how to set up paypal on shopify

Shopify PayPal Setup everyone and welcome back to another,drop a fide video training tutorial in,thi


Updated on Jan 13,2023

Shopify PayPal Setup

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how to set up paypal on shopify catalogs

Shopify PayPal Setup

everyone and welcome back to another,drop a fide video training tutorial in,this video I'm going to show you how you,can set up PayPal in your Shopify stores,so that if your customer wants to pay,with paypal quickly and securely you can,set it up for them so let's get started,so if you already have a PayPal business,account you might want to skip a couple,of steps but this video is gonna start,from square one and we can pick up where,you're setting up the account so let's,get started,once we log into our Shopify store we go,down to the settings menu all the way at,the bottom of the left-hand menu from,there we go to payment providers and,then we look right here at the PayPal,option so this is going to set up,Express Checkout and it's going to give,your customers the option to quickly and,securely pay with PayPal so we need to,press this button that says activate,PayPal Express Checkout and so like I,said I don't have a PayPal business,account yet so I'm gonna set one up with,tropi fied,and I'm going to set all this up and we,will jump ahead so here you choose what,your business is I'm just gonna go with,individual,and I'm gonna say my store is home goods,durable goods and then you estimate your,sales,let me get really ambitious and say more,than a million dollars now I'm gonna go,on the low end and I'm gonna choose that,I don't have a website but if you do,have a website you can say you do so,from here you start putting in some,personal information again I'm gonna,skip ahead until the next step just to,hide my info and so once you input the,information it's going to process and we,can go back to Shopify,and that's how you set up fast and,secure checkout with PayPal in your,Shopify store so if you set up your,PayPal business account with this,tutorial don't forget to go into your,email and confirm your account setup and,then make sure you set up all of your,bank accounts and routing numbers so,that way once people start making orders,with the PayPal button you can get your,payouts as often as you want sent to the,correct account or else they're just,gonna be living in PayPal and as cool as,PayPal is you probably want the money in,your real bank account so that's gonna,pretty much do it for this video thank,you so much for watching if you like the,video be sure to leave a thumbs up on it,if you never want to miss a video of,ours you can always press the subscribe,button and then go to the Bell icon next,to it and select it to make sure you,never miss one of our uploads lastly if,you want to request a video or have a,question about anything that we covered,in here make sure to leave it in a,comment down below and that way we can,be sure to answer it and get you the,help you need or just add your video,request to the list but besides that,that's gonna do it for this video thank,you so much for watching,have a great rest of your day

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