how much to charge for shopify website

How Much To Charge For Websites let's talk about website prices i'm,gonna reveal my pricing over the

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How Much To Charge For Websites

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How Much To Charge For Websites

let's talk about website prices i'm,gonna reveal my pricing over the last,five to ten years of different real,world projects that i've created okay so,this website down here is like two grand,and this one up here that's about five,grand and this one here is 20 grand but,wait how did i pick these prices and,what is a price anyway let's take a step,back and have a look at this before we,jump into the actual websites themselves,the price can have so much meaning for a,project it's the first thing we think,about when we're starting a new project,with a client and it's usually the first,thing the client thinks about as well,this one number can determine how large,a project is or the level of quality,people are looking for or even the kind,of value that this website is providing,okay so here is our first example paint,perfect a website i did a few years ago,this website here i did for less than 1,000 and there's a few reasons for that,you don't have to look too closely to,realize that this isn't a custom design,this is just a wordpress template and,the customer here is also not some large,organization with hundreds of employees,it's just a regular painting company,doing stuff locally next we have,bathroom renovations now this one here,is also a template but it's slightly,larger so while it didn't take as much,time to get up and running there are,lots of pages here like about us and,testimonials and all of this meant this,project here was two thousand dollars,now you might be thinking that these,websites just don't cost very much at,all and it's kind of true these are ones,i did like five to ten years ago when i,was just getting started in web,development and a lot has changed since,then next let's have a look at some of,the more custom designs i've created,where i've handcrafted every single line,of code without using some template on,wordpress this website here is for,fencing and it's a custom design this,design came in at five thousand dollars,now at a glance it might look similar to,the previous ones but there's a few,things that are happening here that we,didn't have on other sites you probably,noticed the animation whenever you,refresh the page this just means that,there is a little bit more life to it,you also get this animation when you're,scrolling through we have things like,parallax happening as well as great,hover states there's also video,happening on the home page the menu is,large and expansive and covers many,different types of pages depending on,the products that they have and this is,why it came in at this price it also,shows that while they're a local,organization they're not absolutely,massive but they're not small either,this here is a custom design everything,from the logos to the color scheme to,the website to even the drone,photography and from a price point of,view this website came in just over five,thousand dollars which is a little bit,more than our previous ones there are a,few reasons for this price the very,first is that these guys here are,business to business and they're trying,to win contracts for large-scale,projects so they need really good,examples here for their website which,are straight to the point so any,business owner can jump on here view,previous projects so a lot of time and,care was put into the structure and,design of this page and while responsive,design these days is a given extra care,was placed onto this website to make,sure that every single viewport would be,viewed quite well and the information,could be easily consumed no matter what,kind of device that you're on this next,website is a winery and theirs is more,expensive because of the fact that,they're doing quite a few things things,like e-commerce trying to sell wines on,their website as well as memberships and,try to tell some stories on there with,good video and photo this website here,was done for seven thousand dollars and,it comes with a lot of work that,happened behind the scenes now this,website here is not a small company and,the goal here for this custom design is,to really help sell the wines any,website that has e-commerce is always,going to be worth a lot more and that is,because the website itself will be,generating money if you can quantify how,much a improvement you can make by,creating a brand new website you can,essentially figure out the value of that,website and charge a lot more if you,like fishing or boats this website here,is a custom design everything from the,logo to the design itself to even code,in the backend which does the searching,it has a bit of an e-commerce element to,it and this one was not cheap a website,of this caliber comes in over seven,thousand dollars and there's a few,reasons for this unlike the previous,website where we were selling wines for,between maybe thirty to fifty dollars,this one here is selling boats and boats,are not cheap a boat can be anywhere,between ten thousand to a hundred,thousand dollars this means that every,single time that this website makes a,sale it's generating a lot of profit and,therefore the value of it is essentially,much higher and this is one of the most,important things that people need to,understand in terms of website pricing,the kind of value that you're providing,through the website really helps dictate,its price so let's take this to the next,step essentially with a website for,shoes where it's taking it to a whole,new level in terms of e-commerce and how,much value the site provides this,website here is worth over twenty,thousand dollars and this is a large,company let's take a look at why it's,worth so much more the website here is,an e-commerce website it has hundreds of,different types of products as well as,categories and for each one of them they,have hundreds if not more photos as well,you have different variations in the,products too and this connects all the,way into a back-end api and this api,also connects to a point-of-sale system,on top of that weeks if not months of,time was placed into every single design,aspect of this website from its,categories to its different pages to,even the responsive design elements to,make sure that it just works on every,type of device this next website is one,of the larger ones i've done this one,here comes in at,40. 000,now to some people that might just seem,ridiculous but to me personally having,built this and part of the entire design,this was actually not even enough the,website itself is made for a council and,as you know governments and councils,usually have a little bit more to spend,but they also have a lot more,requirements and scope as well the,website itself has custom video and,photography with listing of every type,of business within that region a website,like this takes months to develop with,lots of parties involved across lots of,meetings to be able to achieve things,like for example the blogging or news,section here or all these events or,these sections here for tourism that,people might want to attend or even just,promoting local small businesses like,restaurants or amusement parks this is,what i mean by a large-scale website and,it's not something that can be done with,just one person but rather a entire team,now one thing you might have noticed,that i didn't really go into with a lot,of these examples is what technology,they're using or for example some of the,actual plugins or other features that,are code related this is because the,website pricing at the end of the day,doesn't really come down to the,technology whether it's react or angular,or view it doesn't really matter if it's,wordpress or shopify what matters is the,kind of results you're providing for,customers so hit the like button and,tell me what you thought of this kind of,video and if you want more of it in the,future

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