is,one client,users okay here we go,and then you simply go ahead and say,send invite,and this person will get an email,from you and,a link in it and this person will be,able to kind of,click the link set up the password,and will be able to sign in to,shopify store so this is how you add,users staff and assign permissions,to your staff and users,on shopify store that's it for this,video thank you for watching bye for now,please subscribe to my channel,channel if you haven't already bye

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