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HOW TO ADD CUSTOM LIQUID TO SHOPIFY | 2022 hey what's going on graduates so today,i'm going to be te


Updated on Jan 16,2023


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hey what's going on graduates so today,i'm going to be teaching you how to add,a new section to your theme that allows,you to implement custom liquid code,right from within the theme editor now,the reason why we we're doing this is,because we just found out this was an,option,now not many of you know but we uh you,know we actually develop custom shopify,themes if you want to see what those,look like head on over over to ecom, look at our portfolio we,develop custom shopify themes all day,long it's kind of what we do and we're,really good at it really good at it,anyways,a lot of our clients have been coming,back to us asking us hey uh the theme,you developed for us is it shopify 2.0,already and we're like yes why do you,ask well i'm following this tutorial as,you can see right here they're following,the tutorial and it's asking for a,custom liquid section and we were,unaware of this and we just discovered,this and we're going to teach you how to,do it for your theme if your theme is,shot by 2-minute 2.0 already you don't,have a custom liquid option well follow,along we're going to show you how to do,this,now one of the cool things of of this,feature is if you don't want to modify,your theme's actual code and you want to,just write some code within the theme,editor that's quick and easy to remove,without tarnishing the actual,theme code itself this is for you um if,you want to get more familiarized with,liquid head on over to this link the,links in the description below it shows,you all the different options that,liquid offers,and um it's very well documented it's,really easy to follow i'm going to show,you some really cool examples right now,but let's,actually get to you installing the,actual,section right,so as always you're going to want to go,to your dashboard click on online store,we're already there so typically when,you log in you'll probably see this,click on online store,wait for it to load then let's go to the,the editor right here edit code,and now what you want to do is you want,to go to,sections add new section we'll just call,this eg hyphen liquid,and then you'll have you'll have the uh,when you download it you'll have a,little text document that shows you the,code i'm just going to already have it,available so i'm just going to copy it,and and let me just actually do this now,let's see,all right,so you'll have a file,that will have the code,just like so so you'll see the code,right here all you got to do is,highlight all this ctrl c,and highlight all whoops highlight all,this code right here and then that's it,it's really that easy so then you're,going to want to go and customize it,right,let's wait for this to load,all right now you guys are getting a,little preview of certain things that,we're going to be adding and giving you,tutorials i'm using the wrong theme all,right so add section right here and you,can just type in liquid,if i learn how to spell that'd be nice,so we've got custom liquid for some,reason there's two custom liquid,sections don't know why,so now let's do a simple for loop right,so we're gonna do,assign,data equals and then we'll put it in,quotes and then we'll do let's do just,do like uh,apple,orange,banana,i can't smell it oh grapes,and i don't know uh,i don't even know fish,it's fish okay so now we got this right,here,and we're done and then we're going to,do a split,split,and we're going to split it by the,commas,and then what we're going to do is we're,going to do,uh we'll do um,for food in data,we're going to then we're gonna list out,the food,where is it there we go so now we have,orange,apple orange grapes fish and then what,we can do too is we can just do it like,a list like this or actually video we'll,do a list we'll do a uh an actual,unordered list,ul,now you can see how powerful this can,actually be,you know so you can actually go in and,do cool little patches of for your theme,without actually affecting the theme's,code the only thing you would have to do,is go in and add in the actual custom,liquid,section and you can you can add as many,of these as you want you can do a lot of,unique things with this and now you'll,be able to follow along on tutorials,that tell you oh go find the custom,liquid uh you know option in your theme,and if you don't have it well guess what,now you do and anyways guys this is,completely free i hope you enjoyed,watching this video please like comment,and subscribe and also join our facebook,group uh we're going to be we're going,to start,releasing content in there as well so,there's going to be like certain content,you can get in the group they won't be,able to get on youtube and vice versa,we're also working on a custom app we're,going to be releasing um we also,released a free theme actually um go on,to ecom you'll see up the,top in the announcement bar that there's,a free theme if you want to see a,preview of this theme check this out eg,smartshop,um now if you are if you have a password,uh on here like if you see an option,that enter a password the password is,number one and um if you actually want,this theme just click download theme,it'll bring you to our website here,which is also a shopify store and this,list lists all the features that it has,you know we've got product sliders,carousels mega menu options we've got,reactive search swatches it's very very,fast,it's a very very fast theme and it's,completely well actually it's ten,dollars um it's only ten bucks but,you know we uh why why why is there,for some reason there's a price on here,it's supposed to be free,we're good by the time you watch this,video this will be free um but we're,actually not gonna be we're not it's not,gonna be free forever we will eventually,charge something for it you know we put,a lot of time and energy into it but we,want to get people out you know a cool,theme out there for you guys i'm,stuttering over my words i'm gonna end,this video thanks for watching guys,appreciate

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