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Shopify UPDATE ! Avoid Chargebacks and Fraudulent orders with Shopify Protect hey guys it's the ecom


Updated on Jan 11,2023

Shopify UPDATE ! Avoid Chargebacks and Fraudulent orders with Shopify Protect

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Shopify UPDATE ! Avoid Chargebacks and Fraudulent orders with Shopify Protect

hey guys it's the ecom bull here and,today i'm bringing you fresh news,shopify has just released a new free,fraud prevention program and it's not,even a prevention program because this,is meant for when actually fraud already,happen when you get scammed and somebody,purchases something from your website,with a fraudulent card and then they,file a chargeback shopify will cover the,chargeback fees which is normally 15,plus the cost of the order and this is,free you don't have to add protection or,anything like that this is included as,long as they pay with their credit card,using the shopify pay or one of the,payment systems that they allow then you,get it if you think that this is not a,big deal well let me tell you that i,have been suffering from fraud since i,started e-commerce it doesn't matter,which platform i use and it doesn't,matter which marketplace even on amazon,i have had to pay chargeback fees for,orders that were fraudulent that their,system didn't catch i was still,responsible for it until now on shopify,or woocommerce or magento you know you,will have filters that will tell you,okay this order seems fraudulent or this,order seems legit you know sometimes you,will get an order let's say from morocco,and it's from items that you don't,really sell that often and it's a large,order you know that that's probably,fraudulent but sometimes you get orders,that are super hard to decide if it's,legit or not and then you know you just,risk it right you risk it you send the,products and then a month later you get,the charge back you lose the product you,lose the money you lose the chargeback,fees it's not pretty it's not,encouraging it's it just feels really,really bad and that is why i'm super,excited about this new feature you don't,need to set this up it is automatic but,let me show you the official,announcement and what orders what,fulfillment methods are covered alright,so this is the email that shopify sent,me i got early access but it will soon,be rolled out to all of the stores and,check this out,keep your money shopify protect the name,of the program right covers the total,order cost and chargeback fee on,fraudulent orders so your revenue,doesn't take an unexpected hit,huge,and then this is the shopify page here,you can see you know all the details and,if we look closely fulfill eligible,orders within seven days and provide,tracking number from usps ups canada,post dhl fedex or the shopify,fulfillment network so that's,the only thing you need to be eligible,for this and well of course shopify has,to tell you that it has protection and,i'm gonna show you where that will be,located so here on the orders page you,will be able to now filter and see which,orders have the shopify protection it's,still not working right now if i choose,something you know,not protected or protected or protection,active is not working you know i got,super early access but i assume that,this will start popping up there and,showing everything and also i assume,that they will add a column that has the,shopify protect,just to you know to get a little icon,here saying that hey this order is,protected and,that's it guys thank you so much for,watching all the way to the end remember,to like and subscribe if you want to,stay up to date with all the news in the,e-commerce world i'll try to keep you,posted thank you thank you thank you i'm,out

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