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Shopify vs Wix 2023 (Don't choose WRONG!) so i've been using both shopify and wix,to build multiple

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Shopify vs Wix 2023 (Don't choose WRONG!)

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Shopify vs Wix 2023 (Don't choose WRONG!)

so i've been using both shopify and wix,to build multiple ecommerce stores over,the past years i've even created,complete beginner tutorials on how to,set up online stores using both shopify,and wix so in this video i'm going to,compare both of these e-commerce,platforms side-by-side,this video is not sponsored by any of,these platforms i'm simply gonna give,you my honest opinion based on my own,experience and based on some further,research that i've done for this,specific video so let's get started,now i wanna make clear that i'm gonna,compare shopify and wix as e-commerce,platforms so a place where you can build,an online store and sell things because,this is already where we can spot a big,difference between wix and shopify both,companies started out in 2006 but wix,started out as a website builder whereas,shopify from the beginning focused on,being an e-commerce platform only in the,recent years wix started rolling out,e-commerce features allowing us to sell,products on a wix website so just based,on that fact it's clear that shopify has,a lot more experience in the e-commerce,space however that doesn't mean that we,should immediately go and build our,store on shopify so let's go ahead and,take a deeper look into both of these,platforms starting with plans and,pricing with shopify you can choose,between three different plans basic,shopify and advanced when you're,starting out the basic plan should be,more than enough for you so that would,be 29 per month plus transaction fees,for every sale that your store makes you,already get a lot with a basic plan like,being able to sell an unlimited amount,of products 24 7 support and features,like discount codes abandoned card,recovery marketing automation and a lot,more the main difference between the,basic plan and the other plans are the,transaction fees so if you go for one of,the more expensive plans you're gonna,have lower transaction fees for every,sale that your store makes so when you,reach a certain number of revenue per,month it certainly makes sense to,upgrade to a higher plan to reduce those,transaction fees we will take a closer,look into payment providers and,transaction fees later in this video,because obviously this is a very,important deciding factor now let's look,at the pricing of wix on the pricing,page we first have to switch from,regular website plans to business and,e-commerce plans because these are the,ones we need to go for if you want to,sell products on our website here we,also got three plans business basic,business unlimited and business vip and,by the way these prices apply if you pay,yearly if you want to pay on a monthly,basis then these are the prices for the,respective plans with the basic plan for,34 per month you get everything you need,for a basic online store however if you,want your international customers to see,prices in their local currency or if you,want to sell subscription products then,you need to go at least for the business,unlimited plan at 38 per month now,looking at the wix and shopify plans,side by side we can see that the basic,plan of shopify is actually a bit,cheaper compared to wix's basic plan if,you pay monthly then the higher tier,plans of shopify are much more expensive,compared to wix at least when you first,look at them because one of the main,differences here is that wix doesn't,reduce their transaction fees for the,higher tier plans so even though you pay,more in a monthly subscription fee for a,higher tier shopify plan the overall,cost in a month can still be lower,compared to wix because for every sale,that you make you're gonna pay less in,transaction fees so in my opinion the,plans of shopify are a bit more,attractive because with the basic plan,you pretty much get everything you need,for your online store and i also like,the fact that you can reduce your,transaction fees once you start making,more money with your store by simply,upgrading to a higher tier plan shopify,does have a 14 day free trial so you can,test out everything before choosing a,pay plan you're going to find a link to,that trial down below in the video,description however if you want to,launch your store and make it available,to visitors you do need to be on a paid,plan wix doesn't have a limited free,trial you can basically just create a,free wix account take your time to build,your store but then once you want to,start selling you also need to be on a,paid plan let's move on and compare the,website themes of wix and shopify both,platforms have a lot of beautiful themes,for all types of online stores wix,literally has hundreds of free online,store themes that you can choose from so,the chances are very high that you're,gonna find one that you really like that,is already optimized for the kind of,online store that you want to build,shopify on the other hand only has 9,free online store themes so if you don't,like any of these 9 themes for your,store you have the possibility to browse,their premium theme library however,those themes cost you around 300 as a,one-time fee so wix definitely gets a,big point here for having a lot of free,themes for online stores however one of,the key differences between wix and,shopify themes is that wix themes aren't,always fully responsive meaning that,when you look at your website on a,mobile device it won't always be,perfectly optimized so you'll need to,make sure to rearrange all the elements,that are out of place for smaller screen,sizes wix does have the so called editor,x that you can use to build fully,responsive designs however that is more,geared towards the advanced designer and,agencies rather than the average user,shopify's themes on the other hand are,fully responsive meaning that you can,just build everything on desktop view,and it'll automatically look good on,mobile as well now let's talk a bit more,about design customization options for,wix and shopify generally you'll be more,flexible using wix to design your online,store you can simply use drag and drop,to add any element to your website and,customize it as you like this kind of,drag and drop doesn't work on shopify,here everything has its predefined,position and you get some customization,options on the side menu so you,definitely do get more flexibility when,it comes to website design using wix in,terms of ease of use i have to say that,i find both platforms fairly easy to use,for beginners wix really tries to make,it as simple as possible for absolute,beginners to build a beautiful website,if you want to get your website up and,running as quick as possible with,minimum design work you can use their,adi website builder here you can simply,answer some questions pick some favorite,designs and then wix will automatically,design your online store based on your,answers shopify doesn't have something,like that but i still think it's fairly,straightforward to build your first,online store especially if you use my,shopify tutorial to guide you through,step by step in terms of managing,everything else that comes with running,an online store like fulfilling orders,managing inventory handling customer,support or sending out marketing emails,i would say that both of them are,equally easy to use i personally like,shopify a bit better in terms of user,experience i just feel like when i use,shopify i really notice that everything,is specifically made for selling online,and everything is optimized for that,specific purpose so there's no,unnecessary features that distract you,from what's actually important however i,did read a lot of comments from similar,videos like this one and saw a lot of,people saying that they found wigs a lot,easier to use and a lot less complex so,probably the best way would be to sign,up for both of these platforms and see,for yourself which one comes easier to,you and by the way if you need some help,in the beginning getting started with,either shopify or wix definitely make,sure to watch my beginner tutorials here,on youtube they already helped out a lot,of people create their first online,store you'll find links to those videos,down below in the video description now,let's look at the variety of apps or,plugins that you can use on your online,store on wix or shopify so whenever you,want to do something with your online,store that isn't included in the basic,features of shopify wix the first thing,you would do is look for an app that can,do that specific thing just like the,apple app store or google play store for,your smartphone wix and shopify also,have so called app stores where you can,find tons of apps for your online store,shopify has over 7000 apps in their app,store most of which are free to use on,wix's app store there's only around 300,apps you can choose from and that's,because there are a lot more stores,spilled on shopify compared to wix so of,course it does make sense for the app,developers to build their apps for,shopify first because there's just a lot,more customers with shopify stores so,the amount of apps available in the app,store is definitely a big reason why,many people would choose shopify over,wix just imagine buying a smartphone and,then realizing that you can't use 95,percent of apps on that specific,smartphone you probably wouldn't buy,that phone i'll leave the links to both,the shopify and the wix app store down,below in the description so you can,check out for yourself what apps they,have available as well as a link to the,most popular shopify apps when it comes,to shipping and fulfillment both,platforms have many options including,different ways on how to calculate your,shipping rate based on weight price,product or even display real-time,shipping rates based on the actual,prices of carriers for wix this feature,is limited to shipping with usps and for,shopify you also get real-time shipping,rates with usps fedex and ups however,that option is only available if you go,for the advanced shopify plan at 299 per,month what you get with any plan on,shopify are discounted shipping rates,for dhl express ups canada post and,sandal and that's because shopify has,partnerships with those carriers so they,can offer their users a discounted,shipping rate of up to 88,what's also very cool with shopify is,that they have their own fulfillment,network so you can actually send your,products to one of their fulfillment,centers and then when somebody orders on,your store they will take care of the,fulfillment of the order and also take,care of the returns this can definitely,make running your business a lot easier,however this is only available for,stores that sell in the us and that make,at least one sale per day and then the,product you're selling also needs to,meet these criteria here as well so when,it comes to shipping and fulfillment you,definitely get a lot more features and,benefits with shopify something that is,always really hard to judge before,buying a product is how responsive and,helpful the customer support actually is,i always find it very frustrating when,there's a problem but you're not able to,reach the customer support or you can,reach them but they're not helpful at,all i'm sure you've all been there so,let's talk about that for shopify and,wix the availability of both platforms,is very good with 24 7 customer support,by email chat or phone so what about the,quality of answers that you get from,those support teams and here i can only,tell you what my own experience was and,to be completely honest the answers that,i got from shopify were overall a bit,more helpful compared to wix i just felt,that they immediately understood what my,problem was and they were able to solve,it for me very quickly often times with,wix i felt that the support agents,weren't as knowledgeable as i'd like,them to be and the last topic i want to,definitely discuss here is payment,providers and transaction fees both,platforms have their own integrated,payment systems shopify payments and wix,payments these payment options allow,your customers to pay directly on your,website using a credit card using google,pay apple pay sha pay or even meta pay,for the us the transaction fee of both,platforms is 2.9 of the sales price plus,30 cents which is pretty standard in the,industry the difference between shopify,and wix payments is that shopify reduces,their transaction fees to 2.6 or 2.4,percent when you upgrade to the shopify,or the advanced shopify plan if you,can't or don't want to use shopify or,wix payments both platforms also offer,the possibility to use a third-party,payment provider something like stripe,for example what's annoying with shopify,is that on top of the fee that you have,to pay to the third party provider you,also have to pay a zero point five,percent to two percent fee directly to,shopify for using a third-party payment,option so for example if you were to use,stripe and you're on the basic shopify,plan you'd have to pay 2.9 percent to,stripe and then another two percent to,shopify which is totally crazy so if,shopify payments is not available in,your country this might be a good reason,to choose wix over shopify because they,don't charge any additional fees for,using a third-party payment provider you,can find an updated list of all the,countries where shopify payments is,available down below in the video,description so what e-commerce platform,should you go for in my opinion shopify,is definitely the way to go if you're,serious about building an online store,really the only reason why i would,choose wix over shopify for e-commerce,is if i already had an established site,on wix and now i would also want to sell,some products on that website and like,i've mentioned before another reason,might be that when shopify payments is,not available in your country and you,don't want to pay the extra fee that,you're gonna have to pay with shopify,for using a third-party provider if,there's any deals or discounts going on,in the time of you watching this video i,always leave them down below in the,video description as well as a link to a,free trial for shopify and wix so you,can totally try out both these platforms,for yourself before making your final,decision and when you do i highly,recommend to watch my beginner tutorials,for either of these platforms to help,you set everything up step by step thank,you very much for watching and i look,forward to seeing you in the next video

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