how to add shop pay banner to shopify

How to Set Up Shop Pay Installments: Shop Pay Installments what's up everybody it's jamie here from,

Ecom Masterclass

Updated on Jan 11,2023

How to Set Up Shop Pay Installments: Shop Pay Installments

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how to add shop pay banner to shopify catalogs

How to Set Up Shop Pay Installments: Shop Pay Installments

what's up everybody it's jamie here from,shopify masterclass and today we're,going to cover,shop pay installments what they are how,they work and how to set them up in your,store,and also how to advertise shop pay,installments to your customers,to start if you don't know what shop pay,is it's an accelerated checkout method,for shopify merchants and it's shown to,increase conversions by up to 1.72 times,as it makes the checkout experience,easier as certain information is saved,such as the shipping and the credit card,details for customers when they're,checking out across,different shopify stores using shop pay,shop pay installments,is a method of splitting up the payment,used through shop pay,so shop pay offers customers the option,to pay in full,at checkout or to split their purchase,into four equal installment payments,something to note is you can't adjust,the number of installment payments,or the price range available for shop,pay installments before we get into the,rest of this video i just want to,quickly thank our sponsor,discover profit calc the affordable and,easy to set up shopify app,that crunches your numbers in just one,click it automatically syncs with all,your accounts and expenses to calculate,your profit,displaying everything in an easy to read,dashboard so you understand your,business in real time,start for free on the shopify app store,today one thing to note about shop pay,installments is that it's currently in,an early access program,so you want to make sure you join the,waitlist so you can be first in line to,get this feature,as soon as it's available the way this,works is that the shop pay installments,range from prices of fifty to a thousand,dollars if your product costs that much,you can have the customers split that,payment across with zero interest across,four different payments for example if,the purchase was a thousand dollars and,you wanted to split that payment up by,four the customer could instead pay 250,in a set range of payments over time,rather than paying that one thousand,dollars up front,something to note is that the,eligibility of this is that you have to,be,in the us selling in us dollars and have,both shopify payments and,shop pay enabled for your shopify store,how do you promote this to your,customers as having the payment split up,with zero interest over time has been,shown to,increase conversion rates you want to,advertise this to the customers on the,product page so they don't feel like,they have to pay the full amount up,front,the example in front of me is the shop,pay banner displayed on the page,showing the customer that they can,choose shop pay at checkout to pay in,full,or they can split their purchase into,four equal installments of eighty,dollars,zero dollars no hidden fees for interest,in between and allows the customers to,budget this purchase correctly,again here it's going to show the,shopify pay logo and it's going to show,it,underneath the price making the purchase,seem,cheaper to the customer if you do have,access to the early program,you want to log navigate to this add,shop pay installments page,and from there you just want to follow,this setup here in the next step here,i'm going to go with you guys step by,step and how to install the shop,payment banner installment code onto,your product pages now something to note,here with my store,that you have to be based in the us and,selling in us dollars,i am not with this store so the actual,shop pay installments banner will not,show up for my store so i won't be able,to show you the final results,being said i'm going to go with you guys,step by step on how to do it by,following the shopify instructions,the way you get to the installment,instructions is you go to promote,shop payment installments on the shop,pay installments page,and from there you're going to click,this link and it's going to show you,how to install it step by step for every,theme it's going to be really different,in terms of the files you're going to be,editing,shopify if you scroll down here has,listed several,of the overall template names for my,store it's product template,but for yours it may be product form dot,liquid,and something to note here is the dot,liquid is just the file extension name,such as dot doc or dot xls for excel so,you can just ignore that and really look,for the main section,so once you find that file you also want,to take in this code and you're going to,install it now i'm going to go walk with,you,step by step and how to install in my,own theme something to note is that my,own theme is the debate theme,on this test store and it's been,automatically installed but you can go,through these steps here to make sure,that it is installed correctly for your,store so the way you're gonna edit this,code is you're gonna go to your shopify,store,you're gonna go to the online store,section and then themes,then once there you're going to want to,edit the code but something to note is,that before you edit the code,you want to ensure that you duplicate,the theme so you go to actions,then you're going to click duplicate and,this is going to duplicate the theme,so that if you make any changes to the,code that results in breaking your,websites,you can quickly restore it by going to,the duplicate theme,and then making this the main theme so,i've duplicated it here so now i'm,comfortable going into my code and,editing it knowing that if i make a,mistake,i can always go back to the older,version so to edit the code you want to,click on,actions then you want to go to edit code,once you hit edit code you're going to,be brought into this code editor,in the shopify theme section it can be,really overwhelming especially if you,don't understand what a lot of this,stuff means,i personally don't understand a lot of,it even though i am a programmer,but you just want to kind of dig through,this and make sure you focus on what you,need to do so what you need to do,is you want to go to the tutorial here,and you want to look for,these different forms so you can command,and copy just the base of it,and look for that i know specifically,for this theme it's product,template so i'm just going to search for,it here and there it is on the left,product template and then the next,section you just want to scroll down,a little bit it's going to show you how,to install it so what you're going to be,looking for,is this snippet of code here the dot,dots which,means that there is extra writing behind,it but you just really want to focus on,this section so i'm going to copy the,form quote product,extra quote and i'm going to search for,that in the file i'm going to do that by,pressing command,f on my computer giving me the find,window,once that's there i'm just going to,paste that in and just like that you can,see it so for my,store here and my theme code,specifically on line 161,you can see the code that is listed in,the page,and it matches that exactly that's form,product comma product so the way you,ensure that the shop pane installments,is installed is you just want to copy,and paste,this section here so it's curly bracket,curly bracket,form payment underscore terms curly,bracket curly bracket,so i have that copied and you're just,going to paste it in here,now for the debate theme it's been,automatically installed i'm just going,to copy,and paste it here for reference you can,also ignore everything below here,you just don't want to touch any of that,because that is stuff that could break,your theme potentially,so you just want to paste it right under,this title here just to be safe so once,that's in there that's,really all the steps so you have that,installed if you're based in the us,and you're selling in us dollars you,should be now be able to go to your page,and you should see the shop pay,installment banner,if it's not showing for whatever reason,you might want to go down to the faq,section,and it's going to give you explanations,on what to do for example if you don't,have that,form syntax that you're looking for,there are other things you can look for,and different codes you can paste in so,overall this process can really depend,on your shopify theme if you have any,questions or you need any help,it might be worth it to hire a developer,just to briefly put this in,as you maybe don't want to spend too,much time fiddling around with something,you don't know,i hope this explanation helped as this,topic can be decently complex especially,if you've never really played around in,the shopify,code before overall this concludes the,video on shopping installments,if you like this video i love you smash,that like button below if you have any,questions leave a comment if you haven't,yet,please subscribe and thank you for,watching,you

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