how do i make my shopify store not live

How to edit your live Shopify store (without breaking anything!) I was here with another Shopify tut

Cheryl Woodhouse

Updated on Jan 19,2023

How to edit your live Shopify store (without breaking anything!)

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how do i make my shopify store not live catalogs

How to edit your live Shopify store (without breaking anything!)

I was here with another Shopify tutorial,and today we're going to talk about a,special way that I learned early on as a,Shopify developer do not break live,sites while working on them this is a,very important thing to learn once your,shop goes live or if it's already live,if you want to make changes to the,images to the layouts to the fonts all,of that sort of stuff if there's,anything that you want to change other,than you know your products and your,menus which would obviously show a live,but about your theme specifically,without it being reflected on your live,site right now this is the way you do it,so you'll see here I am in my little,tutorial store that I made specifically,for these purposes if I go down to,online store on the left hand side,everything in my dashboard is exactly,where it will be in yours so you can,follow along you'll see here I'm using,debut theme which I have customized with,exactly zero customizations I have not,had any settings or done anything to it,but if we can pretend this is my live,store and I don't want anything on it to,change what we would do to actually,develop or or change the store in some,way we're actually going to start by,renaming,this theme from debut to live that way,you know that whatever says live is what,is actually in use right now on your,site and you won't mess with it okay it,eliminates all of the confusion then,what I'm going to do is I'm going to,click duplicate okay this is going to,create a copy of the live theme and,you'll see it showing up right down here,it says copy of live word to the wise if,this takes a few minutes to process,which it might if you're on a slower,connection like I am or or something,else happening don't click away don't go,do anything else while that's processing,because you'll end up losing pages in,the duplicate and you'll have to do it,over again so just wait for that to,finish processing you,you'll have a copy of life then you're,gonna go ahead and rename this to dev,which is what I usually use okay that,tells you this is the developer version,of this theme and you can go ahead and,customize this you can edit fonts you,can edit the code if you want and,preview it in your customization panel,without ever breaking your live site,when you're ready to take it live you,are going to hit actions and publish and,this is automatically going to take your,dev theme live okay just to prove that,that's what happened you want to make,sure that dev is now the one that pops,up under current theme and you can,rename that actually that's two best,practices here rather than renaming that,one first let's rename live today is,April 28th so I always keep my backups I,always keep what just was live in case,we need to rollback we're gonna say,April 28th 2020 backup okay now we go up,to the dev version,rename it and call it live so now you,have a live version and you have a,backup version in case you need to,rollback and if you're continuing to,make more changes you just duplicate the,live version again wait for it to,complete its processing so you're not,missing random files that break,everything,trust me you can't even press the,actions button while it's doing this,when it's done then you know now rename,this to dev and poof you know have a,version of your store that you can work,on without messing with your backup or,your life site this is what's going to,protect you from any changes or any,issues that you create when you're,messing with your store that it allow,you to have the creative freedom to,improve things the way you want without,worrying about impacting what's a lot,it's also a fun way for you to test,things out so if you wanted to do a,couple of different font options and get,some opinions from your staff or your,partners or family and friends you could,create multiple dev sites call them one,two and three for example and then send,the preview links share the preview,links with your testers and they'll be,able to give you feedback on those still,without it impacting your live site,actually just recently did that and then,worked beautifully to get feedback on a,proof from a client who wanted to change,up the fonts in her shop okay,so I hope this tutorial was helpful if,you have any questions drop them in the,comments below if there's any specific,tutorials you would like to see me,create please drop them in the comments,below if you liked this tutorial make,sure you give this video a like and if,you want to hear more from me make sure,you subscribe to my channel I am,publishing tutorials like this all the,time along with plenty of content to,help you grow your Shopify or other,e-commerce business and I would really,love to have you a part of our community,thanks so much for watching

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