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Kurt Elster: My Experience as a Shopify Partner thank you for joining me I'm Kurt Elster,I'm a shot


Updated on Jan 13,2023

Kurt Elster: My Experience as a Shopify Partner

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Kurt Elster: My Experience as a Shopify Partner

thank you for joining me I'm Kurt Elster,I'm a shot fight partner a Shopify,expert and an agency owner I run this,agency business called ether cycle and,that's where we're now this big blue,office anyway I wanted to talk to you,today about my experience with shop,fight and the chef a partner program,there's a there's several reasons I love,I love the shop fire partner program you,know and not just because it puts food,on my table and I wanted to wanted to,share those with you and probably the,best way to do that is just to tell you,my story my journey a little bit and it,won't take long I promise so in the mid,2000s I had a full-time job I work for a,local e-commerce drop shipper and you,might be able to relate to this everyday,that I went to work felt like turning,myself into jail so one day you know I,quit my job I didn't really have a plan,but I ended up being a freelance web,designer and I made a living it was fine,and we we added more people and,somewhere in the course of that had a,local bike shop asked us for help,because as generalists we didn't turn,anything away and they want an,e-commerce store and it had to be easy,to use and inexpensive and we ended up,building a completely custom shop fight,theme we looked at a bunch of platforms,we decided on Shopify because it was,best for them as far as you know,features and ease of use and we've,really cut our teeth doing a custom,theme that's probably like the biggest,hardest project you could do for Shopify,but we loved it you know we thought this,is another tool in our toolbox we'll,keep using it and as fate would have it,Dan reached out to us and asked if we,would want to be part of the shop fire,partner program and of course we said,yes and he promised us two things if we,bring on new Shopify stores we would get,a 20% affiliate payment and we would get,leads through this thing called the,Shopify experts program and he lived up,to those promises we got those two,things and then we started getting more,and more and more until eventually by,2015 we did we've refocused our business,snitch down laser focus we only do,Shopify stores and the effect that had,on our business both moving into a niche,and focusing on a successful growing,platform like Shopify resulting us in,getting an 8x boost or 8x huge massive,growth in our multiple errand air,revenue year-over-year,so this January we did eight times what,we did the previous January which is,astounding amazing and part of that has,been those two things we offered a,service just for Shopify called website,rescues and you can check that out at,website rescues comm and we combined,that with you know with Shopify with,scheffler partners program and we,started taking advantage of this Shopify,community and that's really the thing I,love most about Shopify is the community,no other platform has this so the shop,fight community obviously you know it's,the things you'd expect like forums and,you know there's people tweeting about,it obviously but it goes way bigger than,that,so just by virtue of being involved with,Shopify there's been interviewed for,book been interviewed for articles I was,asked by shop fight to publish a chapter,in their handbook which is amazing,so without shop fight I wouldn't be a,published author there's the podcast and,we end up doing our own podcast the,unofficial chef I podcast and there's,even a slack channel and the slack,channel is kind of cool because Shopify,didn't start it someone in an,independent just store owner started,this the Shopify podcast for Shopify I'm,sorry,started this shop by slack channel and,the guy did it just to to get together,like a brain trust of Shopify people to,help him and chef I embraced it to the,point that I saw the CEO of Shopify in,there and even you know was able to go,one-to-one with him and ask him,questions which is super cool he's like,it's really it's a very big company at,this point the I'm you know by my,standards anyway it's a big company but,he was able to pull back the curtain and,answer questions about Shopify which was,great,and I think that just really shows you,the kind of,culture that we're dealing with is,dealing with them but you know a couple,other things they've done we've hosted,officially officially sponsored Shopify,meetups and they advertise those for us,they told us how even you know give us,the materials to present phones how to,set it up and then even send us a box of,swag,it's a BAM there's there's my shop,fighty shirt my shelf ice wagon and,through that you know we've netted,friends and new clients which is just,just phenomenal and I never would have,done that before it became a Shopify,partner but they enabled me to do it so,yeah circling back you know the thing if,you're just beginning just considering,to join the shop by partners program I,will put it to you this way previously I,was lucky if I got six to ten leads in a,month and I was thrilled if I got it in,a week,there are days where we get 10 leads a,day for Shopify and we are by no means,like the number one Shopify partner,we're just an you know we're a good shop,fight partner but we're not you know,we're not in the top 10 and we're still,getting more leads than we can handle,because it's a growing platform and the,stuff you know where we can't we can't,service the client I just refer those to,other shop 5 partners and I don't at all,view this competition anymore,I just view it as a community helping,people out because I think a rising tide,lifts all boats,and in this case Shopify is that tied,with a hundred and fifty thousand stores,online right now and more coming online,every day it's a very exciting time to,be a Shopify partner the shooter flirts,at me

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