how to add a video to shopify homepage

Add Video On Shopify store Homepage with autoplay Feature 2022 hello everyone welcome back to ecomme

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Add Video On Shopify store Homepage with autoplay Feature 2022

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Add Video On Shopify store Homepage with autoplay Feature 2022

hello everyone welcome back to ecommerce,army this is umar today in this video i,am going to tell you how you can add an,auto play video on your shopify homepage,so to understand the,whole process please make sure to watch,the video till the end also subscribe to,my channel for daily shopify updates so,before wasting any time let's start the,video,okay so first we need to upload our,video file in the media files of the,shopify to upload the file we need to go,into settings,after going into settings we need to go,into files,okay here you will have to upload your,the uh video file here so i have my file,uploaded already,after you have make sure you have an mp5,file of video form,so after uploading mp4 file we need to,have another file,that is in form of webm,we will convert this mp4 file into webm,to convert this mp4 file into webm we,will go on to google and search,mp4,to webm,and press enter,from here you,you will select this cloud convert,website,go on to this website and convert your,mp5 file into webm i have already,converted my file into webm so i will,upload my webm file here,okay,okay,so,it will take some time,just few seconds to upload my webm file,okay now we have both mp4 and webm file,here now we will go back to our shopify,admin,okay,so after coming back to our shopify,admin we will go now go to customize our,shopify theme,on which we want to add an auto play,video,from here we will scroll down and click,on,add section we will add a new section of,custom html,okay we have uh from here,we don't need sub heading or either,heading,okay this is the main part of our video,html content,okay,we have this code,we now we will,copy this code,and paste it in our html content,box,i will provide this code in my video,description you can copy that,code from there okay this is another,video that i have already added now,in this source file section we have to,copy,make sure you copy your web and link,and paste here,amplifier file link,you will paste mp4 file link here ok,so,from here we will open a new tab,we will go back to our shopify admin,and again goes to settings,okay,from shopify admin we will go into our,settings,from settings we will again go to our,files,okay from file first i will copy my mp4,file link copy mp4 file link and please,make sure,to,paste,mp4 file link at a in place of mp4,so,okay,so now we will,go back to media files and copy webm,link,copy webm link,and paste here at the place of webm,so please make sure you copy the file,before this dot,webm,and from https to,dot webm,now we have,our file pasted here and we will click,on save now you can see we have our,video showing up and it's playing,automatically so let me show you a,preview,let's,save the file,okay five is saved so i'm going to show,the preview of,our file,okay scroll down scroll down scroll down,here we will have our video,it's taking com here you can see once,the file is loaded the video is,automatically playing so this is it from,today's video,if this video has helped you please make,sure to click the like like button and,also subscribe to my channel,for daily updates or if you need any,help or any consultation i have you can,contact me on skype i have put in my,skype profile link in the description,thank you thank you very much for,watching the video see you in the next,video

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