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Shopify vs Your Own Website: Which One to Invest in? should you create your store on shopify,or havi

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Shopify vs Your Own Website: Which One to Invest in?

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Shopify vs Your Own Website: Which One to Invest in?

should you create your store on shopify,or having a custom build website,talking about this subject there have,been so many discussions,between using shopify versus having,one's own website,both have their pros and cons and also,plenty of elements,you should pay attention to before,making a final,investment and with that being said in,this video,we are going to help you identify which,solution,is suitable for you when running your,store online,so now let's delve right into it,beginning with shopify is more painless,than building a store by yourself,why because first with shopify merchants,don't have to worry about buying new,domain or finding a hosting provider,you can have free domain or buy a custom,one,it is totally your choice if you create,your store with a sell hosted solution,you need a web developer and seek out,hosting,and domain services like bluehost or,godaddy,second merchants can build their store,from scratch easily without having any,knowledge of,coding with shopify thanks to the,pre-built ecommerce templates,merchants can change their store look,anytime,which is a couple of steps merchants can,easily open their stores,on shopify also shopify offers a 14 day,free trial so that people can play,around with a platform,and understand it before making a final,decision,you can check out the link in the,description box below to start the free,trial,in contrast having a custom website,means that you need a certain amount,of technical knowledge if not you need a,skillful development team,or hiring a developer that can help with,the website setup,content management system is what you,should consider for managing your blog,and website,plus to customize your online store you,may need to install a plugin,with ecommerce functionality for example,a vendor uses,wordpress to create their site they,might integrate with woocommerce a,wordpress plugin,to set an essential packet of ecommerce,features,it will take a considerable amount of,time to get things done,before running your store you have to,spend time,finding a proper domain and hosting,provider,calculating fees and costs if you hire,web developers,and consider ssl installation so the,process can be tough,as first to conclude shopify,is easier to start with,with a shopify theme is completely,appropriate for e-commerce purposes,sellers can benefit from its responsive,speed optimizing and mobile friendly web,layout,merchants can find a great number of,available themes on the shopify,theme store to match their online,presence style,the price could be from free to 180,us dollar and all of them now a one-time,purchase,on the other hand when you decide to,create a custom store,you should spend time and effort to find,an optimal theme and store design to,please your audience,taste but the great thing about having a,personal line store design,is that you have an unlimited space of,customization,it's very flexible and you can tailor,make the website for higher sales,and revenue with shopify in the long run,if you want an advanced modification you,need to play with a liquid code,to get your desired web look so in this,case,there is a tile between the two,solutions,since shopify is an exclusive ecommerce,solution,it provides sellers a plethora of,features like,fraud analysis which helps identify,cultivate orders and reduce chargebacks,payment providers such as shopify,payments feature,with payment methods like visa,mastercard apple pay,etc which is pci compliant,and apps for integrating external,services,with your own website besides finding a,proper platform,and shopware to build the store you need,to consider having,a reliable payment gateway and choose,extensions that fit,the best of your e-commerce needs,example is,when a seller chooses wordpress to build,their website,they might need to install more,extensions for woocommerce,to acquire ecommerce functionality,so based on the store to approach,reliable ecommerce tools,shopify gets a higher score this time,the important thing to grow your,business and persistence,is that you have to maintain and upgrade,your store from time to time,with shopify everything is at hand,merchant stores will get automatically,updated to the latest version,and still work fine with any software,for a custom build store sellers have to,update their website,manually and regularly also if you don't,have,much technical knowledge the best way is,to have,or hire a development team to do that,and mentioning the security factor,shopify is once again the champion,it provides an ssl certificate that can,protect both,you and your customers however with your,own website,you should pay a certain amount of money,to set it up and the process could be,frustrating,since many problems can arise abruptly,with the support you can have 24 hour,per 7 support from shotify through,direct chat phone call or email,for educational content you can refer to,shopify academy,blog or open a discussion in the shopify,community,meanwhile for your own website learning,materials could be from,google youtube forums videos,blogs or tweets etc and frequently,it takes you a long time to find a,proper solution,shopify offers three main plans with the,monthly subscription,each plan provides many features such as,ssl,certificate staff accounts gift cards,abandoned card recovery discount codes,etc,apart from that sellers should consider,optional payments like monthly charged,apps,one-time purchase themes or domain,yearly subscription,you can watch our video about shopify,pricing calculation,at the end of this video with a custom,website,you need to pay for almost all features,like,domain web hosting ssl certificate,custom sign design ecommerce plugins,email marketing payment processing,software,and so on in the long term with your own,store,there will be other unexpected cars that,arise during the web,operations and maintenance so,if we do a mat a little bit shopify,seems to be a better solution,when it comes to finance aspect now if,you look at the e-commerce,side shopify could be an appropriate,solution for beginners who want to start,their online business with ease,but for someone who needs flexibility,having a custom store should be a,perfect choice,we hope that you might be able to get an,answer so far,after this video but if not why don't,you try the shopify 14 day free trial,to experience its interface and build a,demo store by yourself first,then decide whether or not to continue,with the solution,if you find this video helpful click the,thumbs up,or leave a comment to discuss more and,please,remember to subscribe to our pagefly,channel,click on the bell icon to get a,notification on the latest page fly,tutorials,and shopify videos in the future thank,you for watching,and see you next time,you

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