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How To Setup Shopify Payment Gateway For Your Country | For Beginners In (2022) how to set up shopif

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

How To Setup Shopify Payment Gateway For Your Country | For Beginners In (2022)

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How To Setup Shopify Payment Gateway For Your Country | For Beginners In (2022)

how to set up shopify payments hi guys,welcome back to another video and in,today's video i'm gonna be telling you,about shopify and how you can set up,your payments and set up your store so,having said that let's just jump into it,so this is the website right here, and all you have to do is,just simply sign up now i'm going to be,using a temporary email and i'm just,simply going to paste it over here and,click on get started and once you've,started just simply click on next,and over here just simply enter in your,first name your last name and your,password and you can create your shopify,id and you're good to go so i'm gonna go,ahead and do that and i'll catch you,guys in a little second and there we go,okay so now that's done all we have to,do is now name our store and it can be,anything you can relate it to your,product maybe like if you have a pet,maybe you can like add in your pet's,name and be like gabby's toys or maybe,anything you want,literally anything so for now i'm gonna,write,species,toys and after that that's going to be,my domain,and click on next,and now over here what are you selling,what is your current revenue and what,industry are you operating in now these,are some of the questions that they,asked just to help you get started and,based on your responses so you can go,ahead and skip that if you want or click,on next i'm going to go ahead and skip,and over here just simply fill out this,form and you're good to go and over here,this is your dashboard so over here as,you can see you have a bunch of,different options you have your products,you have your customized,theme you have your pages you organize,navigation and you can add your domain,if you want to so first things first,what we want to do is we need to add,some products now you can go ahead and,add some products by clicking on this,button over here or you can go ahead and,click on apps and over here we can find,an app that can help us to get our,products that we want and we can,directly ship them from aliexpress over,into our shopify account and we can,start selling them online so this is the,application right here umbrella this is,a drop shipping application it's pretty,easy so what we're going to do is we're,going to install it over here and then,we're going to go ahead and import some,of the products from aliexpress and,start moving over to the next step so,over here simply click on add app over,here scroll down as you can see this app,is going to be installed click on,install app wait a couple of seconds and,it'll take you over to the oberlo,account you can go ahead and log in with,the umbrella account if you have one,that isn't connected with any other,store or you can go ahead and create a,new umbrella account i'm going to go,ahead and create a new account i'll,catch you guys in a little bit and it's,really simple just simply enter in your,email address your password and click on,create an account and it's done and once,you've done that as you can see it's,done so over here let me just close this,up so over here on the left side we have,a bunch of different options we have,import list we have products orders,notifications what we're going to do is,we're going to click on products and,over here click on find product it'll,take us over to aliexpress and over here,we have a bunch of different options we,have our you know categories over here,is down below we have our products what,we want to do is want to go over to toys,and hobbies,and,over here we just,find a product that we like so a bunch,of different options over here let's,just say that this is the product that,we want,over here this little uh truck thing,over here we just simply hover our mouse,over it and we click on add to import,list if you want more information just,simply click on the product and it'll,take you to the home page on aliexpress,where it'll show you all the details of,this product now as you can see it's,imported we'll go over to the import,list and over here we'll see the product,now what we can do is we can go ahead,and change the name and let me just go,ahead and erase some of this over here,and uh yeah there we go now that that's,done we can go ahead and add in the type,and insert tags over here if we have one,but we can leave it at that now once,you've you know done everything we have,a bunch of different variations of it as,well we have different colors you can,change that you can change the pricings,over here the description and you can,even add more images if you want so once,everything is done just simply click on,import to store import as draft,wait a couple of seconds for it to be,imported and there you go you have the,green dig it means it's imported now we,go back to shopify and click on products,and over here we'll find our product,ready to go over here as you can see so,right now it's in,draft but we can set it as active later,by installing some of the other things,such as sale channels so if we come over,here onto the left side here we have,sale channels over here and if we click,on plus button we can go ahead and add,in a sales channel that we want so we,have facebook we have google we have buy,buttons point of sale everything we can,go ahead and add that and set up our you,know sale channels and we're done and,then we just have to you know come back,over here and you know choose this,product and click on more options and we,can set it as active and then once it's,set as active we can start selling this,product onto our sale channels and,we can go ahead and start drop shipping,it so but then we need to set up our,payment method so to set up a payment,method this is the main part of the,video what you came for we come over,here onto the bottom left corner we,click on settings it'll take us over to,here so over here we have a bunch of,different options as you can see we have,plans billings user permission payments,checkouts and stuff like that what we,want to do is we want to click on,payments and over here we have a bunch,of different options we can choose a,provider payment provider and we have,paypal checkout and we have manual,payments as well if we click on,add annual payments we have,bank deposit money order cash on,delivery or create a custom method if we,want to it all depends upon you and we,can even choose a provider as well so if,we click on choose provider we have a,bunch of different options over here so,we have two checkouts faster pay,aid in airpay we have a bunch of,different options that is supported by,visa mastercard amex discovery jcb and,apple pay,what i want to see is i want to see,one that has everything so it has two,more it has,two more now,what about this one world pay,unavailable in your country so some of,these options aren't available in my,country,so i guess these two three are available,for me so i think this one would look,better because it has more options,because it has visa mastercard amex,discovery jcb and diners club you know i,think this would look good so if i click,on that and over here what we want to do,is we have a bunch of different options,we have to set up instructions over here,we have to create a to checkout account,log in and activate our account access,the integrations which is called the web,hook and api section in our cpanel,and we have to copy the merchant code,and paste it in the merchant code over,here and,then we have to generate a new ins,secret word and paste it in the secret,word section over here,and then we have to click on settings,and in the direct url section check,enable return after sales and for the,redirect url section leave blank shopify,will do that for you so over here as you,can see,and,for return method select header redirect,and then click on save settings and,we're done so i'm gonna go ahead and do,all of these steps so i will catch you,guys in a little bit and also another,thing i forgot to mention is that the,credit card rate so over here we have,the credit card rate so as you can see,zero percent transaction so we're good,to go so let me just go ahead and do,that so if i click on this button it'll,take me over here this is the to,checkout account over here we can sign,up for free and we can get started so,i'm going to go ahead and do that and,i'll catch you guys in a little bit okay,so i have created an account and over,here is the integration setups here's,the webhook and api,and over here this is going to be your,merchant code and down below is going to,be your,ins service or ins secret word you just,simply have to copy these two and over,here just simply paste them over here,just simply click on activate to check,out and once that's done there we go as,you can see it's been activated now we,just simply click on save and to,checkout updated and there we go now we,go back,and as you can see this is our payment,method we can add that as well that's,been added we can even add this payment,method as well or we can add a manual,payment method cash on delivery money,order or bank deposit that all depends,upon you and over here we have other,automatic payments as well set up that,as well so once everything is done,you're good to go so that is it for this,video guys i hope you guys enjoyed it,that's how you basically you know set up,payments in shopify and if you have any,questions let me know in the comment,sections down below and i'll be sure to,answer them as soon as possible so,having said that i'll catch you guys in,the next video and until then take care,and goodbye

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