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Shopify Tags Concept and Walkthrough Hey, everybody.,This is Ori from Astral Web, and I'm going to t

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

Shopify Tags Concept and Walkthrough

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what are tags on shopify catalogs

Shopify Tags Concept and Walkthrough

Hey, everybody.,This is Ori from Astral Web, and I'm going to talk to you today about Shopify tags.,So what are tags in general?,Tags are a way for the business to organize or label information to easily find it.,That's the simple concept of it.,Now because you're actually going to organize your information,,so your orders, your products, customers, etc.,,you're going to organize it in certain way, you can easily work with that information,,you can just organize it like a group or you can actually make the store function differently.,So let's show you one example and then I'll talk to you about everything you can organize,,and just give you more and more examples.,So, let's say for example, as a business owner, you want to identify,,you want to group together all of the orders that for example, were below a certain threshold.,So let's say, they are below $10.,You want to organize that and easily export that information or just look into it, etc.,So what would you do?,First of all, you would go to every single order one by one.,Let's say for example, this order and you would actually tag it.,So if you go down below right here there's a tagging. Okay?,So I would, for example, let's say this is an order of $100 and I want to make a,group for any orders that are $100.,So I can call it 100 orders.,I can just call 100 orders and I'm going to click here to add it. Okay?,And now I'm going to save it.,So what I would basically do is go to all of my orders right here.,Let's just say for example, this one and I'm also going to tag it as 100.,Now if you've created the tag the first time and you start filling it in, you'll have an autofill.,So it's easy not to make typos to make different types of tags, you're just going to click on it.,And then save.,So what you're going to do is you're going to go one by one and tag all of your stuff.,So now let's go here.,Now as far as the first type of functionality, what can you do with tags?,You can easily organize and find that information.,So if I go here and I type in 100. Okay. Then I'm going to search for 100 in all of my tags.,But what I prefer to do is go here, I type in tagged with and then type in 100 orders.,I'm going to click on it. Okay.,So now you see here that I have one order.,Now if you remember, I tag two and the reason I can only see one right now,is there's a certain lag in the tagging itself.,So usually it takes about a minute or so, or maybe two minutes in some cases,to actually showcase.,So if I go here, I'll actually refresh and now you can see it here.,So now I've made a simple way to organize it.,Now let's say if I'm searching and I want to easily find that, I can always click,on more filters, tagged with.,So let's say I want to save it and it's something I want to revisit often,,because I've already searched for it, I can actually click here say filter and I can call it,orders with $100. Okay?,And I can click on save.,When I did that now it's easily accessible next time via this section, right?,This is view all orders and this is view orders with 100.,So anytime in the future you have more orders, it's just going to be easily accessible for you.,So it's a way to organize.,That's the first part.,The second part is you can use this and actually do custom development.,You can ask your developer to go and make some kind of logic to for example,,send a different email to customers where their orders are at least $100 or cancel certain orders,,or pause them for extra fraud review if they're very high value, or any functionality you're trying to do.,So there's a lot of ways you can organize them.,Hope that makes sense.,So let's talk about what can you actually organize and tag in the system. Okay?,So we can tag a few things.,So number one, you can tag orders.,Orders include both orders and drafts.,So that's number one.,Number two is you can tag products.,So product, let's say I'd go here and it's always going to look the same, right?,You have tags right here and I can organize products.,For example, this would be all of my stickers or this would be all of my, you know, best sellers or etc.,Okay?,Now in addition, on all pages and tags, you have the view all tags.,And you can actually see all the tags that the system has and the apply tags.,So you can actually remove things, right?,For example, I want to remove it and you can organize it an easier way right here,based some popularity or,just by alphabetical order.,Okay?,So the second one is products.,The third one you can organize is you can organize your transfers, right?,So incoming stock.,You can go and you can go to a specific transfer, you can go here, put some tags, etc.,For example, urgent, right?,It's a really good tag and I click on save.,And everything you organize, you know, orders, products, etc., you're always going to be able,to search here or I can go here, filter, and I can go tagged with, and I can click on,,excuse me, urgent, right?,Same thing and you can see that, right?,So here it is.,So the third thing is transfers. Okay?,The fourth thing is customers.,This is a really valuable one especially finding a lot of things.,So you can tag your customers by the way they experience with new customer service,,if they are customers that have more, you know, zero orders, one order, multiple orders,,if they're returning customers, you can tag them based on location,,a lot of different things.,So you want to really use this in many good ways, right?,So same thing, you're going to click, you're going to scroll down, tag them for example,,they're, you know, very good customer, right?,They always, you know, they don't complain, hey don't, you know, etc., etc. Okay?,Now obviously, for tags, you can have more than one tag on an element, on an item.,Okay?,What else?,So let's just for example, maybe they're a VIP, right?,So you can have multiple. Okay?,What else can you do?,So that's the fourth one, right?,So we have orders, drafts, products, transfers, customers, and you can also do blog posts.,So if you go here and you're creating a blog post, and you create a blog post for example,,you can actually go ahead and tag them.,So tags will be able to help the customer, you know, click between one tag, see familiar articles.,Okay?,And the last thing you can do with tags are once you've actually tagged products.,So let's say this is a sticker and let's actually tag another sticker for a second.,So I've tagged this as, let's just call it, this is, you know, let's just call it,,this is a sticker and I go here.,And I'm going to actually tag the other one as a sticker.,So go back and then I click here.,And I'm going to save.,Now the last one is you can create collections automatically based on tags, right?,So I'm going to go here to collections and I'm going to create a new collection.,Let's just call it my stickers. Okay?,My stickers.,And if I go here, I can click automated. Excuse me, and I can go here to tags.,Let's go here.,Excuse me.,Product tag and it would be sticker.,Okay?,And if I go here and I save it now, my collection would have stickers.,So let's go here and let's click on view, and you can notice that both of these,are inside automatically.,So, hope this makes sense.,This is the, you know, the very simple concept.,So I'm just going to recap one more time.,You can use tags to organize your information mostly for the business,,but also if you have a developer,,you can actually make the front end look differently.,So for example, I can make certain products on the product page if they have a certain tag called sticker.,The product page could look different from products that don't have a tag sticker.,This is of course, custom development, but the one I showed a lot in this video is,to help organize, for you to organize these things, find information, organize your information,easily for access.,Hope this makes sense.,Let me know if you have any questions.,I'm happy to answer more detailed questions in the comments.,Thank you very much.,I appreciate your time, I really appreciate it.

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