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#1 Pop-up for Shopify | Start Growing your Email Newsletter List FAST! email marketing is a great wa

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

#1 Pop-up for Shopify | Start Growing your Email Newsletter List FAST!

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#1 Pop-up for Shopify | Start Growing your Email Newsletter List FAST!

email marketing is a great way to grow,your audience online and in today's,video I want to talk to you about how,you can really quickly accelerate your,email list growth with popups on your,Shopify store so stay tuned so having an,email list is so important for growing,your online brand because you're able to,build this audience of people who know,like and trust you and are more likely,to purchase from you your hopefully,adding more traffic to your site that is,your ideal customer and so as you're,sending more of those customers to your,site hopefully they will engage with,your site either purchase your products,or sign up for your email newsletter so,that you can continually keep talking to,them email marketing is great because,you actually own your audience unlike,other social media platforms who may,change their algorithm and then poof,just like that your audience and your,reach is gone so it's really important,to be constantly adding new people to,your list that are your ideal customer,so that you could nurture them,throughout the process and get them more,familiar with your brand now there is a,right and a wrong way to do pop-ups so,in this video I want to talk about the,right way to do pop-ups as well as an,app that can help you get started in,just three minutes okay so first off,let's talk about the wrong way to do,pop-ups we have all been to those sites,where you get on the site and as soon as,you land and you're trying to figure out,what it is that the site sells you,instantly have different pop-ups just,coming up on the screen and you're like,whoa what is this I just got to this,site I don't know anything about them I,don't know what products they sell I,don't even know if I'm gonna like the,products or be interested in this brand,but I'm instantly hit with a pop-up to,sign up to an email newsletter or get a,certain discount off when I have no idea,who they are,that's a wrong way to do pop-ups because,you're gonna just end up annoying people,without actually giving value and you,want to make sure that you are giving,value,back to this potential customer in,exchange for their email address I don't,know about you but whenever I come to,stores like this that just instantly,have a bunch of popups I just click out,and I may still go on the site and kind,of look around and see what it is but,let's say I actually end up liking the,products or the brand,now I've already completely forgotten,about that pop-up and you've lost the,opportunity to engage with me and get my,email address and now that I'm more open,to it and I'm not just being bombarded,as soon as I get to your store a really,crucial point with email pop-ups is to,make sure that you are reaching your,ideal customer at the right time,whenever they're on your site again you,don't want to annoy them and just show,it instantly but you want to make sure,that whenever they're ready to connect,with you or there might be about to,leave and miss an opportunity that you,can be able to show your pop up then and,hopefully keep them on your site and get,them to sign up for your email,newsletter so pop-ups are really great,at accelerating your email list growth,because you're putting your email list,really front and center on your site and,making it where you're really driving a,lot of traffic and attention to that,however it's done incorrectly they're,just gonna aggravate people and you're,not going to get the results that you're,wanting because they're just gonna,instantly click out of your pop-up and,move on that's why I really love using,just uno for popups on my Shopify stores,because it makes it really easy and you,can set up your pop-up in just three,minutes,they also have a free 14-day trial where,you don't even have to put in any credit,card information so that you can test it,on your site which is super cool and,it's just really fun designs that they,have as well so what I'm going to be,talking about in this video is two,different types of popups that I,recommend setting up for your Shopify,store and we can do both with the just,you know app so if you would like to,follow along and set up the pop-ups with,me I've got a link in the description,area below for just uno so that you can,go ahead and follow along and create,these pop-ups with me so I'm about to,hop into my computer screen now to show,you how to set these up however I want,to first,tell you about the two pop ups that we,are going to be creating today so the,first one is going to be for any new,visitor who comes to our site we want to,make sure we're specifically targeting,new visitors and not someone who's,recently come to our site already and,maybe already seen that pop-up because,again we want to make sure we're timing,it out and we're not going to frustrate,people,the second pop-up that we are going to,do is going to be for exit intent so,this is going to be any time that it,seems someone is trying to leave your,site on desktop computers that may be,that they are moving over to another tab,or about to cross out of the window for,mobile devices it may be that they are,just idle but there's a lot of reasons,why of course people will leave your,site but if you can hit them with a,pop-up then of either a discount code or,some kind of promotion to try and keep,them on the site while they're still,interested that can be really helpful,especially if they already have items in,their cart and so you know that they're,interested they want those items in,their cart but for whatever reason,they're about to abandon the site and,not continue with their purchase so an,exit intent pop-up is a great way to,hopefully capture them and keep them on,your site to finish that purchase out so,we're gonna hop into my computer screen,now and I'm gonna show you how to set up,these two different pop-ups with the,just you know app again there is a link,in the description below so that you can,sign up for a just you know trial and,it's a 14-day free trial where you don't,have to enter any credit card,information to get started so go ahead,and click that link and let's hop in my,computer screen now and get started so I,am now logged into my just you know,account so go ahead and click that link,in the description to log in and enter,your information to create an account,and then you can log in and you'll see,this screen here so what we're going to,do now is we are going to create our,first pop-up which is going to be a lead,capture pop-up so that we're trying to,get anyone who comes new to our site to,sign up for our email list so I'm just,going to click on it create promotion,and they have a couple different options,here so you can go ahead and create a,custom promotion you can use one of,their templates or you can import,a previous promotion however they have a,lot of great pre-built options so let's,do this,choose a prebuilt and you can see up,here they have a full list of different,themes and styles as well as once we,click on it so for example the summer,theme we can see there are different,options so this is a banner for mobile,and as we go through we can see we have,a banner for desktop an exit intent,which we will set up next and then we,also have our lead capture form so,that's one for mobile and desktop as,well so let's go ahead and set up this,summer lead capture form for desktop,version of our site so I'm going to,click on add this now and we can see,kind of a little snapshot of our site in,the background and this pop-up so this,is a really fun effect in definitely,eye-catching with the ball rolling back,and forth and just a fun summer theme so,we have a couple of different options so,you can go in and customize this pop-up,a hundred percent however you'd like you,can click in here and change the wording,to be whatever you would like it to be,as well as change the color and all of,the different settings that you're used,to with editing a word document so you,have a lot of different control that you,can do here so I think right now though,this looks great and I like the wording,already I think that's what I love so,much about the pre-built is because they,really are kind of good to go and you,can get them set up really quickly so,now what we want to do is we would need,to enter in our email address so the way,that this pop-up is going to work is,that it is the pop-up that is promoting,them to enter their email address to,view their code for 10% off so you can,see here this is our pre engagement,screen so if we enter our email address,and click view my code it'll then take,you to the post engagement screen so,this is where it says thank you and has,the coupon code so let's go back to the,pre engagement and go ahead and get this,connected so I'm just going to click on,this enter email box and then I'm going,to click on change form,Connect provider and now you see here it,says connect email service provider so,we'll click on that and they have a lot,of different options already set up in,here so we are just going to scroll down,and find ours which is MailChimp so I'm,now gonna log into my MailChimp account,so now that we are logged in to our,MailChimp account I am just going to,authorize just you know so that it can,access our account now we can see it,selected here so we can just click on,next we just have one list inside of,this account as you can see two,subscribers so we're really starting out,fresh and wanting to grow this so we'll,click on this list here to enable it and,click Next so now we have the option to,build out our form so for my form I just,want to select the email address I don't,want to ask for a ton of information,because that can sometimes to tear,people from actually filling out your,form if you're asking too much at once,however you can go in and actually click,on import field and you can go by your,list and import any fields that you have,so for example I have your name or you,can also create a custom field however,I'm going to just keep this at just the,email address and if we wanted to change,the name here we can just click on this,pencil icon to change the field label,but I'm gonna leave it as is and just,hit next so now we have our settings of,who is allowed to subscribe so if you,click on it here you have a few,different options I'm just gonna leave,this to anyone and we can do any kind of,additional filtering in the pop up,effects and I'm gonna turn off double,opt-in I don't have this on my MailChimp,account so I'm going to just turn it off,for here and hit next so now we have our,overview area where you can see the,summary of everything that we've,connected there and I'm just going to,hit create form and now I can just move,this and click on it drag it and pull it,where I'm wanting it to be so we'll just,pull this here,maybe even make it a tiny bit taller and,then we can move this email address,field and put it in here as well,and if we click in on it,we can choose the font and styling so we,can go in and stylize this just a little,bit now I'm going to make the text bold,and darker and let's also make this a,little bit bigger and actually let's see,now if we drag it and drop it in here we,can edit that or I think I do still like,it above the field itself so let's move,that up just a tiny bit move our form up,just a tiny bit and then we are good to,go okay so we've got our form set up,here and that's how we set it up on the,side however we can also go in and do,the post engagement screen so let's,click on that there and now we want to,actually show them once they enter their,email address what the code is that they,can use and now actually seeing it I,think I might do the same type treatment,on the front as I have here but let's,set up this coupon code first so I'm,just going to click on the field here,and we can click on coupon options on,the right-hand side so you can do a,couple different things for your coupon,you can upload a coupon code so you are,syncing that with what you've done in,Shopify if you have different codes,there or you can do a multi-use code so,we can just say summer ten and that can,be our code that everyone will get and,that way we can really track and see how,well this pop-up is performing based on,how many people use this code especially,if we're not going to be sharing this,code anywhere else online it's a helpful,way to track and see what people are,actually where they came from and how,they got the code to make the purchase,so let's just hit Save Changes okay and,let's go back to the pre-engagement,screen and I'm just going to give this,the same type treatment,as the other one so I'm just going to,make it a little bit wider I'm then,going to Center align it and my bold and,the larger font I'm going to take back,down okay great so that way it's going,to match the styling throughout so now,let's go and let's just save this real,quick and let's hit next so here we have,a rule set of who is actually going to,see this pop up so we can customize that,by clicking on options and then edit and,you can see here we can name our rule,set so new visitors number 1 and I want,to show the pop-up once per session to,visitors that match the following,conditions so you can go in and you can,change this again I wouldn't do on every,single page but I think once procession,is good and you also have additional,item so we have here if they have not,ever engaged with the forum so that,means they haven't already filled it out,to get a code before they've seen this,promotion less than three times so if,they've seen it a bunch of times and,they still haven't engaged with it then,let's just not annoy them and continue,showing it and they have to view more,than one page on this visit so this is a,great way of making sure that it's not,going to be showing up just instantly,but it's more going to be showing up,once they've gone through other pages of,your site and you know that they're,interested so let's keep this as it is,you can add additional rule set,information here but let's just hit OK,for now and now let's hit our Save,button and we can hit publish so we have,the option of entering a revision name,so if anything happens we can always,revert back to this so let's just say,summer,okay and save and continue,so it says our campaign has been,published so we can go ahead and,activate this to show on our site now so,I'll just click on activate and now when,we go to our store you can see it show,up here so this is our pop-up we could,hit the no thanks or we can enter our,email address hit the view code and then,see the coupon code so it's a really,cool quick way to get this set up on,your site so now let's also set up our,exit intent so let's go back to just you,know and you can see it here as well so,you'll actually see as the pop-up is,being viewed more you'll see the,impressions engagement and conversions,come through but now let's go ahead and,hit create promotion and we'll do a,prebuilt theme again but let's actually,look and see what other options they,have so there's a lot of different,things here let's do the Black Friday,and let's do that for our exit intent,okay so Black Friday desktop exit intent,okay,so let's go ahead and add this now so,I'll just click that in oh okay so this,is really cool kind of take over effect,so I always see this for any time we're,getting ready for Black Friday which you,should really start thinking about what,your promotion and sale is going to be,starting now in this fall so that you,aren't giving yourself enough time to,prepare but I imagine the Black Friday,pop-up is going to be pretty popular,since everyone's trying to vie for,people's attention and this is,definitely an attention grabber so again,we can go into all of this and click and,make any kind of changes that we want to,the words and the styling of it however,I think this looks good for now let's,actually go in and we'll just connect,this coupon code again so I'm just,clicking on the field and going to,coupon options and then let's type in,our coupon code again,again you would definitely want to make,sure that whatever coupon codes you have,created if you were just writing them,out like I am that you are also creating,them in your Shopify store so let's hit,Save Changes okay and let's hit next,looks like I didn't save so let's save,that real quick okay and so now we have,this rule set of exit offer so let's go,again to options and edit and you can,see we have a lot of different options,with the exit offer so you can choose to,show this only on a specific page after,they've seen many different pages or,scrolled a certain percent down however,we want to do when exiting so it says,shows when visitor intends to leave the,site so we have additional options here,of you can make it show only on specific,pages or to not show it on the cart or,checkout page you also again can make,sure you're only showing it once per,visitor session and when to stop showing,so if they've closed out of it this,visit to not show it again so I'm going,to keep this as any page on the site but,let's actually switch to Advanced Mode,so we'll click on advanced mode on the,bottom left hand corner and click OK and,now we get additional options where we,can really do with the exit offer based,on what the contents of their cart are,so we can show this pop-up once per,session to viewers who are intending to,leave and then they also need to not be,on the cart or checkout page or they,also need to have not closed this pop-up,this visit so we can keep these as is,but we can also add an additional rule,set so let's click over here and we can,click and see the different options that,you have if you click into all of these,and we can drag them over so we can say,cart totals this visit I can drag it and,drop it over and so this is going to be,their total amount in their cart so we,can say amount is greater than,and we can say $1 so if they have more,than $1 in their cart then we are then,going to show them this pop-up so that,means that they have seen something that,they like they have added it to their,cart and for whatever reason they are,leaving now so this is an incentive to,try and go ahead and get them to do that,so let's click out of this other option,of the pop-up so now we've got that set,up and I'm just going to click OK so,there are a lot of other options that,you have to trigger when the pop-up,shows up but that is a really great way,to make sure that you're being very,specific about who sees it so let's hit,save and then we'll hit publish so we,again can name this version,and we'll hit save and continue' and I'm,not going to activate this on my site,nail since it's not Black Friday yet so,let's hit close however let's go to our,promotions area here and you can see,here that we have one that is on which,we had already tested on our site and,the other that is not currently,delivering so we could go in and of,course change the wording so that it,wasn't Black Friday and just make it a,more general exit intent pop up there's,a lot of different options that you have,here of really customizing the pop-ups,for whatever promotion or need that you,have as well as still matching it with,your branding and really grabbing,people's attention and again you can see,exactly how the pop-ups are doing and,performing over here and in this,dashboard area so I hope you found that,video tutorial helpful and you can see,how quick and easy it is of a process to,set up pop-ups with just you know where,you can really target people,specifically based on the actions that,they're taking on your site which is the,best way to make sure that you are,getting your ideal customer to your,email list and that you're not gonna,frustrate people in the process so I,would love to know what you thought,about the app as well as what pop-ups,you're gonna be setting up on your site,so make sure to comment below and let us,know also don't forget about that 14-day,free trial with just you know and,there's a link in the description if you,didn't follow along you can go ahead and,click that link and get started setting,up pop-ups for your Shopify store today,if you're interested in more tips about,how to grow your Shopify store check out,some different growth strategies I have,over here I have a playlist full of,different growth strategies that I,recommend to launch and grow your,Shopify store and if you haven't yet,make sure to subscribe to be notified,whenever we put out new videos all about,Shopify and how to grow your online,store thanks so much for watching and,I'll see you in the next one

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