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Etsy Vs Shopify: Which Should You Choose? hey guys welcome back to my channel if,you are new here he

Lauren Thurmond

Updated on Jan 18,2023

Etsy Vs Shopify: Which Should You Choose?

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Etsy Vs Shopify: Which Should You Choose?

hey guys welcome back to my channel if,you are new here hey hey hello my name,is lauren,i constantly get questions about lauren,should i sell an etsy or should i be,selling on shopify i literally get like,shopify commenting on ton of my tick,tock videos on my etsy tips then they're,like ooh peep shopify ooh you need a,site for shopify so many people assume,that i am not a fan of shopify and i 100,disagree i'm a big fan of all small,businesses and selling on any platform,of your choosing however,i have a lot of knowledge in etsy and,that's why i share a lot of knowledge,about etsy i do also have a lot of,knowledge about shopify because i have,also sold on shopify for my own personal,small business and i've also sold on wix,as well but in this specific video today,we are going to be talking about whether,or not you should be selling on etsy or,on shopify now this could also pertain,to really any outside selling platform,whether it is wordpress wix squarespace,shopify pretty much any kind of platform,that you can sell your own products on,it all kind of pertains to that but for,this video most people like to choose,between etsy or shopify let's talk about,some questions you should be asking,yourself to figure out which one is best,for you so without further ado let's go,ahead and jump on into it the first,question you should ask yourself is are,you a beginner at selling a product are,you just starting out a small business,if your answer is yes my recommendation,for you is going to be to start on etsy,etsy is a really great platform for new,sellers and people who are just starting,their brand because etsy does in fact,promote your product through their,website which already has a very large,following with millions of shoppers,however if you are not a new small,business and say you have already been,selling on another platform or you have,been selling through a social media,platform or even in person and you have,a slight,following or brand already that you've,built up,then no i would likely not go with etsy,and you should probably shoot for,selling on your own website because you,already have the experience and because,you already kind of have that business,built up you understand really what it,takes in order to focus on bringing your,own traffic to sell on your own website,now this is not to say that if you start,out on etsy you cannot switch over to,shopify or to do both if you think that,having both would be worthwhile for you,and you're ready to make that time and,investment then 100 go for it i also,just think that you know you can build,up an etsy shop over time and then move,it over to your own website like shopify,and that is also a really great choice,question number two do you already have,a following and a strong brand built,if you already have a large following,and you kind of created that and you are,already drawing traffic through your,different marketing purposes then your,own website is going to be the most,beneficial for you because you'll end up,actually paying less in fees than you,would over on etsy but when you're just,getting started and you have no idea,what you're doing you might not be,marketing at all or if you just want to,get a couple of sales then yeah xt is,going to be your better choice even,though they're going to take out some,different fees and prices and things,like that,it's not going to be that much and you,probably really won't even notice a ton,of it to be fair because you're going to,end up making more,in sales through etsy pushing your item,on their website than you would if you,had your own website and you had to do,all the work by yourself because no one,is driving their traffic to your website,for you,see already has a massive crowd of fans,and customers who shop on their website,and look for things and they're driving,those people straight to your shop for,you the third question you should be,asking yourself is do you plan on,growing your business over the long,period of time,or do you plan on just doing this for,fun or for a hobby if you're doing this,for fun and for a hobby i would just,recommend sticking with etsy it's going,to be a lot more simple easier to use,very user-friendly and again they're,going to drive some of that traffic for,you and you won't have to do a ton of,outside work unless you really want to,if you do however want to build your,brand and your business and truly grow,it into this big beautiful successful,brand in business,i would recommend eventually getting,your own website you can start on etsy,build your brand build your business and,then slowly navigate over into your own,website and then eventually leave etsy,all together if you want or have a,combination of both i personally have,both for one of my small businesses and,i just find that it's fine because i,still get a ton of sales on etsy through,their website and i still get a ton of,my own sales from people that i drive my,own traffic from but if you're planning,on building your own brand and business,over time it's extremely beneficial to,you to have your own website it allows,you to look a lot more professional it,allows people to really trust you as a,business and a brand and if you ever,want to build it to a point they're,going to be able to sell that business,say for example which is totally,possible you will need to have your own,website you cannot just be selling on,etsy and then try and sell that to,someone it doesn't work like that so you,will need to have your own actual,website and somewhere that you are,building traffic to plus having your own,website there is like a ton of different,tools and things that you can implement,that are really beneficial to you as a,small business owner for example you can,typically attach a blog to your website,or you could also collect emails through,pop-ups or whatever so that you can,start growing things like your email,list and all that kind of stuff too,plus,plus,we know etsy is sometimes notorious for,closing people's shops or,deleting their accounts and things like,that because it happens sometimes people,don't follow rules or something happens,or there's a miscommunication between,you and etsy and if you don't have your,own website either as a backup or,something that is already thriving then,you completely lose that income from,etsy and this is like the number one,thing that scares me the most about etsy,in my opinion is that,sometimes you don't know if this is,going to happen to you and although you,can follow all the rules and things like,that and do your best to follow every,rule and guideline sometimes things just,happen and there's really no explanation,for it this has happened to me before,where,one of my accounts i guess was like,connected to an old card or something,and i got charged for it and it like,shut down all of my accounts and i,freaked out because i was losing all,that income and that is a very important,part of my,personal life and income and you know,it's a very important subject you have,to kind of keep those things in mind,that,etsy owns your website when you're,selling with them they own that if,you're selling on etsy they own that and,they have the right to take it away at,any time if you own your own website and,you're selling on a platform like,shopify or something like that then,you can't really take that away from you,that is your own website that is your,own brand and there is no,worries that something is going to,happen to it because etsy could be gone,tomorrow for all we know and then there,might be another platform that we all,have to learn or something like that you,having your own website will always give,you that kind of sense of comfort that,if something were to happen to your etsy,store and website then you always have,that to fall back on and to continue to,sell on your last question you need to,be asking yourself is do you want to be,responsible for driving a hundred,percent of the traffic to your business,if your answer is no and you don't want,to do any of that extra work like social,media and marketing and things like that,go with etsy because you're going to be,able to make sales without doing those,things and you can still have a very,successful shop without doing any of,that excess outside traffic however if,you want to make more money and you want,to make money faster,then having your own website or driving,your own outside traffic even to your,etsy shop is one of the most beneficial,things that you can do for your brand,and for your business and when you own,your own website,you have to do that 100 of the time,shopify is not like etsy where people,can go to and search for,different products that people sell,no they don't do that that's how etsy,works people can go on and type,in what they want and come up with a ton,of different shops because shopify is,not doing that you're being responsible,driving all your own traffic whether,that's through social media whether that,is through ads or whether that's through,an in-person experience and shopping and,then converting people to your website,these are all things that you could,potentially have to do in order to help,drive the traffic to your business and,you just need to be mentally prepared,for that if that's what you're going to,choose because it can take some time to,build that up question of the day for,you guys which one of these do you think,you're going to go with do you want to,sell an etsy or do you want to sell on a,platform like shopify or do you want to,sell on both and maybe make a little,more money let me know down below in the,comment section i can't wait to hear,from you guys i'll be responding to all,of your comments right here on the,screen for you guys i'm going to be,linking another video that i think,you'll find helpful as well as an entire,playlist full of other etsy related tips,and tricks you're also going to find my,subscribe button down here at the bottom,so you guys can stick around for more,videos i upload every tuesday and every,friday and without further ado guys that,brings us to the end thank you so much,for watching i will see you all in my,next one bye guys

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