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Winning Dropshipping Products to Sell on Shopify [Summer 2019] In this video, I’m going to share 10


Updated on Jan 12,2023

Winning Dropshipping Products to Sell on Shopify [Summer 2019]

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Winning Dropshipping Products to Sell on Shopify [Summer 2019]

In this video, I’m going to share 10 products that you should start dropshipping this summer.,But I know that finding a great product to sell is only half the battle.,Making sales is where the going gets tough.,So with each product recommendation I share today, I’ll give some important marketing,tips.,By the end of this video, you’ll know:,What dropshipping products to sell this summer How to price those products to get sales,How to market those products,Ready to get started?,Hey everyone it’s Jessica from Oberlo.,Today I’m talking about the best dropshipping products to sell this summer.,If you’re new here, dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to start an online business.,Instead of buying tons of inventory for your online store, you only order products when,you get sales.,That makes dropshipping low-risk.,But being a successful dropshipper requires constant learning.,Make sure you hit subscribe so you never miss our weekly tutorials, dropshipper interviews,,and product recommendations.,Speaking of product recommendations, let’s get started with our list.,The first product starts heating up in the summer, but has staying power through the,holidays.,#1.,Twinkle Lights,It’s twinkle lights.,These strings of small LED light bulbs add a twinkling sparkle to events, interiors,,and holiday decorations.,They’re available in different lengths and styles.,ePacket shipping to the U.S. is about $2, and the smallest string of twinkle lights,goes for about the same amount.,To allow for marketing, price this product at 3 times its cost plus shipping, so about,$12.,I know what you’re thinking: twinkle lights are for the holidays!,Who will buy them in the summer?,Well, there’s a strategy at play here.,What you want to do with twinkle lights is get a few sales in the summer so you can figure,out your best performing ads.,Then, you’ll be primed for sales when peak season rolls around in November.,People buy twinkle lights in the summer for the subtle lighting they add to outdoor spaces,like balconies and porches.,This is especially nice in warmer months, when customers spend more time outside.,Twinkle lights also provide a romantic glow to events like weddings, many of which take,place between May and August.,When it comes to marketing this product, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook will be your best platforms,of choice.,You can reach out to influencers who live in apartments (think big cities like Toronto,and New York) and send them samples so they can take photos of the lights on their balconies,,wrapped around pillars, or elsewhere in their homes.,Use those photos on your website and in your ads to inspire potential customers and get,more sales.,#2.,Ionic Hairbrush,The second product on our list is the ionic hairbrush.,Summer is great for almost everything: your mood, social life, and glowing skin.,But there’s one thing summer isn’t good for--your hair.,People who struggle with static or flyaways need a product to smooth their manes.,This portable, electric ionic hairbrush helps tamefrizz and flyaways to create a sleek look.,It’s gotten over 1,000 sales in the past 30 days, proof that now is the time to start,selling this product.,Thanks to free ePacket shipping to the U.S., this brush costs just under $7.,Price it at $19.99 to entice impulse shoppers.,To sell this hairbrush, you’ll want to work with three key platforms: YouTube, Instagram,,and Facebook.,Order the product and use your mobile phone to create a video that explains what this,hair brush is, why customers need it, and how they can buy it from you.,Show someone’s hair before and after using the brush to really convert browsers into,buyers.,If you can’t or don’t want to create a video yourself, can reach out to an influencer,on either YouTube or Instagram to create the content for you.,Then use Facebook Ads manager to promote the heck out of your video.,If you’re new to Facebook ads, don’t worry--we created a course just for you.,Check out the link in the description below.,The third product on our list is about to blow up...,#3.,Pool Beer Pong,’s the inflatable pool beer pong table.,Pool inflatables are always top sellers in the summer because they attract impulse buyers.,But this inflatable is different.,Beer pong is a popular party game among North Americans.,And summer is a popular party season.,Put the two together, and you have the ultimate summer drinking game.,This inflatable pool beer pong table lets customers play beer pong while lounging in,the pool.,At $25, it’s a bit pricey.,However, customers won’t be able to find this in stores, so you can price it at $49.99,and still get sales.,Millennials and Gen Z will likely be the target market for this and other inflatable pool,products.,Try marketing with creative YouTube videos that feature the product.,For example, you can include this product as you reenact scenes from classic college,movies like Old School or Animal House.,Then create a Facebook post using that video, promote the post, and target the post towards,people who like those movies.,The next product on our list is a personal favorite.,#4.,Summer Dresses,It’s summer dresses.,Summer dresses, also known as sun dresses, usually have a flower pattern, a flowy fit,,and are short or short-sleeved.,Summer dresses have always been popular in warmer months, but as you can see in this,Google Trends analysis, they’re getting more popular each season.,Summer dresses don’t really suit a one-product dropshipping store.,If you decide to sell summer dresses, your best bet is to add a few sun dresses to your,store.,But which ones?,One way to choose summer dresses is to log in to Oberlo and search for “summer dress.”,Sort by Order Count, and you’ll see a selection of summer dresses that are already hot sellers.,If you’re just starting out with dropshipping, try selling these as you hone your marketing,skills.,You can also search “sundress”.,This will give you a few other best-selling dresses in this niche.,If you want to keep marketing costs down, head over to Pinterest.,Create organic posts featuring your products and make sure to tag them.,Then see which dresses get the most engagement, and put a little marketing money behind those,particular dresses.,So far we’ve talked about hot dropshipping products to sell this summer.,But let’s cool it down now.,#5.,Ice Cream Maker,The #5 product on our list is the ice cream maker.,Ice cream is a popular treat in warmer months, and making it at home is a fun way to enjoy,this popular treat.,This novelty summer product also makes a great gift for bridal showers, housewarming parties,,and summer birthday parties.,While this ice cream maker is a bit expensive, customers will pay for the sleek design and,color choices.,You can also add a low-cost item like an ice cream scoop for free.,That will entice customers to pay for the higher-cost ice cream maker.,Try promoting this ice cream maker by grabbing search interest.,Write search engine optimized articles about the “best ice cream makers” or “how,to make ice cream.”,Then promote your articles on Pinterest so you can build up traffic to your store.,If you’re looking to get some immediate sales, try Google Shopping ads.,I’ve left a link in the description with more information these lesser-known ad,#6.,Beach Towels,The sixth product on our list is a summer necessity: it’s beach towels!,A couple years ago, round mandala beach blankets were the hot sellers of the day.,Now, customers are looking for more playful beach towels.,Whether shaped like pizzas or Mexican sugar skulls, these Instagrammable beach towels,are made for impulse buys.,With $2 ePacket shipping to the U.S., their total cost comes to about $7.50.,Price these at $24.99 to get sales.,You can sell these towels in a niche beach towel store or add them as a summer accessory,to a general store.,One of Oberlo’s bloggers, Nicole, actually ran a beach blanket store.,She had three strategies for marketing her products.,First, she ran Facebook ads to capture impulse buys.,Second, she created relevant blog content and shared it on Twitter, tagging influencers.,The influencers occasionally promoted her articles, boosting her store traffic.,Finally, Nicole used email marketing to capture customers who didn’t buy right away.,If that sounds complicated, don’t worry.,Start with one of her strategies, and build from there.,Let’s move on to #7 on our list of dropshipping products to sell this summer.,#7.,Kebab Maker,It’s the kebab maker.,Barbeque season is upon us, and grillmasters are seeking new challenges beyond the burger.,This product makes it easier to make kebabs.,Usually, cooks cut up meats and vegetables and then layer them on skewers.,With the kebab makers, cooks can layer meat and vegetables in the kebab maker first, then,insert skewers from the top, and then cut the kebabs into cubes through the slits on,the side.,The best way to promote this kebab maker is with a video that shows it in action.,In general, videos for kitchen products tend to perform very well.,Post your video on YouTube to get free traffic to it from search interest, or use in a Facebook,ad to grab the attention of potential customers as they scroll through their feed.,#8.,Baby Water Play Mat,The next product on our list is the baby water play mat.,This play mat is a perfect baby shower gift.,It’s a mat that can be filled with water, making a soft and squishy surface for babies,to play on.,Once filled with water, plastic toys within the mat begin floating around, which fascinates,little learners.,Babies can develop their motor skills as they play on the mat.,Epacket shipping to the U.S. is free for this product, so you can price it at $24.99 and,have plenty of money to pay for ads.,To advertise this mat, create Facebook ads targeting “New Parents.”,You can also create blog content around topics such as baby shower gifts, ideas for your,baby registry, or baby toys.,Since it takes a while for new businesses to generate SEO traffic, promote your links,via Pinterest and Twitter to get free traffic to your store.,You will toe-tally love the next dropshipping product to sell.,#9.,Sandals,It’s sandals!,And one style of sandals in particular: Wedge sandals.,These sandals are high-heeled but offer plenty of stability.,People magazine recently wrote an article about Kate Middleton’s wedge sandals, which,practically amounts to a celebrity endorsement of this summer shoe.,To sell these sandals, follow the same strategies we talked about for summer dresses.,Search Oberlo for “wedge sandals” and order by order count.,Now you’ll see the best-sellers.,Just note that not all of these styles are the same.,Some styles are super-trendy, and others are more classic.,You can build a niche store with one or multiple styles of sandals.,Just don’t assume the same target audiences will buy these different styles!,As with summer dresses, promote your sandals on Facebook to find out which style attracts,the most customers.,The last dropshipping product on our list is a favorite among both kids and adults.,#10.,Remote Control Cars,It’s remote control cars.,But just like real cars, the latest models of remote control cars come with a whole new,set of features.,These rugged remote control cars have a high chassis and are made of tough, waterproof,PVC.,They’re virtually destruction-proof, an excellent selling point when marketing children’s,toys.,These cars cost around $30.,You’ll want to at least double that price to make a healthy margin for sale with money,left over for marketing.,Video ads are the way to go with these cars.,Buy one for yourself, and get to work--or play--filming the car as it drives over rocks,and through muddy puddles.,Which item on this list do you think will be the best seller this summer?,Leave a comment and let me know.,I’ll chime in with my thoughts.,Thanks for watching.,Until next time, learn often, market better, and sell more.

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