what makes elfsight plugins so special for your shopify website

How to Make Money With Elfsight as A Beginner (2022) how do you make money with elfsight now,this vi

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

How to Make Money With Elfsight as A Beginner (2022)

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what makes elfsight plugins so special for your shopify website catalogs

How to Make Money With Elfsight as A Beginner (2022)

how do you make money with elfsight now,this video is going to be a complete,step-by-step tutorial i'm going to,explain everything you need to know,including what elfsight is how this,works how much money you can make and,how you can actually start making money,on elf site as soon as today so if you,are interested in making money online,and making money with elfsight then keep,watching as this is going to be the most,valuable video you ever watch now before,we jump into this video i just want to,mention that my mentor has opened up a,few spots for his free workshop as i,said there is only a few spots so it is,a first come first served basis and this,workshop actually allowed me to earn my,first seven thousand dollar month online,so it is definitely worth your time and,if you want to sign up you can use the,link down in the description okay guys,so as you can see here it says upgrade,your website without coding elf site,widgets help over 1 million website,owners increase sales engage visitor,collect leads and more so they basically,have like these drag and drop templates,where you can add some very very cool,things into your website and basically,boost the conversion rate boost the,things that are on your website and make,your website that extra bit more,profitable without having to put in any,extra work we can take a look at the,widgets right here and you can see it's,like instagram feed whatsapp chat,testimonial slider that you can add to,your website edge verification um,twitter feed and all of this stuff so,that is awesome but how can we actually,make money with this website now that is,a great question and what we actually,use is the affiliate program down here,so if we click into the affiliate,program it says join the best affiliate,program for partners and resellers and,they go into a little bit more detail,about this so as it says right here this,is a little bit more detail than what i,already give you elfsite is a,subscription-based service sas that,develops customizable website widgets,for any business task boosting user,engagement gathering leads growing sales,and many more no coding or design skills,are required now this is trusted by over,3 million users it has a 98 satisfaction,rate and also the highest conversion now,when they say why partner with elf site,you are actually going to get 30,of all payments as long as your referral,is a elf side client so guys what this,effectively means is if i can actually,go back over to elf site and pull up the,pricing we can see right here that if,you just want to use a single app the,very basic version is going to cost you,five dollars a month and i know they,have a free version here guys but,not many people are only going to be,getting 200 website visits a month basic,is five dollars this one is which is pro,which is what most people go for for the,popular is ten dollars now the crazy,thing about this or the awesome thing,about this i should say for me and you,is the fact that this is the price if,people only want to use one of these,widgets however if they want to upgrade,and have access to every single widget,that is there they can upgrade to this,advanced version and basically get the,pro pack which is what most people go,for so we can take average guys that,people are going to be paying around 30,every single month in order to unlock,all of these widgets right here so what,that means is that we are going to be,getting 30,of 30,and i'm going to pretend that my maths,is not the worst thing in the world and,i'm not going to be working out what is,30 of 30 so that is 9 right there which,means that we are on average going to be,getting nine dollars per month for every,single client that signs up this means,if you can get a hundred clients signed,up that's nine hundred dollars a month a,thousand clients signed up that is nine,thousand dollars a month which is pretty,incredible right we can see right here a,high customer lifetime value sas model,ensures high customer lifetime value,enjoy your passive recurring commission,for a long time easy to upsell and,hassle free payouts to either your bank,account paypal or payoneer now down here,we can even go through and calculate the,payout so if you want to go through and,basically work this out right here if,you can get 10 000 clicks that is going,to make 4 000 people sign up which gives,you 400 paying referrals meaning that,you can earn 24 000 a month pretty,incredible right that is very very nice,to see and they even show us step by,step what we can do to become an,affiliate so number one sign up number,two get links and materials and number,three start earning with elfsight so,guys you can click on become an,affiliate right here go ahead and sign,up for elfsight and then you will be,able to start promoting the affiliate,program so guys that is step number one,and that is the easy part that is,signing up and learning about the,affiliate program but now comes the hard,part how do we actually get customers,now the absolute best place to do this,guys is of course going to be youtube,now if we literally go up here and we,type in elf site,like this we can see look at this five,point five a thousand views for this elf,site review elf site the outs the easy,outsourcing widgets for your website how,to use elf site apps elf site how to use,on appsumo and this keeps going and we,can see a bunch of these videos so if we,just click into this video for example,we see elf site review and this right,here has eight has 5,500 views now the awesome thing about,this guys is people who are watching an,elf site review they are probably,already going to know about elf site,which means that they are very very,likely to watch this video get sold on,the product and then go down here and,sign up so if we click on this link in,the description we will be taken over to,elf site right here and this is an,affiliate link so what this means is if,i click and sign up this the guy who,owns this channel school of nomad he is,going to get paid out a commission for,however long i stay signed up so that is,a very very awesome way that you can,make money on elsight and that is like,creating tutorial videos around elf site,teaching people how to use this or,giving a review and then you can leave a,link in the description now there is,actually a second way to do this and,this is definitely more the option for,people who don't want to get on camera,they don't want to record their voice,and they would rather do this all just,from the comfort of your own home and,not having to do any of the recording or,anything like that now if we just come,over i typed in elf site review and we,can see this one elf site versus power,comparing two best website widget,providers now on here we get a full in,detail tutorial and not tutorial sorry,guys we get a full in detailed review,and they basically compare elf sight,versus power which is honestly something,i have never heard of so we can scroll,down right here and see the comparison,between them they show the pros the cons,what you can use them with and,everything like this is basically the,same thing as a youtube video however it,is typed up instead of actually creating,a video for this now if we go down at,some point in this review we should have,a link where we can actually go over to,elf site just like this and guess what,type of link this is guys of course it,is an affiliate link as you can see ref,equals and then this is going to be this,guy's affiliate id so if once again we,go ahead and sign up through this review,this guy is going to get paid out for as,long as we are signed up now there is,going to be a bunch of videos like this,a bunch of websites sorry for example,elf site apps easily la la la you can,see that this is another kind of review,or tutorial piece that has been written,and once again we have an elf site link,there we go another referral link,meaning that if we sign up this guy is,going to get paid so just choose your,option guys you can either go for,youtube or creating your own review on,google now out of these two guys i would,recommend going with if you are,comfortable with showing your face,showing your voice i definitely,recommend youtube as that is far more,profitable however guys if not then you,can definitely create a link as that can,be super super profitable too so guys,that is basically how you can make money,with elfsight now if you found this,video valuable or you learned something,from this don't forget to smash that,like button and tap that subscribe,button and until next time guys take it,easy

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