how much can you make from shopify

How Much Do I Make Dropshipping? (SHOPIFY 2020) what's up people it's nastier and in,today's video I


Updated on Jan 21,2023

How Much Do I Make Dropshipping? (SHOPIFY 2020)

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How Much Do I Make Dropshipping? (SHOPIFY 2020)

what's up people it's nastier and in,today's video I'm gonna talk about how,much I make as a drop shipper every,month I get a lot of requests about,making this video I was kind of weird,about it but here we are I'm just gonna,go through the average month every month,is different alright so let's get into,it all right guys I'm gonna walk you,through my last month and one of my,stores I don't use this store anymore,but I'm just gonna go through how long,we scale this product this is one,product that we started scaling about,mid month in April and we ran into,I think couple days ago and then it kind,of died off that's usually how it is,most of my products usually last for a,couple months but this one died off,pretty quick so this is one of the,stores in about two weeks within about,two hundred sixty seven and nine hundred,fifty five point sixty cents a lot of,people would question how much of this,is the profit right and I know a lot of,you see a lot of screenshots oh like a,million dollars a month for like this,much a month for this much a month,I personally usually average about four,hundred to half a million a month in,sales and different like different,stores which I'm gonna show you and I'm,gonna show you what the difference is,between each stores and how the profit,is different from one store to another,product to everything so for this one we,had a pretty high profit margin the,product was really really cheap it was,like two three dollars and then they,were selling it for 2995,so I'm gonna show you I already opened,up the countif I this is a platform it's,kamek order metrics but it's free the,only problem with this is that it,doesn't show you the transaction fees,and it doesn't show you what it's called,the refund,I don't really rely on this for tracking,everything correctly is only for my own,like average it's kind of like everyday,I'll look at it and make sure that my,profit is not too low otherwise I have a,whole Google Doc sheet that I track,everything else on my stores so don't,worry about that obviously,see on my store the cells are a little,bit higher just because this didn't,track,I believed opsal and also this doesn't,track the transaction fees and refund,average is about 36% so how I calculated,though on my own calculation this this,one is the store for last month right I,usually have to restore is at the same,time I have a testing store and scaling,store and just a backup storage just,kind of running there you know so this,one is the store that I just showed you,obviously my revenue my profit looks a,little bit higher than what it shows on,here just because of the upsell and as,you can see $267,000 in revenue that ad,cost was about seventy thousand and the,product cost about seventy three point,seventy three thousand seven hundred,twenty five points 59 cent and then you,have the BAS sorry this is the Shopify,strand soft subscription and then the VA,actually put all of them in one just,because my one email person answers all,of them and I calculated the transaction,fee was about eight thousand dollars,that brings me to about one hundred,fifteen thousand dollars in profit like,I said every month is different from it,than another one but I usually average,about let's say shoot three hundred,thousand and sale to half a million in,sales every month I could probably scale,higher and bigger the thing is once you,go over half-a-million like in a month,the workload is crazy like even though,even though I have like a whole team,like helping me with everything honestly,I lost when I was getting like really,bad ready to go I'm very back like,headaches and I notice it's just because,I'm stressed up running ads like higher,budget ads and having like a lot of EA's,that I have to manage so I you know what,at this point I'm not really worrying,about scaling bigger than this I know a,lot of people are trying to set goals,but going bigger and bigger and bigger,but that's not really my goal I just,want to be consistent every mine I'm,gonna have consistent when you coming in,and honestly even if I made this money,and like in this much profit in like two,three months I'll be fine so,one of the stores I'm gonna show you the,other store that I had all right so we,also gonna set this for last month,this is the other store that I had,running and it died off like around like,April 21st this one at about a hundred,thousand and almost like 20 30 days the,month before was the peak of it I think,we did like three four hundred thousand,I'm not sure something around that and,again I'm gonna show you the profit and,everything and I'm show you my,spreadsheet on how much was the profit,again this app that is not super,accurate but it kind of gives you an,estimate of how much the profit is so,we're gonna go to last month i messed up,and i dis can't disconnected the ad,manager from this but I'm gonna go on my,spreadsheet and I show you why it was so,109 is shows here because it's not,tracking the refund if I go to my,spreadsheet this store is the one died,is this one that's mine,so and here as you can see one 108,thousand a revenue ad spent was thirty,four thousand so whatever this number is,that number was thirty four thousand was,the ads that respect Paracas was about,forty two thousand Shopify subscription,was $2.99 or something around that and,then again I'm just I just put the BA,and one place just because I used all of,them at once and I know it's like super,cheap with like I think it's like four,dollars an hour transaction fee was,about two thousand eight hundred forty,seven and you have like some return,packages that might be a good like I,think I don't know a bunch of like let,me get the products we send them back to,China also get like bunch of them either,we keep them and then send it to people,that wonder practices faster or has to,be send them back and that was about,eleven dollars and the profit on this,one was twenty eight thousand two,hundred eighty three point sixty degree,now he had an another store it was a,backup store that was running it was the,same product and this one did about six,thousand five hundred sixty nine point,sixty seven I'm just not gonna get in to,the store again but that's another store,so it's about one hundred,I would say not 150,000 but usually my,profit is back like you're around I,would say 6,200 something thousand and,profit a month and I don't know a lot of,people are like oh all these,dropshippers just making you money from,their courses so what I'm gonna do I'm,also gonna show you my back-end on my,stripe that is connected just to my,courses I don't really advertise my,course it's just dirt if you want to buy,it just actually we're graphing right,down below but I don't run ads I don't,like to push it too often just because I,focus on other things but hey as long as,it's helping someone else like make,money and it also makes me like passive,income why not is just some and another,income there this is coming in honestly,it's fulfilling like helping people and,I make money they make money and they,could also get to these kind of numbers,I don't see any problems with it and an,honest there's nothing crazy I'm gonna,show you in the last 30 days the four,weeks it's about eighteen thousand and,most of this has actually end up being a,profit just because I don't have any you,know product costs or anything so it's,nothing crazy I think you see my drop,shipping stores are doing much much much,higher numbers than what my courses do,and that's one reason that I don't,really focus too crazy on it also deuce,couple affiliate I think couple thousand,dollars and then some YouTube money,which is not much so I don't really it's,just kind of a bonus coming in I don't,really care but,this is all the things that you need to,know alright guys hope you guys enjoyed,these kind of videos I'm gonna be giving,away a 25 minute consultation call all,you gotta do is follow me on Instagram,and go on my last photo and comment,youtube by the end of the week i'm gonna,pick someone and we're gonna have a 25,minute consultation about your business,how I can help you and all those good,things any questions if you have you can,ask me one on one and don't forget to,subscribe and I'll see you guys on the,next video bye bye,this iced coffee is good

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