how to add a google product category in shopify

How to find my Google Product Category? How to add it in Shopify for Google Shopping? Hi, I'm Claric

Clarice Lin

Updated on Jan 13,2023

How to find my Google Product Category? How to add it in Shopify for Google Shopping?

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How to find my Google Product Category? How to add it in Shopify for Google Shopping?

Hi, I'm Clarice Lin, the ROI doctor  who helps small businesses to get their  ,products listed on Google and YouTube page  one, I get this question very often. How do  ,I select my Google product category  for my Shopify store products?It's  ,a really good question. What is  exactly Google product category?  ,Google product category is basically a list  of terminology defined by Google of the types  ,of products that are being sold. Let's say you  could be selling apparel, you could be selling  ,chocolates, you could be selling swimwear, or  skincare products. There are different category  ,type. If you are selling skincare products, so  skincare could be a broad category, and it could  ,go down to sub categories like moisturizer, or  serum or whitening cream. And if you're selling  ,swimwear products, so swimwear products, you could  go down to selling bikinis, or one piece swimsuit  ,or men's swimwear, there are different categories  to each of these and having the right category, or  ,to be more precise, having the right sub category  linked to each of your products helps to decide  ,if your products are going to be displayed or  decided by Google to be displayed on search  ,queries for the right set of users. Instead of  letting Google do the automatic selection for your  ,products itself, for each of your products,  you want to do your own careful selection,  ,and link those information accordingly in  your Shopify store. How are you going to  ,add those product categories? I'm going to tell  you in the later part of this video. But first,  ,we want to go into how to select  the right Google product category.  ,First of all, you need to go to this URL right  here, I'm going to put the link down in the  ,description and the pinned comments below where  you can go to access this publicly available list.  ,So this list could likely be updated from time  to time, so if you're a new store, I would  ,recommend you to go back to that site again and  download that list to find out exactly what's the  ,product you should associate with each of your  products. So once you have one of those files,  ,it's either in txt, text format, or in  Excel. If you don't have this Excel software,  ,don't worry, there's a txt file, so  you can download it. And you can see  ,a list of categories and subcategories that Google  has listed. I'm going to show you exactly how  ,you can select one of those sub categories on  your computer. So let's get onto my computer,  ,and you see the screen share. This is the official  Google product category page. As you can see,  ,right at the top, it says Google Merchant Center  help. And that's the URL, I will put the URL  ,down in the pinned comments in the description  so you can check it out. So let's go into some  ,details about this product category. You can see  over here, it says the Google product category  ,attribute is optional, meaning you can choose not  to fill it in. However, as what I've mentioned  ,before, if you're not doing your own selection,  Google will select it for you. And that means that  ,Google could automatically select something that  might not be 100% accurate. So you can in this  ,case by you proactively coming to this resource  page, and selecting the right sub category for  ,each of your products, that's going to help you  and your ranking. So let's scroll down further.  ,So if you're running Google Shopping ads as  well, you will also be using the same resource.  ,If you scroll down further under the format, this  is where you can download either an Excel sheet  ,or the plain text. So if you click on it, that  will open up a plain text, which I'm going to do  ,shortly. But first, I want us to examine some of  this information. Google has put in an example.  ,apparel, and accessories, clothing, dresses,  the subcategory here we're looking at which is  ,dresses. If you're selling dresses, specifically,  this would be the text that you will be updating  ,in your Shopify store. There is also a  corresponding ID that you can use. So for this  ,piece of information, the ID is 2271. What  you need to understand is that the more  ,specific that you go, Google is able to show them  correctly to someone who is searching for dresses.  ,Let's look at another example further. Let's say  you have a MP3 player. Looking at the example that  ,Google has shown here, it says use the one  category that best describes your product.  ,So for example, if you have an MP3 player, we  know it doesn't really exist anymore, but still,  ,you would use the MP3 player category which  is Under electronics, audio, audio players  ,and recorders, MP3 players. So it's very specific,  you can choose either to put 233 in your Shopify,  ,Google product category view, or you can  copy the entire line of text to put it in.  ,I hope this makes sense to you. Now let's click  on a file, and I will show you another example.  ,So this is the full tax list of all the categories  that you can refer to. Let's take a look at  ,the previous example on MP3 players. So  what I will usually do, I'll do a Ctrl F, to  ,actually look for the MP3 players over here,  which is MP3. Sorry, MP3 accessories MP3 player.  ,So you can see over here a couple of  different categories type, which is  ,ID 232, which is electronics, audio, audio  accessories. So what we are trying to look  ,at is the MP3 player itself and not necessarily  accessories, so you can actually search further.  ,So if you have the find function, you can go down  to look at what are the different categories,  ,you can see it, these are all accessories.  Oh, and this is it 233. So the ID for this  ,category itself is electronics, audio, audio  players, MP3 players, that's 233. So of course,  ,there's other audio players. So if you're also  selling radios, you'll be using 6886 instead. How  ,about if you are selling something like dresses,  let's take a look at dresses, the example.  ,So this dresses is for furniture itself, we can  see, let's take a look. So there's apparel and  ,accessories, clothing, active wear, that is not  what we're doing active wears probably more like  ,a sports categories. If you're not doing that, you  wouldn't select that. And there is also further  ,down here, which is 542 for this baby and toddler  dresses. So that's not what we're looking for.  ,You can see if you scroll down further,  there is another one that says 2271,  ,apparel and accessories, clothing,  dresses. And that's what we're looking for.  ,I hope this is going to be helpful for you.  And it's going to make your job much easier.  ,Now that you know exactly how to select the  right category for your products. The next  ,thing you want to do is to update each of this  product category for each of your product. Yes,  ,you need to do it manually to update it in the  Shopify store. Go through each of these products  ,like how you fill up your information, product  information, and update those product categories.  ,For you to be able to do that first you need to go  to the Shopify App Store to download this Google  ,Shopping app. Once you have that downloaded and  installed properly, it will integrate with your  ,product detail page. So you'll be able to select  from a drop down to update this Google product  ,category information. So this is a screenshot of  how it's going to look like and how you can do it.  ,First you head to the menu on the left, click on  all products, a list of all your products will  ,show up, select any of it. And on the individual  product page, top right hand corner, click on More  ,Actions. And Google fields will show up. Click  on Google fields, and a dialog box is going to  ,pop up. And there is a space where you fill up  your Google product category right there. Once  ,you have filled it up, the Green Save button is  going to be enabled where you can click on it and  ,save it. So this information that you have updated  will be extracted along with your other product  ,information to go to Google Merchant Center.  So you can have your products listed on Google  ,Shopping. Having the right Google product category  will increase your chances to be displayed  ,correctly on Google Shopping page for the right  set of users who want to buy your products,  ,so select them wisely. Don't let Google do the job  for you. If you want to know exactly how to set up  ,your Google Merchant Center account, what are the  different challenges or problems you might face,  ,you can check out my other video right here on  how to resolve your Google Merchant Center account  ,issues if your account is suspended. And also this  is another video on how to set up your products,  ,so they will get listed on Google Shopping. So  do check out those videos over there right here.  ,I also put the links down in a comment section,  pinned comment below so to check it out. If you  ,found this video really useful, don't forget to  hit the like button, and if you have any questions  ,about getting your products listed on Google  Shopping so more shoppers will find your products,  ,don't forget to hit subscribe for my next  video and I'll see you in the next video. Bye

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