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HOW TO REMOVE 'POWERED BY SHOPIFY' ON YOUR SHOPIFY STORE | 2022 hey graduates welcome back to anothe


Updated on Jan 13,2023


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hey graduates welcome back to another,tutorial from ecom graduates well today,i'm going to show you how to remove this,pesky powered by shopify now a lot of,you probably wondering like why does,this matter why would i want to remove,powered by shopify well here's the thing,drop shippers and no offense to you guys,but they kind of ruined it for the you,know established brands in the e-com,space a while ago everyone was drop,shipping because it was very very easy,it was easy to get into very low costs,you can dropship from aliexpress to,anywhere in the world,but,people failed to deliver their products,they failed to provide customer service,so it ruined a reputation for a lot of,consumers uh consumers you know now see,powered by shopify and they're just like,oh hell no i had a terrible experience,with a store powered by shopify i'm,never going to going back to that store,again or any other shopify store ever,again and trust me this is an actual,fact so,i'm going to show you how to remove this,powered by shopify and,make yourself stand out among your,competitors so let's get to it,so i'm just going to reset this back to,normal and we're going to do is powered,by shopify,now there's a few things a few ways you,can do this you can go into your,languages,or you can edit it right from the theme,code i personally like to edit it from,the theme code but guess what i'm going,to show you how to do all of these so,now what you want to do is click here,edit languages,and we'll just search for powered,that's that easy and you can just get,rid of it this way um just powered by,shopify let's get the get rid of this,that's a password page i'm just kind of,like leave a blank there if you want,this is for links and doesn't look like,there's actually a powered by shopify,word filter in here so,with that said let's just hit save and,see what happens,and it's still there,well all right so if that's the case,then what we're going to do is,we're just going to search for powered,by shopify and just see if this actual,word here exists,this is an easy way to kind of try and,find things you know see what language,is because some themes use languages,it's an easier way to you know render,different things and change your,language but anyways it's not there so,let's go here and just edit the code now,anything below here is a footer so what,are we gonna do we're gonna go find the,footers the footer section so we're,gonna go here go into our theme like i,showed you before in multiple videos,please go watch our other videos,they really do provide a lot of value,and they'll help you you know make your,your store just that much better,i don't even know if that's proper,english but anyways ctrl f powered by,and we don't have that so what we've got,here is,you see the powered by link so what you,can always do is usually find the,powered by link just by going here and,you'll see copyright content now this is,on the dawn theme this will vary from,theme to theme but all you gotta do is,either,do control forward slash to comment it,out,if you won't ever want to return it if,you want to comment it out using liquid,just do this comment,and here,whoops,whoops what am i doing,and just do end comment,and you can do like that or we can just,get rid of it all together because why,do we need it right,hit save,refresh there you go it's gone just like,that,so again,if you're gonna go and uh you know try,to remove your powered by what we'll do,is revert this back hit save bring it,back,and come on did it save,should have saved,i guess the language did work,that's weird,something's not right,let's see here that's strange,oh okay so so the language did work so,languages i guess it seems like they,take a little bit to uh load for some,reason so it works this way,or it works let's see it works it works,shopify come on,any day now,i swear shop fight has gotten slower and,slower,i got into shopify in 20,actually 2016. then i came back to it in,2018 and it was a lot faster i will say,i didn't have to wait nine years to load,and this is an update this is a new,update,holy music okay edit languages,so you can do powered,and then links we can do is we can just,do like some cool text,hit save,and,now we wait,all right there we go so it says some,cool text so the link still exists even,if you change,this uh,this right here even if it changes,like even if you put like a space here,to make it invisible but like i said i,think editing it in the footer is a lot,better because it just removes it all,together you don't have to mess with,languages,and it's just much much easier so we're,just going to hit save and,there we go,and just hit save,and let's go back,and now you'll notice that there isn't,an extra one here there's no extra link,nothing nada zilch gone so that's it,guys it's really easy remove power by,shopify you know it'll give you that,much more uh trust for your consumers,and,you know if they have a bad experience,on another shopify store it's not gonna,you know they're not gonna bring that,that sour taste in your mouth over to,your store and be like i'm not buying,from your store so that's it guys until,next time

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