how to sell on walmart with shopify

Sell on Marketplace with Shopify Integration: CedCommerce mike had a long day after work


Updated on Jan 09,2023

Sell on Marketplace with Shopify Integration: CedCommerce

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Sell on Marketplace with Shopify Integration: CedCommerce

mike had a long day after work all he,wanted was a seamless journey for his,shopify store over walmart,discussions with peers alike didn't help,him out but an app searched it while,slouching over his couch something got,his attention,our walmart integration app to connect,his store he went through the reviews,and quickened his app installation,to relish what sellers like him did with,us wondering why he choses well,my god features like profiling where we,categorize his product under the right,category that is his appearance were,rightly placed under the clothing,category and so on,aided him in product upload with simple,click of a button over the walmart,seller panel,brought him real-time synchronization of,his inventory and product pricings with,changes made in the shopify store get,updated,right at the moment over walmart,we also took care of the promotions,where he set the offers over the app and,the same reflected over walmart,this led to enhanced product visibility,and sales for him and he had no buyers,coming and making purchases,additionally we provided him with the,shipping templates that lets the seller,set shipping across granular smaller of,regions to ensure every region's,coverage,allows for 2-day shipping to enhance the,product listing over walmart while also,helping to set shipping based on price,and weight,besides we have them reprising tool to,promote the listings in top and win buy,box,winning a buy box can help your product,rank on top therefore attracting more,buyers and increasing the number of,orders,once he started receiving orders on,walmart the app automatically fetched,and created them over the shopify store,in 10 minutes along with provisions for,automatic shipment,auto cancellation of orders and refunds,via,and order retails from walmart all this,became more rewarding to mike when he,use the app's analytics panel to check,the product listing score,and discoverability rate while seeking,him from our seo experts when needed,therefore increasing product visibility,and order come,mike now holds access to all that he,needs for his stop if your desires are,in line with mics then connect today for,worthy promise,you

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