what is the difference between shopify and shopify plus

Shopify vs Shopify Plus - What is the Difference? Review and Comparison: Pros and Cons How much mone


Updated on Jan 14,2023

Shopify vs Shopify Plus - What is the Difference? Review and Comparison: Pros and Cons

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what is the difference between shopify and shopify plus catalogs

Shopify vs Shopify Plus - What is the Difference? Review and Comparison: Pros and Cons

How much money do you want to make if you can  increase with a one click upsell on Shopify  ,check out your your average order volume  by 30 you just made 30 percent more money.,Hello everybody, welcome to Surge. This week,  we will talk about Shopify versus Shopify Plus,  ,and the different functionalities and pros and  cons with both options. Now, Joe, we have a bunch  ,of clients on Shopify. We have some clients on  Shopify Plus, and we get this question a lot.  ,There might be a client that is doing one  million, 1.5, $2 million on Shopify Pro  ,and they say, "Well, should I move  to Shopify Plus, is it worth it?",Why don't you tell us shortly about the  differences between the functionalities of Shopify  ,and Shopify Plus, and then we  want to talk about some of the  ,really, really important functionalities  that one should have on Shopify?,So the biggest thing that comes to mind  is the ability to optimize the checkout,  ,which we know from a conversion rate  optimization standpoint is huge.  ,Earlier, you were talking about other tax  benefits that you have using systems like  ,Avalara and things like that, that are far more  complex on Shopify Plus rather than a Shopify Pro.,Yes. So, there are different functionalities. One  of the top functionalities we've actually built  ,for Shopify Plus, you have to be on Shopify Plus  to do it because you have to edit the checkout  ,is e-signature functionality. We work with  software companies. We work with appliance  ,companies who sell warranties, where they need to  dynamically display an agreement on the checkout  ,and dynamically fill that agreement with the  product details, shipping address, customer's name  ,and last name, and to be signed in the checkout.  So that's one thing that you have to have,  ,to be able to make that functionality  possible, which is Shopify Plus.,You have post-checkout upsells that  you can do on Shopify Plus. However,  ,you don't have one-click upsells because  for the one-click upsell, you have to be  ,able to alter the checkout. You have to be  able to add custom fields to the checkout.  ,So, only Shopify Plus allows you access to the  checkout SDK. The regular Shopify does not.,As a business owner, I'm doing one to  $5 million, maybe five on the high end.  ,At what point in time is it time for me to go over  to Shopify Plus? When have I outgrown Shopify Pro?,I think that you're outgrowing Shopify Pro  at about maybe $1.5 million, but the biggest  ,issue with Shopify Plus is the price. It  has a minimum 2,000 to $2,500 per month  ,fee that you need to pay. You're thinking, "Is it  worth it just to be able to edit the checkout?"  ,What a lot of people don't  know is the fact that Shopify  ,Plus actually gives you better rates  on the credit card, so you offset.,Let's say it's $2,000 a month. That's $24,000 a  year. You can actually probably offset half of  ,that because you're going to a lower rate if you  keep your merchant account with Shopify because  ,they can give you better rates than Stripe,  Braintree, Authorize.Net, and a couple of other  ,providers for the volume that you are doing.  That's what a lot of people don't understand.,Absolutely. I would assume that  a lot of business owners are  ,hesitant to move over to Shopify Plus  mainly because of that $2,000 a month,  ,not knowing that Shopify Plus has better  rates than like you said, Stripe, Braintree,  ,et cetera. Shopify Plus gives you a lot more  freedom in terms of the type of functionality  ,you can implement and what you can customize,  and on Shopify Pro, you're more restraint.,Again, it's very important. I think Shopify  Plus is big for B2B functionalities and a lot of  ,businesses don't also know that. You can manage  multiple stores with Shopify Plus from one admin.  ,You can integrate your inventory,  and your products, and your pricing  ,from one admin. You can have multi-ship to  ,with Shopify Plus, if you're doing any kind  of gifts, if you're doing any kind of B2B.,You can put terms on your checkout, otherwise you  cannot. What if I want to create a customer group  ,and I want to give that customer group, let's call  them VIP customer group, net 30 and net 60 terms?  ,Then that in return is going to integrate with  my ERP, or with my NetSuite, or with my Zoho,  ,or whatever. So I can talk about two  any other functionalities like this.,Another one for example, is the CBD industry  just passed ... I mean, not the CBD industry,  ,but there was a law recently that was passed where  you cannot ship CBD to residential addresses.  ,You have to ship to commercial addresses.  So now you have to use a third party API,  ,and on the checkout, you have to validate if an  address is residential or commercial. If it's-,Residential.,... residential, you have to show a message  saying, "Look, we cannot ship to it. You have to  ,enter a commercial address." So, there are tons of  functionalities like this and Shopify Plus makes  ,it possible. Just being able to edit that checkout  actually opens a bunch of functionalities,  ,not to mention the fact that your website  is going to run faster because Shopify Plus  ,clients are on semi-dedicated servers.,So, we've been talking a lot about how Shopify  Plus is so much better than Shopify Pro.  ,As a business owner doing anywhere between 1.5  and above, it doesn't make sense for you to be  ,on Shopify Pro at that moment in time. When does  it make sense for a business to use Shopify pro?,If you're just selling a couple of products,  no options, you don't have any B2B,  ,you don't really need to optimize the  checkout, you're in a niche industry,  ,you don't need Shopify Plus. You don't. You're  only going to need it, and as your business  ,volume grows ... Again, how much money do  you want to make? If you can increase with  ,a one-click upsell on Shopify checkout your  average order volume by 30%, you just made 30%  ,more money. Which means if you were doing 1.5, now  you're doing two. That's a $500,000 difference.,If that functionality is available to  you, that you can build it for $5,000,  ,another $24,000 for Shopify Plus,  that's $29,000. If you ask me,  ,I'll spend $29,000 to make  half a million dollars any day.,Absolutely.,Not to mention that I'm increasing the bottom  line for the number of new client acquisitions  ,that I'm getting. This is the thing. A lot of  people look at it as an expense. They say, "Oh,  ,wow man, we're doing great. I'm not  going to spend $29,000 right now.",That's why in the earlier session, Joe was  saying, "Well, we need to be able to put an ROI,  ,a return on your investment on  any functionality and feature."  ,That's why I think Shopify Plus makes sense.,Absolutely. So, I think there you have it. If  you're a Shopify business store owner and you're  ,doing anywhere between one to $1.5 million,  it's time to make the move to Shopify Plus.

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