how to add pirate ship to shopify

How To Use Pirate Ship with Shopify | Print Labels with Pirate Ship hey there and welcome today i'm

Lindsey Tall

Updated on Jan 22,2023

How To Use Pirate Ship with Shopify | Print Labels with Pirate Ship

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How To Use Pirate Ship with Shopify | Print Labels with Pirate Ship

hey there and welcome today i'm going to,go over how to use pirate ship with a,shopify store now this only works with,the united states postal service,and ups because i just added that,i also want to say that the way i pack,orders because i have a lot of items on,my shop because i sell embroidery,supplies so there's a lot of different,flosses and fabrics,that i will print all the packing slips,for the orders i will pack up the orders,and then i will print the shipping,labels after now a lot of stores if they,know the weights of the orders they will,print the packing slips and the shipping,labels at the same time they won't be,weighing the packages after they're,packed to print the shipping labels now,there might be a better app for those,situations where me it's not really,possible for me to know the weight of,the orders until after i have packed,them up so,i have to do them individually anyway,there's no bulk printing labels,now i'm going to go over to the computer,i'm going to show you my screen and i'm,going to show you how i print the labels,in the way that i found is the fastest,way possible to add pirate ship to our,shopify we're first going to hit the,apps tab and then the green button in,the upper right corner we're going to,search for pirate ship,then once we find it we are going to,click on it,and we're going to hit add app,once it is added you will have a unique,login that you'll create for pirate ship,and you will find it in your app section,okay now i'm going to show you how to,print shipping labels with pirate ship,for shopify so to load your shopify,orders into pirate ship you hover over,the ship tab and then go over to import,and then you'll wait as it is loading,your orders into pirate ship,okay now that they are loaded so the,loading icon has left we are going to,put our order number up top so this one,is 9083,and then the order will pop up,anything you see that is covered on the,screen is addresses and stuff like that,so i don't want you to see that and so,to get your,printing or to get your label you're,going to go over this get rates button,and then this is in a poly bag,and for any poly bag if it's not big i,think bigger than like 15 inches no,if it's bigger than 15 inches on the,side i would probably do this box,i and then enter in the thickness as,well but my envelopes are not too thick,or too big or anything so then you just,enter the size of your poly mailer,that it would be with nothing in it so,this would be 11 by 10,and then the ounces for this package is,seven,so once you have that entered in go down,to,get rates,and then see this one i'm shipping first,class you can choose,priority mail i don't really know how,fast the parcel select would be or you,can even do express,i'll just be careful,if you're printing labels on shopify,itself oftentimes it will change to what,the customer has picked so if they,picked priority it will already pick,priority for you but this will not it is,always on first class as the cheapest,option so someone picked priority you,need to be extra careful to click,priority now if you buy the label by,accident as first class and then you,realize that you need to change it to,priority you can always cancel and,delete the label and then you can make a,new label,so in this case i need first class i'm,going to go down to buy label so it's,351,and then up here you can hit the print,and i found that if you hit this,download pdf button that my pdf,adobe program will pop up automatically,but if i hit the download label it will,not it will just put it in my downloads,on my computer and then i'll have to go,in and click it now when you're printing,a lot of labels you want speed,so i recommend click clicking the,download pdf so then on my shopify,screen this is the fastest way i've,found to print these labels so you have,your adobe reader,with your pdf on it of your label,and you you want to minimize it so it's,covering the stuff that you don't need,to know when you're shipping so i like,to know people's names i need to know,the order number and i want to see,what way they want it shipped so like,first class or priority,and then once i have it positioned in,here,i can see both of these tabs,and be working without having to keep,switching back and forth on the bottom,like opening up my pdfs or opening up,this internet tab with shopify,so now that this,is open with my label it's usually,already like pre-clicked onto adobe so,you can hit control p,on your keyboard to already bring up,printing and in this case i need it to,be my label printer,and i hit print,then once the label is printed you don't,need to do anything else with that order,it will already preload into shopify,that you have shipped it it will put the,tracking number into your program and it,will send people the,the email saying that their order has,shipped,and then in this case i was if i was,going to go print the other one we would,go back to,my other screen and then from here exit,out,of this label then you hover back over,the ship tab click import again it'll,bring you back to where you can enter,your next order number,okay so now we're gonna do an order and,we're going to try to do it as fast as,possible so you can see how quickly you,can actually print your shipping labels,or enter my order number get rates this,one is a 13 by 10,and then 9 ounces,by label it's first class print,and then,usually this would pop right up,but i'm recording on one screen,so that when that one's done and then i,can just go right on to the next one,and usually i don't to come down and,click between the,fox,windows,but because i'm recording on one screen,that's why you would usually be quicker,because you if you have two screens,everything's all up you never have to be,clicking any of the windows down below,now i'm going to go over a few more,things in pirate ship just the,to help a little bit with speed so if,you go in this import,let's say i'm going on my next order,now i'm not going to actually print it,now but when you are,putting these,dimensions and stuff in hit tab on your,computer,keyboard instead of clicking like you,don't want to click hit 11 and then have,to go touch your,mouse again to go over to the width and,then hit 10. what you want to do you,click in this first one let's say you,type in 11 hit tab on your keyboard it,will automatically bring you to the next,box so you're with and then you can,enter 10 and then if you hit tab again,it's going to bring you to the pound,area,in this case it's not or it's under a,pound so then i can tab right over to,ounces let's say it's 8 ounces then that,is all done i just have to scroll down,click get rates,because you're going to be printing a,lot of labels if you have a lot of,orders you want the least amount of,moving your hand around unnecessarily,so i just want to give that tip,i also want to show,so in settings,in your payment method,so you'll put in some sort of card now,if you have a card that you get points,on that would be smart i don't currently,have one yet but i'm working on it,because you want to rack up if you can,get one percent cash back or something,on your postage that would be great it's,basically free money because you're,gonna be spending the money anyway and,then when you go down to here your,default payment amount so this is how,much it will load onto your account so i,have mine currently set at 250. so when,i run out of money in my account it will,charge my card for 250 and then i have,250 dollars to spend on postage,before it will,recharge me for the 250. now you can,click,up to a thousand and if you don't click,anything it will charge your card for,every single,transaction for the shipping,which if your bank charges you after you,have so many transaction a month that,might be a problem and also for,accounting reasons it's going to be more,annoying if you have,15 transactions in a day versus a larger,transaction every day or every other day,or once a week once a month or something,so to get the scan form you're going to,want to click the pirate icon at top,left corner,then end of day and then you're going to,click create scan form,and then print scan form it will pop up,in your pdf from there you can print it,and then that is what you will have the,postal worker scan and that will scan,all your packages into their system,instead of having to individually scan,each package a lot of post offices i,think if you have over 20 or 30 they do,not want to scan them individually okay,now that we are off the computer i did,want to say that you can enter single,addresses that they don't all have to be,imported i did forget to show that on,the computer and when you do it that way,it will go on to the scan form so you,don't have to worry about it missing,that one because it wasn't one that was,imported i also wanted to say that i can,print between 30 to 40 labels in 20,minutes with pi with the way that i use,pirate ship so if i know i need to go,the post office at 2 i will start,printing labels around 1 30 and i'm good,to go that's all the information i can,think to share about using pirate ship,with shopify so thanks for watching i,hope it was helpful

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