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How To Get Your FIRST Shopify Sale Today (2021 Beginner Tips) If you're brand new to the world of Sh

Andrew Ethan Zeng

Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Get Your FIRST Shopify Sale Today (2021 Beginner Tips)

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How To Get Your FIRST Shopify Sale Today (2021 Beginner Tips)

If you're brand new to the world of Shopify, or  you're finding it tough to get your very first  ,sale, you're in for a treat. Because this  video is going to help you get your first  ,Shopify sale today and let me tell you when it  rains it pours so let's help you get that very  ,first shopify sell let's get into it. Hey friends,  Andrew here hope you're all doing well. Before we  ,get into the fresh tips on getting that precious  first shopify sale make sure you've subscribed  ,to this channel so you're recommended more useful  tutorials just like this one here we're all about  ,e-commerce digital marketing and tech gear here  all right so i know just how hard your first  ,shopify sale can be in fact on average only two  percent of your website visitors will become  ,a paying customer there's a lot of different  tweaking that's required to get your first  ,shopify sale from your store to your marketing  strategy and your product but once everything's  ,in the right place it doesn't stop at your first  sale it doesn't stop at your fifth so it doesn't  ,even stop at your 100th sale so the point is don't  get disheartened it took me a whole failed shopify  ,store until i was able to get most things right  and then within the first few weeks of launching  ,that store i was able to make over ten thousand  dollars in a single week the first tip to get  ,your first shot by sale is to use exit intent  pop-ups you know those very convenient pop-ups  ,that just so happen to come up at the right  time every time you have to quit the tab or  ,move on to do something else well they actually  significantly increase the odds of the customer  ,making a purchase from your site and if you're  not using it correctly then you should be using  ,it right now it's actually activated by a trigger  point and this trigger point is usually at the  ,very top of the browser window so when your mouse  scrolls over boom the pop-up comes up you can set  ,one of these bad boys up with a small discount  code and personal message and you'll see people  ,use this discount code go back into their carts  and then check out you might actually be surprised  ,just how many people actually do this it's a great  way to recapture someone's attention and prevent  ,people abandoning their online shopping carts  run a giveaway giving out something for free  ,how does that make me money i hear you ask well  sometimes you need to spend money to make money  ,and in this particular case by running a giveaway  you're promoting your shopify store product and  ,brand what i found is if you run a giveaway you'll  get an influx of people to your shopify store who  ,are too impatient to wait for the giveaway to  end and will just go ahead and buy that specific  ,product especially if it's relatively affordable  best of all they're now exposed to your store and  ,brand so you can market to them later on and so  giveaways usually cover the cost itself just make  ,sure though that the giveaway is within your  budget use new social media channels so we all  ,know that facebook and instagram they're platforms  that are getting harder to use organically without  ,spending money on ads but there are still quite  a few or a number i should say that are great  ,social media channels to promote your product  for free for example snapchat's new public  ,profile lets you literally set up a profile to  share content on and gain snapchat subscribers  ,this means a new source of customers for your  ecommerce store and of course speaking of snapchat  ,don't forget to claim your free ads credit down  below to grow your business and don't forget to  ,use it tick tok is of course another great social  media channel with a big organic reach right now  ,so make sure you're building your brand on these  channels as well and you'll definitely see some  ,more purchases being made through these platforms  that are free and organic experiment with facebook  ,ads this one is a no-brainer if you have some cash  to invest into your new store and business spend  ,it on facebook or instagram ads if you haven't  yet tried creating effective facebook ads then you  ,need to give it a go asap the ability to put your  business and product in front of the right people  ,at the right time at scale is a superpower even  just experimenting with test ads you often see  ,a purchase come through but whether or not it's  a profitable purchase is a different question if  ,you're finding it difficult to set up effective  facebook ads i'll leave a link down below to a  ,free facebook ads crash course that i teach right  here on youtube for you to check out after this  ,video use your personal network have you asked  your friends or family to make a purchase from  ,your new store it might actually be worth sharing  your new store on your personal socials and asking  ,your friends and family to share it with others  heck go ahead and ask them to make a purchase  ,from you more often than not your friends are more  than happy to support your new business at least i  ,hope you have decent enough friends who have your  back if not that's okay we're here for you on this  ,channel and in the comment section too the point  here is to leverage the resources you have to get  ,your store rolling until you're ready to start  selling to new customers and cold traffic review  ,your sales page everyone sees the sales product  page before they actually commit to purchasing  ,that said product so you have to sort of make  sure it's in tip top shape because your sales is  ,only as healthy as your sales page do you have  high quality images that means high resolution  ,good lighting no bad edits it should all look  professional when it comes to those product images  ,do you have great copy describing your product  and is it also enticing just like no one enjoys  ,reading a fully written book you're not going  to hook your customers in with bad product  ,descriptions and is the page also visually  structured in a way to be appealing if your  ,product page is all over the shop with different  fonts font sizes colors it generally looks like  ,a left over frat party well let's be honest no  one's going to buy from that store product reviews  ,speaking about the sales page do you also have  product reviews on the sales page because 81  ,percent trust the advice of friends and family  over businesses but are we really surprised at  ,that fact social proof is so important nowadays  customers are more skeptical than ever and  ,rightly so we want to know the product is  something that we really do need and that  ,others have had good experiences with not just  the product itself but more importantly your store  ,and your brand but what if you haven't even  made a sale how do you get a product review  ,well you could import reviews from aliexpress if  you're drop shipping or you could run a giveaway  ,like i said earlier and ask for a review in return  heck you could even give a product to a friend  ,or family member and ask them for a review  regardless of how you get your product review  ,they're extremely important to achieving more  sales and with more sales that comes in comes more  ,reviews it's a flywheel effect where the more  you achieve the more you get check your checkout  ,have you run a checkout test yourself before even  launching your store you'd honestly be surprised  ,just how many people i've seen say why am  i getting so many add to carts but no sales  ,so only then realize that customers can't even  check out because something's wrong with the  ,checkout process but this is not going to be you  because you're watching this video so with shopify  ,you can actually place a test order by simulating  a transaction all you need to do is head over to  ,settings then payments and then on third party  provider select bogus gateway and go ahead and  ,place that order where this is bogus man i know  bogus gateway sounds hilarious to me also just  ,be sure though to switch back to a real payment  gateway once you've finished testing with that  ,bogus gateway payment method so besides testing  the actual payment gateway you also have to make  ,sure that the checkout process itself is actually  appealing and optimized you want as little steps  ,as possible to go from product to purchase the  checkout process is the only thing between you  ,and that interested user to a purchased customer  so spend that time to make sure that your checkout  ,flow is bang on and most importantly not to do  with your store but to do with your mentality  ,be resilient and don't give up initially like  i mentioned it took me a whole failed store  ,so that meant months and months of work money  energy and effort until i was able to get a  ,profitable sale i remember my first ever shopify  sale i was driving and i heard this cha-ching  ,sound for the first time and found out that it was  my first ever sale on shopify and i was literally  ,over the moon that feeling of someone purchasing  from your very own online store with all the work  ,you've put into it was so overwhelming satisfying  and motivating so hang in there is my point  ,implement what you've learned in this video  and i'm very confident you'll get there also  ,if you're as confident in yourself as i am about  you drop a comment down below goal crushes and  ,i'll like your comment in support of your store  and your ambition now if you want to learn just  ,how to get more than just a few sales i'll leave a  link to our mastery courses down below where we've  ,had students build multiple five and six figure  shopify stores and a few more are still in the  ,progress of doing so right now too so if you'd  like to join the program the community and learn  ,from a step-by-step course go ahead and check it  out in the description box below if this video has  ,helped you out and you've indeed ended up with a  shopify style and firstly congratulations and then  ,also don't forget to drop that like on the video  and subscribe to this channel with notifications  ,turned on we're all about online business digital  marketing and techy here on this channel so make  ,sure you're the first one to know when new  videos drop as always thank you for watching

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