what should i name my shopify store

How to Name Your Shopify Store 2021| Ecommerce Tips it can be really hard to come up with,the perfec

How to Name Your Shopify Store 2021| Ecommerce Tips

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How to Name Your Shopify Store 2021| Ecommerce Tips

it can be really hard to come up with,the perfect idea for a brand name,we're gonna break down how some of the,biggest brand names in history did it so,you can too,hi i'm greta and i founded four,multi-million dollar shopify stores and,i'm here today to break down the perfect,brand name with you so you might not,know this but there are four different,types of brand name and there's a,generic suggestive abstract and,descriptive brand names so let's dive,straight into it so first up we have,youtube and in terms of which category,that would fall into it would be,definitely under the descriptive,category and,as this is two words or different,concepts kind of placed together or put,together that's often also referred to,as a compound brand name and this is a,really popular type of brand name i,really love this uh when coming up with,my own names for my brands as well,so tube being kind of like an old school,word for television and you obviously,you're featuring on your own kind of tv,channel and so that's youtube straight,into the descriptive bucket,moving on let's grab another iconic,brand name being nike nike would,definitely fall under the suggestive,category i think a lot of people might,think of nike as abstract uh just,because they're not sure about the,meaning of the word as a whole i think,it was the greek goddess of,victory okay the greek goddess of,victory see i didn't even know i,probably would have put it into the,abstract bin but we're going to put it,into suggestive because of that great,goddess of victory so you can imagine,why brands like this would want to be,associated with something like victory,for an athletic wear brand it just makes,a lot of sense to have that association,there so remembering always that what we,name our brand will be a direct,association within your customer's mind,so,nike,suggested,so moving on to, that's definitely in our,generic bucket of names and i would,definitely recommend staying away from,generic names if you're first starting,out unless you own the trademark and the,domain which i'm guessing is going to be,you know potentially somewhat unlikely,so we want to check right,in,the generic bin,moving on to,kodak,this is definitely an abstract name well,definitely in my mind i have no idea,what correct me if i'm wrong and i,probably will get corrected in the,comments section here probably torn to,pieces but,kodak to me is an abstract name i don't,know what kodak would mean um unless,it's some sort of like compound name of,photography terms but no clue kodak is,going into abstract for me at least,all right so rapid fire let's do some,more,facebook,descriptive another compound word book,of faces,bam moving on to a super iconic brand,name apple that one is going to be,suggestive pretty sure they just thought,it was sounded like fun and,non-intimidating and that's why they,chose apple so,into our suggestive bin it goes,all right,another abstract one google doesn't mean,anything to me,does mean anything,thank you,another generic one,another suggestive there's a lot of,suggestions amazon probably like as big,as the amazon forest like a you know a,really large um selection products so it,kind of makes sense to me,being suggestive,and another descriptive name microsoft i,have no idea why this one is descriptive,i think microsoft means something to do,with computers,microcomputer and software another,compound word a lot of descriptive names,are kind of compound words we have seen,and,uber,suggestive means very or like two like,too cool like uber cool is like a saying,and it means too cool i think it's in,german so uber,last but not least,we have the super iconic,bubble gum,bubble gum shrimp,it's a household name i think the bubba,gump is named after,um forrest gump,because he likes shrimp is it because he,likes shrimp,does he like shrimp does he sell shrimp,it's apparently named after two,characters from forrest gump but i would,call that a suggestive name i guess the,association would be like the nostalgia,of the film and it's a really iconic,american film so suggestive,so now i'm going to show you a really,quick little hack that i love to use,when i'm first brainstorming names and,it's called name links name lix and it's,a business name generator that's like ai,powered so let's have a quick look so,we've hit dog bed we're going into name,length yep we can keep it as short or,medium names i don't want a really long,name that's 12 letters plus,branded keywords i've already entered,these in for us so comfy big and calming,dog bed,and then the name style yeah we've got a,compound word which is our descriptive,name category so we can hit generate,initializing and here we go here's some,ideas dog dorm,dog abode the cool thing with this too,is it also gives you logo ideas and even,like a brand color palette and it's,completely customizable as well i really,like this bane name the ain you can,scroll through and find some different,examples of logos and each one is quite,different so yeah that's name licks and,it can really help you with that kind of,like name storming process so that's it,guys so i hope you enjoyed this video,and we'd love to hear some of your brand,names and which bucket you think that,they would go in so let us know in the,comments section below and i'll see you,in the next video,hey guys hope you're loving our videos,and you're getting heaps of value from,them if you are make sure to hit the,like button and make sure to subscribe,to join the founder fam if you did enjoy,this video and want to continue to,master your skills make sure you click,here to access your free training now we,will go into way more depth with this,founder

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