how to change address on shopify

How to Update Store Business Address on Shopify hello and welcome my name is amuly and,you are watch


Updated on Jan 09,2023

How to Update Store Business Address on Shopify

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How to Update Store Business Address on Shopify

hello and welcome my name is amuly and,you are watching tubemint,in this video i'm going to show you how,to update your billing address mailing,address your legal address,on shopify store so let's get started go,ahead and log into your shopify,admin area and then click on the,settings,to change your mailing address billing,address or company address,and then go to this general which says,view and update your store details so,click on it,and here you can type in your store name,your store contact email address send an,email address,if you want to categorize your store you,can simply select one,category from here and this is where you,can update your,store address which is your legal,address,so go ahead and type in your company,name,it could be anything right whatever,company name is,and then your legal phone number your,billing address,your mailing address your contact,address whatever it is,this is just to demonstrate,nothing is coming to my mind at the,moment so you simply have to select the,city,your city region country state,and your zip code now,you definitely want to select your,standard,local time zone so go ahead and click on,here by default it's going to be us,canada,if you haven't selected during the,store creation so simply go ahead and,select the right one,and then you are almost done here,i'm just looking for mine in a moment,please bear with me here,got mandu and then what what it is,it's not very much,hmm,okay so go ahead and select one,the right time zone because it helps you,in seo and and local business ranking on,google maps and bing,bing maps as well so you definitely want,to select this,right okay,so give me just a moment i'm not able to,find mine here,the indian time where is it kuala lumpur,birth you might be seeing but i'm not,able to,locate it here we go so chennai area,okay so that's the time zone i'm in here,uh if you have any,unit system go ahead and select right,here from here,kg gram whatever the product is,a prefix suffix for order i defer,so this is how you basically can update,your address your time zone,and simply your currency if you would,like to,so currency these are the currencies,that you can simply type in yourself,okay and then you are done simply go,ahead and save it,alrighty so let's go ahead and do the,store here,and somewhere in this footer you can,simply go ahead and put your widget,the address widget and that should be,all right,so that's it for this video thank you,for watching bye for now

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