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How to Contact Shopify Support all right edwin here back at it again,with resolution design coming w

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to Contact Shopify Support

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How to Contact Shopify Support

all right edwin here back at it again,with resolution design coming with a,quick video i promise it's not going to,be one of those long videos uh this,tutorial video is if you've just had it,you're super frustrated and you need to,talk to somebody in shopify you have no,idea what's going on with your shopify,store you watch some of my videos and,you're like hey it's not working right,and you need to contact support that's,why we're here okay and i made this,video a while back but i see that,there's just some of you that still,can't get it and that's where i'm going,to right away don't forget guys please,uh i don't ask for money or anything,like that just go ahead and press that,subscribe or that blue or excuse me the,thumbs up you know what i'm talking,about thumbs up,all right so i'm gonna get into the,point so i can earn my thumbs up okay,i'm gonna earn it all right let's do,this so if you're on the screen,by the way guys i'm in the admin screen,of shopify so if you guys have already,created an account this screen should,look extremely familiar to you and what,you'd first do is go to the upper right,hand corner right here click on this guy,let's get support from shopify,and once you click on this one right,here you're going to click on where it,says shopify help center it's not that,easy right but let's get to it these,guys they love to hide,their shopify um,they're like yeah whatever we're gonna,find it this time,so,shopify help center,what we're gonna do at this point,typically right here so let's go from,the top scroll all the way down boom,contact shopify support,down this rabbit hole it gets more,serious they're like okay so what store,are you,um this might not happen to you guys,this is just happening to me because we,build a lot of websites so you just,might have one box here but for my,example we're doing the resolutions,design shop,right which is this guy right here and,so we're going to go ahead and log in,and look at this,we still don't have a chat option you,see that and that's where i'm sure you,guys are massively frustrated you're,like we've already answered a whole,bunch of things here so what you do at,this point is that on this search box,you just type in,customer support you could type in,anything it really doesn't matter but,let's just type that in,and once that's there you still don't,see any shopify support scroll all the,way down and get support there goes that,other button right there because they,just don't get it we want to talk to,somebody,and that's what brings us here you see,have i earned have i earned it did i get,the like button please please please and,also please share this so if you're part,of some type of shopify group,and facebook or an instagram or,something like that please share this,type of help with others it really helps,me out and then from here what you could,do is go ahead and click on where it,says chat once you're in this screen,here what you want to do,is go ahead and click on this captcha,thing right here click on this guy to,make sure that you're not a robot and,then right here on this box just go,ahead and say what you're frustrated,about say listen man listen man,i cannot make this work,yeah i need to come out here no you,don't have to say all that but you get,what i'm saying you could say something,like uh my fun isn't working or anything,like that right,isn't working,and from there that's when you go ahead,and say um chat with us,so once you go ahead and start that chat,you'll notice over here on the side that,you'll be placed on a queue,and um you know we get started with,kaylee um kaylee i was just testing,to see if this works,thanks for your help,that's it hopefully she won't feel like,this is a bad thing sorry kaley i'm just,doing this for the people doing this for,the people on youtube because i'm trying,to earn my thumbs up in subscription,sorry about that don't worry about this,i'm not a robot all this stuff you just,keep on the works right there and then,once you're done with the chat uh all,you all you have to do is just pretty,much exit out of that and that's it end,the chat and once the chat is done,that's when you'll get a transcript on,your email so that you could see what,happened on the email and that's it it's,for your records hope you enjoyed thank,you very much and until next time

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