how to put a password on shopify

How to Set Up Your Shopify Password Page - E-commerce Tutorials hello everyone here we are again for

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

How to Set Up Your Shopify Password Page - E-commerce Tutorials

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How to Set Up Your Shopify Password Page - E-commerce Tutorials

hello everyone here we are again for,another session of sellers choice,tutorials in this tutorial we will learn,how to setup your Shopify password page,if you have plans and starting up your,store and Shopify you need to know how,to prepare your page one of these,preparations that you need to do is to,set up Shopify password page the,password page is a landing page that,adds password protection to your online,store you can create a password and give,it to only the customers that you want,to be able to visit your store so let's,get started don't forget to hit the,subscribe button what you need to do,first is to access the Shopify admin log,into your Shopify account at we,need to enable the password protection,for your page so you can prevent your,customers from accessing the page click,the online store sales channel on the,left side and click the Preferences,section scroll down and go to the,password protection section this way you,can turn on and off the password for,your page just check the box that says,enable password and that a message for a,visitor then click the Save button to,save the changes,after you have enabled the password,protection let us edit your Shopify,password page click in the themes,section under the online store sales,channel and click the blue customize,button of the current theme we are using,the debut theme so if you have a premium,theme that doesn't support a password,page then it might be a little different,click the home page drop-down located at,the top left of the page and select the,password page on most of the themes you,can edit three sections and these are,the header content and fooder just click,each section on the left to edit it the,header is where you can edit the logo,and the heading content is where you can,edit the message that you want to tell,your customer this is also where you can,edit your newsletter placeholder and,button text,the footer is where you can edit the,social sharing buttons heading and by,clicking the theme settings you can show,or hide the social media icons that will,appear on the password page once you're,done editing your password page just,click the Save button looking on the top,right to finalize the changes you should,be directed automatically to your,password page once you visit your site,and that ladies and gents are the steps,and had to set up your Shopify password,page just so you know that we have a lot,of tutorials and webinars on bits of,advice on how to run and the applicable,techniques for your e-commerce business,you can always visit our site at sellers,choice dot digital and browse through a,huge compilations of webinars tutorials,and vlogs and don't forget to hit the,subscribe button to stay tuned see you,soon

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