how to add return policy on shopify

How To Add Your Refund Policy To Shopify (+4 More Important Pages) hey guys how's it going my name i

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Add Your Refund Policy To Shopify (+4 More Important Pages)

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How To Add Your Refund Policy To Shopify (+4 More Important Pages)

hey guys how's it going my name is Matt,and I wanted to show you how you can,easily create your legal pages in,Shopify so this is like your terms and,condition page your Privacy Policy,return policy shipping policy all those,pages can be easily created and Shopify,so let me go ahead and jump into my,computer and I'll show you exactly how,to create them really quick and easy,alright guys so I just created a quick,test store to show you guys exactly how,to do this really quick and easy so if,you're in your Shopify dashboard you're,just gonna go right down here bottom,left corner and click on settings then,when you're in settings you're gonna go,to this legal tab and once you're there,this is where you fill out your refund,policy privacy policy terms and,conditions our Terms of Service and,shipping policy so the easy way to do,this and this is what I'd recommend,doing is just hit create template so,this is gonna all just some generic,return policy that you can use in your,store and it'll show up and it will,autofill,your store's website and your contact,information what I'd recommend if you're,using your helm address' and don't have,like a business address I'd go in here,and actually delete any place that has,your address and just leave your email,instead so like right here I would,delete that because that is your,personal home address and right here is,also,so that's what I'd recommend doing just,going through and kind of cleaning these,up making sure it looks good how you,want it for your store so we'll do the,same thing for privacy policy and again,you'll just go through and privacy,policy actually has these places for you,to insert information,I usually don't insert anything I just,like delete the sections so you can see,they're in bold here I can just delete,all those so all of this you don't need,and just kind of go through and clean it,up make sure there's nothing out of the,ordinary,let's see now that,another one,the bat and miners I'm not gonna worry,about that because I sell anything and,again here's your home address get rid,of that Terms of Service once again and,go through make sure everything looks,good it's very easy guys it's very,simple so just do this quick make sure,your home address or anything isn't done,here okay and then shipping policy,you're gonna go ahead and just fill this,out yourself I would put here you'd put,your processing time for how long it,takes for you or your manufacturer to,send out your product as well as the,shipping time so ten twenty day shipping,five seven day shipping whatever you,have just go ahead and make you know,right to let a nice little paragraph in,here and so people can know your,shipping times now this isn't everything,you need to do though so this all this,template does is allow people to click,on it during your checkout what you need,to do once you save this so hit save you,need to actually create pages for each,one of these things and make them easily,found in your site so I'll show you how,to do that if you go in fact let's open,a new tab here what you're gonna do is,go into pages underneath sales channel,online store pages and you're gonna hit,add page and this is where I just copy,and paste and this stuff so you have a,refund policy I'd copy that,command a and command C to select it all,if you're on a Windows it's control so,you just go ahead and do that now you,have a refund policy page next you're,gonna add another page do the same thing,for all of these so we'll just go,through and do this real quick,Terms of Service,and you'll want to do fun for your,shipping policy - I didn't write,anything but when you write something,just go ahead and put it in here - so,now we have different pages for each one,of these things and you're gonna want to,put these in your menu so if you go to,navigation there's a footer menu and a,main menu you can put it in either I'd,probably put it in both these are kind,of important pages but let's go ahead,and I'll show you how to add it to your,footer menu so all you're gonna do is,hit add menu item search links go to,pages and just click on each one of,those so add pages refund policy add,pages shipping policy add and pages,Terms & Conditions add so and I'll get,rid of this search actually so now these,are just gonna show up in your footer so,if we hit save menu show you what this,looks like if you go ahead here and open,your store you'll see now that each one,of these have a page you have a page for,your privacy policy or refund policy you,click on them and it'll just take them,right to the information that's it guys,super simple super easy you just go into,Shopify and you can just use the,pre-made ones and just clean them up,yourself very easy to do but very,essential for your store if you like to,that go ahead and like the video and if,you want to hear more from me subscribe,and I'm constantly releasing stuff on,business and Shopify if you have any,questions or if I missed anything go,ahead and leave a comment down below,otherwise I'll see you guys in the next,video thank you

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