how to contact shopify support chat

How to get Shopify Support Chat okay this is edwin anthony from,resolutions design yet again with,an

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

How to get Shopify Support Chat

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How to get Shopify Support Chat

okay this is edwin anthony from,resolutions design yet again with,another video of shopify tutorials,if you're brand new to this channel you,already know what time is it,it's about that subscribe that like and,all that like man,you just got here and i'm already asking,you for subscribing like come,on right how rude now i'ma get you that,answer today,i'm just saying that if you like this,type of content,go look at my other videos as well i,talk about everything related to shopify,this one is going to be a straight short,video and,what we're going to talk about is how to,get,shopify on the support like it used to,be so easy back in the days i used to,just chat with,shopify and it was just so easy and now,it's like,they dug it down where you can't even,find a chat,and they give you this like faq page to,talk about all this type of stuff,they're like yeah yeah yeah yeah,whatever whatever right,it's like they don't wanna they don't,wanna review you their support team so,all i ask from you is not for money all,i ask from you is that,blue like button the red uh subscribe,and then the notification bell,okay let's get right to it all right so,yeah so uh if you want to learn how to,do the whole chat thing with shopify,uh you'll notice that one of the,troubles that you'll have is that you,could find the shopify center thing,but then you try to scroll at the bottom,which is typically where a lot of the,support,things come through uh you try to click,on this one the 24 7 support,and um yeah we're going to click on this,right here,and then you know we kind of get this,whole thing where you have to kind of,like,log in and all that stuff and even if,you do say hey i want to continue,without logging in,they give you this faq thing and you're,just like come on where,where is this thing well all right let,me just get you the shortcut right away,okay,so i'm going to open a new tab here and,here's the secret,the secret is right pow right there,all right the secret is right there and,the url is and i'll put this down in the,description,it's the,forward slash en,forward slash questions,hashtag right forward slash,contact okay so i'll leave this down in,the description,below let me know if this,helped you right so what it does is that,it gets you in contact with shopify now,of course the ideal thing is for you to,at least have an account so if you're,just kind of like yeah,i don't know if i want to start one just,go ahead in the description and,you know click on that 14-day trial,click on the 14-day trial,sign one up quickly and then it you,don't have to use it you know if you,just want to answer your question,because it's free,right but then go once you logged in,into that account come back into this,url,right and then go ahead and chat,with shopify right you just go ahead and,click on that bubble right there,and um you see that's where it says that,you know you need to authenticate,with the store first i don't have a,shopify store yet,then it starts asking you for questions,but once this is done,anybody could do it right it's just a,little tedious of a process,and yes it was hidden so again,you guys probably might know this but,there's a lot of people that are asking,where is the chat support where did it,go,and here i am to save the day and tell,you here it is okay,so again all i ask is for subscribe like,let me know down in the comments if this,saved your life,like oh my god finally right and let me,know if i should put,more content like this okay other than,that thank you very much for watching,and i'll see you next time peace

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