how to cancel an order on shopify

How to Cancel a Customer Order on Shopify Tutorial this video is sponsored by app maker app,maker is

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to Cancel a Customer Order on Shopify Tutorial

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How to Cancel a Customer Order on Shopify Tutorial

this video is sponsored by app maker app,maker is a shopify app that converts,ecommerce website to mobile app the,mobile app builder helps you create,native android and ios mobile,application get an opportunity to grab,15 off by being the first 200 signups,get the link in the description hello,welcome to educate e-commerce your,one-stop destination for shopify,tutorials and e-commerce solutions today,in this video i'll be talking about how,you can cancel a customer's order on,shopify store,so sometimes you will have to cancel,your order when the order is not in,stock or there is a fraudulent approach,from the customers,so uh you have a fraud analysis section,on the shopify that is given by default,and how you can proceed after that,that's what i'm going to talk in this,video,so as you can see i have please i have,got an order on my shopify store so i'll,just click on to this uh order,so here you will be able to see that the,order is fulfilled the item is paid,though,and as you go down you will be able to,see there is a fraud analysis section so,if there is a charge back uh using the,credit card or if you see any,risk orders you will be able to see that,here in the fraud analysis section so,you can just click on to full analysis,and all the red uh yellow or uh,normal dots indicates how risk the order,uh order or the customer is that has,placed an order,so uh here are some green buttons so the,the so this is a good indication if it,is uh red it's a bad indication that the,order can be uh,the order can be fraudulent,so in case you detect any suspicious,order or if the fraud analysis shows a,very high risk order you can cancel the,order so for that all you have to do is,you can go to the more action button,right here,so you can just click on to that and,click to cancel order,so upon cancelling you'll be asked where,the amount should be refund or you can,click on to refund later options as well,so here we have the uh credit card,details so uh so using that you can,refund their order and if you want to,restock the items that they have,purchased or the so when a customer or,purchase an order uh amount of the,inventory is lessened so if you want to,restock that item you can just click,onto this check box and restock the,items,and also if you want to send the,customer if in case the,order is cancelled genuinely uh because,there is any reason for the cancellation,can be fraudulent order item unavailable,payment declined all these options so if,the item unavailable option is there you,can send the customer a notification so,you can just click onto the notification,settings so it will take you to the,email sms notifications,so here we have the order cancellation,our template,so this is the email template you can,edit this so uh to simplify the view you,will be able to see the sms templates so,your order from has been cancelled,uh,due to,uh,unavailability of stock,so that's just a reason and you will be,refunded by,within,three working days,so you can edit the message you can edit,the email and sms as you see so uh the,sms you will be able to preview uh here,you can just click on to so this is what,it will be shown as a,message and if you uh go to the email,section you can just save it and,you can go to the email section and,preview the mail as well,so here the order has been cancelled so,you can edit this section right here uh,so that uh you will be able to see that,what the email is going to the customer,when you have when your order is,cancelled so this is a very crucial part,you don't have to,you don't want to upset your customers,saying what you think is something rude,so uh so you can uh add some words that,can relieve the customers,and when you let's go back,and here the order uh will now be,cancelled you can just click on to,cancel order and click on to cancel,order right here,so upon doing this the order will be,cancelled and uh the it will be,restocked onto your store the,amount will be refunded within the days,and here you will be able to see that,the order has been cancelled or the,strikeout order will be up available on,the orders page,so this is how you can cancel on order,if if there is an issue or if you find,the customer to be fraudulent or,anything like that,so uh,this this is also a very important step,as you fulfill the order there are times,where you have to cancel the orders as,well,so i hope this video helped you and if,you like this video give a big thumbs up,and we'll see another video bye

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