what time does shopify report earnings

Shopify Payouts Explained | Shopify Payout Schedule | Shopify Payout Report. all right guys welcome

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Shopify Payouts Explained | Shopify Payout Schedule | Shopify Payout Report.

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Shopify Payouts Explained | Shopify Payout Schedule | Shopify Payout Report.

all right guys welcome to the video this,video is going to be about shopify,payments and before i get started i just,want to say a couple of things that i'm,not here to keep you entertained i'm,just here to give you some information,that may or may not help the situation,that you're in,um so bear with me and also the last,video that i made this is just a,response to a comment that was made on,it someone was asking about why their,payments is being held on their new,shopify store so i just decided it's,easier to just make a video response,showing,what exactly is going on and what could,possibly be the issue so let's go to the,question that they were talking about,shop in five minutes and they said so my,shopify site is new and we made our,first sale yesterday but i don't see the,money anywhere i have shopify card but,my balance says zero you know how i can,get my money,okay so there's a couple things that i,responded to this video here i mean to,this comment here first things first if,you have the shopify balance card it's,gonna operate like a regular bank,account okay so once it passed 6 p.m,eastern standard time everything else,that comes in after that gets shipped to,the next business day so for example,today is well not for example today is,the 29th of november and it's a monday,so all the sales that came in between,friday after 6pm until yesterday just,before 6pm,should get paid out today and everything,else after,won't get paid out until tomorrow the,30th of november let me scroll out and,show you for example you can see right,here it says my pending payout,it doesn't show anything yesterday,before the payout was happening this,pops up for like a couple hours or so,when it says you know pay out for like,three thousand or something dollars,whatever it is,equivalent to what was made over the,weekend,so,to see this i can have the click here,and say view your shopify balance um,account or go on the left side and click,on finances for now i'm just going to,click right here,so you can see,if this ever loads it says available,balance now to spend is 4 431 dollars,and,if i go back to see the rest of it you,can see the overview,under finance so you can just click the,succeed anyways,and then to see your payouts if you're,not seeing it anywhere else you just,click on finances and scroll on and,click payouts and you can see that,today on november 29th this payment of,three thousand four hundred and forty,one dollars from the sales that,accumulated this weekend is gonna get,paid out into,my account so my balance will go from,four thousand whatever it is to close to,eight thousand dollars um i think,seven thousand something or eight,thousand something but anyways this,sometimes doesn't show up in here even,when it says pending payout and,sometimes take longer especially on,monday usually on the weekdays between 8,and 9 30 the money will be available to,spend in my account,okay so another thing that could be,happening if you don't have shopify,balance you just have a regular shopify,account let's get paid out into a bank,account and you're wondering why your,payments aren't getting paid as fast it,also takes some time um they get,processed on business days unless your,account is completely brand new even if,you get accepted to shopify payments you,still have to after the first payment,goes through there's still like a down,period where they verify all,transactions are legit or whatever in,your account and your status so there's,that unless your store is brand new and,they will tell you if,they need stuff like that or there's,something holding back your payments but,you can also check your payout frequency,how often you want to get paid if you,want to get paid daily,weekly monthly twice a month whatever it,is um so i'm going to explain this,before i do it because if not i'm going,to have to spend a lot of time editing,this video just clicking on stuff so,first you're going to go to your,settings i'm going to click on settings,and come back to you once you're in your,settings you're going to scroll on the,left side and click payments,once you're in the payments if you're,using shopify payments it'll show this,part right here so if you have a balance,account if you don't have a balance,account,there should be a section on this page,where you're able to,select your payout frequency let me see,if i can find it real quick,okay so i just realized that because i,have a shopify balance account i don't,have this option anymore but if you,don't have the shopify balance account,instead of seeing this right here it'll,tell you that you're able to schedule,your payouts pretty much on any day you,want before i had it just scheduled,weekly so every week on friday on a,friday afternoon i would get our friday,morning i would get paid whatever,accumulated over the past seven days in,my bank account to actually feel like,i'm doing something and then i could,just use that to pay out my influencers,and affiliates and everything else,that's generated in revenue for my,business,but um that could be another thing,the payouts won't show up anywhere else,until,your scheduled date so if you have you,know you want to get paid once a month,you're not going to see any payments,made until that date to that account,that you want to get paid so just keep,that in mind um when you can certain,this uh yeah i think that's the best way,to go but,if you're still having troubles with,your store and it's like legitimate,problems after your payment's still not,showing up after several days then be,sure to contact shopify support and get,the issue resolved to make sure it's,nothing you know,there's not a bigger underlying issue,there okay one last thing i just got,done recording this video and it's,literally like a few minutes later and,um,the payment actually just came through,that i was talking about the,three thousand three hundred dollar,payment so let me just show you that,real quick for your record,and to do that i'm just gonna click on,finance on the left side and,yeah,so again once you're in finance you can,just come to your balances,and if this loads you'll be able to see,this here pretty quick um,sorry to keep you guys waiting so you,can see that the total balance now seven,thousand six hundred and seventeen,dollars,and you can see from the payouts that,the recent balance just showed up in,here,so a payment of three thousand four,hundred forty one dollars just came in,and you can see a pending balance of,five hundred and eighty nine dollars now,this will continue to accumulate until,six pm eastern standard time at least,for me so anything after 6 pm tonight,that comes in sale that will get paid,out on wednesday everything that happens,now until 6 pm gets paid out tomorrow on,november 30th hopefully this video was,helpful uh the next video that i'm,probably going to do about shopify is,about accepted manual payments and why,you should probably switch that for a,little bit uh because that's been a real,problem in my business as you can see,here there's like three thousand return,and why that's the case so,yeah talk to you guys later peace

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