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The Beginner's Guide To Shopify Shipping (eCommerce Shipping & Fulfillment) how do you make sure tha

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

The Beginner's Guide To Shopify Shipping (eCommerce Shipping & Fulfillment)

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The Beginner's Guide To Shopify Shipping (eCommerce Shipping & Fulfillment)

how do you make sure that you're not,losing money on shipping how do you,actually go ahead and get your shipping,labels,well if you're having any of these,questions or other questions,as you launch your shopify store then,you're definitely in the right place,so whether you're just starting up or,maybe you're scaling up we're going to,teach you how to ship,confidently so today i'm going to walk,you through a super in-depth guide,to getting set up with shipping on,shopify,and this is definitely beginner friendly,so let's get into it,hey guys welcome back and if you are new,here welcome to learn with shopify,my name is michelle i am a creative,strategist and i am your host for,today's video,okay so if you're new here learn with,shopify is a channel,that is dedicated to helping you start,run and grow your online business so,if you are an entrepreneur definitely,consider subscribing,and by that same token i want to know,what you guys want to learn,i want to make sure that i am providing,as much value for you guys so if you,have any burning questions or ideas for,topics that you want to be answered make,sure that you are leaving it in the,comments section and we will do our best,to film those videos for you we want to,make sure that we are giving you,the most value possible but without,further ado let's get into it,okay so i just want to show you,something super quick so in my shopify,dashboard it looks like i have an order,that just came in so,i'm ready to ship it so what i'm going,to do is i'm going to click on the order,then i'm going to click create shipping,label print shipping label and then,this is what my label will actually look,like after i print it i'm going to,attach it to my box,and then i'm just gonna drop it in a,mailbox around the corner and then,that is pretty much it so there you go i,mean i didn't need to go to a post,office,i didn't need to install any like,third-party shipping app,i literally did this in under two,minutes using shopify shipping,some of the main benefits of shopify,shipping are first and foremost you're,getting a discounted rate so,you can save up to 52 on canada post,shipping rates which is amazing,um secondly you guys just saw it here,but you can fulfill,orders a lot faster so you can buy and,print your shipping labels in shopify,and you're basically just skipping the,line at the post office,and third of all you can manage it all,in one place so you really get to,simplify your day-to-day and fulfill,orders from the same place that you're,managing your products,the same place you're managing your,customers and your inventory so,everything is,very organized and centralized now if,you,are wondering how you can do that for,yourself then i'm going to show you how,you can get this all set up for yourself,it's not only going to save you a ton of,time but it's also going to save you,money in the long run as well,all right so let's start from the tippy,top so what we're going to do,is we're going to go to our shipping,settings in our shopify backend,so you're going to start by going to,your settings,and then you'll hit shipping so right,away we have different shipping methods,the nice thing about shopify is that you,can do local delivery,you can do local pickup and then of,course you can also ship,through the mail uh local packages i,would say are fairly straightforward,to set up and i know uh for sure you,guys will be able to do that on your own,uh so today we're really gonna focus on,setting up your shipping,via mail so go ahead and click manage,rates,at the top here we can see all the,products that this shipping rate will,apply to,so by default new products are going to,be automatically applied to this profile,also while we're here make sure that,you're shipping from the right location,whether that is your house or your,warehouse or your office,make sure that the address is correct,when you click a shipping zone you are,basically defining,what the shipping rate will be for a,customer that is in a specific part of,the world,so you can choose specific countries um,you can choose specific continents,i personally just find it easier to,choose continents but i mean that's just,me,and it is definitely going to depend on,what your needs are as a business so,for me i'm going to just choose asia,here and then,you can see that this category has now,been created,but now we're going to have to tell,shopify what we're actually going to,charge for shipping to asia so you're,going to want to,click add rate so you have two options,here,you can either set up your own shipping,rate or you can use,real-time carrier rates when you set up,your own shipping rate this is just,going to be,a flat rate so here you would indicate,how fast the shipment is going to be as,well and this estimation,is going to show up for your customers,at checkout so just keep that in mind,and then here you would decide the price,if you are going to set up your shipping,rate,you would definitely need to do some,research to decide what would be,reasonable price wise,you can also input conditions depending,on weight or order price,so for example if you wanted to offer,free shipping on maybe your larger,orders,you can do that right over here and then,when we hit done,we're going to see that these customers,can now take advantage of this shipping,rate,so the other option that we had was to,use carrier rates,so carrier rates are automatically,generated in real time,so basically the shipping rate is,calculated based on the weight,size and the destination of the package,i find this to be really convenient i,find it to be,super nice as well because this option,is going to safeguard you from not you,know dramatically overcharging or,dramatically,under charging for shipping so for this,you're going to want to choose your,carrier,and then you're going to want to choose,the service that you're going to make,available to your customers,i find that choosing only a few services,helps customers not to,freeze up at checkout it's definitely,going to reduce the amount of abandoned,carts that you have because too much,option sometimes can be overwhelming,so what you can do is you can go with a,budget friendly option and then you can,also go with,a super speedy option and that would be,a really good place to start,and then down here you can choose to add,a handling fee,but i just want to let you know that,this is probably going to increase your,abandoned cart rate so just keep that in,mind,if you want to learn even more tips on,setting up your shopify store,we've actually created a free,comprehensive,step-by-step shopify checklist and it,covers,everything that you need to do to set up,and start making sales,on your shopify store now trust me this,is going to be,so helpful to refer to um so make sure,that you're clicking the link in the,description box below,so that you can claim your free download,and then you can use it as you follow,along,with this video okay so i know what,you're thinking you're thinking,but michelle not all of my packages are,the same,you know maybe on the one end you sell,bed frames so in that case you would,need a massive box right,but on the other end maybe sell posters,so in that case you would need like a,rolled up,tube like a little carton um so that is,where,custom shipping profiles come in so if,we just hit the back button,here we can see that we have a general,shipping rate,and that applies to all of our products,but then down here,we also have a custom shipping rate and,we can manage shipping rates on a,product,by product basis right over here,so from here we're going to click create,a new profile and we can name this,profile and here it says that customers,won't see this,so we're going to call this poster tubes,and then we can add specific products,that this new shipping rate would apply,to so yeah this is,super simple you would just go through,the exact same motions,that we went through previously if you,have more than one type of a package,like maybe you have a big box and then,you have a poster tube,you're also going to want to tell,shopify that these are possible,packaging options,so that way when you get an order you,can choose which packaging you're going,to ship in,and then you'll get the most accurate,shipping rates so to do this go to your,dashboard,hit settings shipping and delivery and,then,saved packages and then you're going to,want to click add package and then,you're going to input the details,and that is literally it you have just,set up your shopify shipping,so let's take a look at how this would,actually you know look like to a,customer,and see how this would actually go down,so for a customer here's what it would,look like,i'm just going to pop into my fake hot,sauce store,i'm just going to add something to the,cart really quickly and then here's what,checkout looks like,so let's continue on to shipping so see,now we have the options that we set up,so one of the big questions is always,how to know what to charge for shipping,i think you can either raise your prices,of your products to cover for your,shipping,or you can allow the cost of shipping to,eat into your profit margins,so in one case you're paying and then in,the other case your customers paying,i would say a nice happy medium would be,to raise your,your cost of goods just slightly so that,both,you and your customer are essentially,paying for shipping,so to know for certain that you're not,losing money on shipping,you're going to want to calculate your,costs of goods,maybe factor in your cost for acquiring,a customer,and then you're also going to want to,include how much it actually costs to,run your business,a lot of you are going to have maybe,just the cost of a shopify store,and then you're going to break that into,a per unit cost,so if that all just came at you real,quick on real fast,i'm going to leave a link to a,spreadsheet in the description box for,you guys to calculate this,for your own business so you can use the,spreadsheet to make sure that you're,still making money on your sales,so if you're watching this video you,probably have already signed up for,shopify,but if you're watching this and maybe,you're still on the fence you can get,started with a free 14-day trial,um you can click the link in the,description box to get started with that,but if you're new to shopify we also,created a video that's going to teach,you,everything that you need to know to,build a shopify store from scratch so i,will leave a little card right here for,you guys and you can click that,and watch that video later to learn more,so you are done,you just learned how to use shopify,shipping in its full capacity you are,ready to go out there and make some,sales now if you found this video,helpful make sure that you're giving it,a thumbs up that definitely helps our,channel it definitely helps our,community grow and,if you aren't already subscribed and you,really loved this and thought it was,helpful,we have videos just like this dropping,every week,on how to start run and grow your online,business,so make sure that you're hitting,subscribe so that you're not missing out,on any future videos,but other than that thank you guys so,much for watching and i'll see you in,the next one

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