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Add Product Reviews to your Shopify site with the Yotpo App hi I'm Mel McCann from curious teams web

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Add Product Reviews to your Shopify site with the Yotpo App

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Add Product Reviews to your Shopify site with the Yotpo App

hi I'm Mel McCann from curious teams web,development studio in Nashville,Tennessee and in this video tutorial I'm,going to show you how to add the yoko,Shopify app which is all about sending,out emails for reviews and getting,reviews on recent orders for your site,so I'm in the back end of Shopify,currently and I am on the apps page so,on the left hand side hit apps and these,are my current apps that I have,installed and so to go and install this,one we are just gonna hit visit Shopify,app store and in the search box I'm,going to type in yo Depot and if you,want to learn a little bit more about,the app you can play their video here,but it has a lot of really cool,functionality so there are different,pricing plans where things are included,however with their forever free plan you,have the ability to automatically send,customers emails after they've purchased,and request and review right from their,inbox so it makes it so much easier for,them to actually review your products,because they're not having to click in,and go to your site to review it they're,able to do that right on their email so,you can see an example of it here and so,it makes it really really easy to submit,a review and that way hopefully you get,more reviews on your product which,increases that social proof you can also,see that you can embed it on your site,and have the star ratings which the star,ratings are also picked up by Google so,that'll show up in the Google feed that,it has these stars and will also come in,here another great thing of the free,plan is that you can actually respond to,the review so you can either respond to,them publicly or privately and so if,someone posted a concern in their review,or an issue with their product you can,contact them either privately or for,everyone else to see so that you can get,that taken care of and make sure that,they are a really satisfied customer and,this is a really,cool functionality that a lot of the,Shopify review apps do not have so I did,a previous video for the free Shopify,reviews and how to embed that on your,site however with that one it doesn't,have this functionality of commenting,back and it doesn't have the,functionality of sending the customer an,email asking them for that review so,there's is a little bit additional,functionality that you're getting and,again this is where I said about the,star rating on Google so there are other,things that it includes and then there,higher plans include things like turning,a review into a Facebook ad however,we're just going to be installing the,free version today so to add this to our,site we're just gonna hit get and this,is taking us back to the backend of our,Shopify store and we're just going to,hit install app to approve that it can,manage these details and now we have to,go in and create an account okay and we,just started so I'm going to just say 0,to 150 orders and 1 to 10 employees so,now we are in the yo tipo back-end and,we're going to go through customizing,all of this however if we go back to our,Shopify app store and I'm going to,refresh the page you can see that it is,added in here so we can get back to this,at any time by just going to apps and,then clicking on it here so you can get,in and change these settings at any time,that you want but let's go back to the,yo to po installation so we want to make,sure that we have this mail after,purchase because this is a great thing,to actually incorporate additional,reviews that a lot of times you weren't,going to get on your site so we can also,keep it if you were already selling,products online with your Shopify store,to retroactively Lee sent to,previous purchases as well so we can,come in here and change this text up,however this is looking pretty good I'm,gonna say we'll put our name here and,let's see so you could change this text,and have it say whatever you want so,we're gonna make it a little bit more,customized so I'm gonna say okay so,you've recently bought product and we,would love to know what you think about,it change that and again this is going,to be an email right here on the right,hand side so they're gonna get this in,their inbox and they don't have to click,to your site they can instantly give it,a star rating a title and a review right,there and hit submit review and it's,gonna instantly then be able to be added,to your site so now we'll hit customize,widget and we want it to be auto publish,on site so you could choose to take that,off and reprove it manually however,we're gonna keep that for now for our,primary color so I know my hex code so,I'm just going to be typing this in,however if you weren't sure about your,hex code you can go in and you can,select it from in here okay and then the,star color and these are just my,branding colors on the site just so,everything is consistent okay and I'm,going to hit so you can see how this was,looking again over here and I'm going to,hit integrate so you have three,different ways to install this on your,site you could either do automatic,installation manual installation or,email instructions to your web designer,so for the automatic installation it's,really nice if you have a kind of,default Shopify theme you haven't gone,in and heavily customized it too much,and you only have one product template,so only one product page design but,you're going to want to do the manual,installation or the email instructions,if you have a really customized site or,if you're wanting to include it in a,different place on your site so we're,going to include do the manual,installation and we're gonna see,instructions so I want to show you first,of where we're wanting to include it so,we'll go to the front-end of our site,and so this is Tomo fit comm which is,our brand that we are creating and doing,printing on demand and then showing all,the behind the scenes of how we're,growing this business on our YouTube,channel so if you're not subscribed to,make sure to subscribe and hit the bell,button to be notified whenever we put,out a new video all about how to grow,this online business and we're sharing,our numbers behind everything so let's,go ahead and go into one of the products,and I'll show you exactly where we're,wanting to put this code so on our,product page here we actually want to,put it a bit below the fold of our,reviews so we're wanting to put it in,between these two sections here so we'll,go back to our install area and we're,gonna go to add Yoda Poe's JavaScript,I'm going to just click on it here and,it lets us copy the code and it says to,put it in the theme liquid file in the,head section so I'm going to make sure,that's copied and I'm gonna go now to,the backend of our Shopify store so to,go in and edit your theme you're going,to go to online store and this is our,live theme right here and instead of,customize which I'm sure you're probably,familiar with in terms of editing your,theme we're actually going to edit the,code itself so to do that we're going to,go to actions and edit code so the first,file that we're going to edit is right,here it's beam dot liquid,so we'll click on that and it had it,showing to do it right after the,beginning head tag so we'll come in here,I'm gonna do it after this metadata and,I'm gonna go down a few times,and hit paste okay just scroll over for,a minute sure that all came in and hit,save okay so now let's go back to the,app and see what the next step is okay,so I'm just gonna hit next and next is,to install the review switches so this,is where we want to display this on our,product page which is that in between,section so I'm gonna hit copy code and,it says we're going to paste it for in,third example we're gonna paste it on,under the last line of code but we're,gonna put it somewhere else on our site,so we're going to come in here and to,edit your product page,you're gonna scroll down a little bit to,templates and you're gonna find one that,says product liquid okay and then I'm,going to scroll down to the area I want,to paste it so if you're knowing where,you're wanting to pace it then you can,paste it there however if you're not,exactly sure then put it at the bottom,and you can go in and move around its,placement from there okay I'm gonna put,it right there,and hit save and let's go back one more,time and we have one last bit of code so,we're gonna have the install conversion,tracking so it says this lets us,understand return on investment from our,YouTube account so we're going to copy,it and now we're going to a different,area of our backend of Shopify so we're,going to come in here back here and I'm,going to open this in a new tab and go,to settings I'm going to just right,click it I want to keep this open just,so if we do need to move that around and,change its position,or styling we can do that and then we're,gonna go to checkout I'm gonna scroll,down here into the box that says,additional scripts which is right here,and now I'm gonna paste this code in,okay and hit save we'll go back to the,app one more time and say finish,installation so now that we have gone in,and installed everything on the site I'm,going to just click out of that you can,go through that onboarding tutorial if,you want however you can see here,exactly how that's going to look and we,can customize this email just a little,bit more so we can actually include a,product photo just to help people,remember exactly what it is that they,purchase so here is that message that we,typed before a product photo they can,choose the rating the title and the,review and we can just hit save,so as you get more reviews at it in,you'll start seeing them on the left,hand side so you can go through these,different items and see exactly how the,reviews are showing up again we don't,have anything right now however you can,go in and sort them once you get a lot,more to go through and sort them by star,rating you can also come in here and,change your settings here of exactly how,you want people to what words you want,them to be able to say and what words,you want to kind of blacklist from your,view so if you instantly want to not,include profanity or you don't want to,auto publish it you can change that from,here and you'll also see more items on,the left-hand side so if we click on,analytics we can see here again in terms,of your conversion rate of how well it's,working for you as well as the reviews,and the emails you'll see if we click on,email so you'd be able to see how often,how many emails are being sent open and,reviewed so you'll kind of see how well,people responding to it and then maybe,change your,based on that as well as content,generation for as well as content,generation which has a lot more of the,higher priced options that are not,really available on the free plan as,well as marketing which also has some,items that are not included on the free,plane as well if we click on some of,these you can see here that you can add,a reviews tab or reviews widget to your,site let's go first though and look at,our product page and see exactly how,that looks now that we've added that,code in so I'm just going to come in,here and hit refresh on our site so,again this is our product page so we're,we put it down here below and you can,see it here so here it has the ability,to write or view so you can still have,customers write a review directly from,your site however it is nice to have,this email functionality as well so as,you have reviews come in you'll start,seeing them come in here so if we go,back to the OTO site we can see here and,if we go to integrations we have a few,more things in terms of you know we've,integrated with Shopify if you have a,higher plan you can also integrate with,other apps as well so overall there's,not too much that you can see in the,backend of this app until you start,getting a few reviews and then you can,start engaging with them commenting back,to them and you know approving them or,upset them as pending and so there's a,lot of really cool functionality that,you can do once you start getting these,reviews in so I definitely recommend for,you to check out this app again there is,a free Shopify app already,that's for reviews however this one is,free as well,for a few of the different options and,it has additional functionality of,emailing your customers directly so it's,really helpful I hope you enjoyed this,video tutorial and if you have any,questions make sure to post a comment,below this video and we'll make sure,that to help you with that also make,sure to subscribe to this video to get,weekly videos all about Shopify and how,to grow your online store

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