how to add po box to shopify

How to choose the best business address for your Shopify store subscribe to our channel bpm helps yo


Updated on Jan 16,2023

How to choose the best business address for your Shopify store

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How to choose the best business address for your Shopify store

subscribe to our channel bpm helps you,start and run your remote business,how to choose your shopify store's,business address,launching a shopify store is an exciting,milestone for a remote business you've,done your research and you're ready to,start selling but there's only one major,roadblock standing in your way you lack,a physical business address,when setting up your shopify store,you'll be required to list a business,address that'll be used for merchant and,payment accounts customer returns,and any public elements of your shopify,store like your contact page,so how do you protect your address on,your shopify store,here are the three main options you can,choose from,listing your home address,using a po box,and obtaining a virtual mailbox,let's take a closer look at each address,option using your home address,though you can use your home address,when opening your shopify store it's not,recommended for one big reason,privacy,the business address associated with,your shopify account will also be listed,as your business's designated return,address,so anyone who returns a package will be,able to access it,imagine hearing your doorbell ring to,find angry customers outside demanding a,refund,not exactly a pleasant scenario if you,aren't comfortable with sharing your,home address with your customers,and are looking to create a barrier,between your business and personal life,a p.o box would be a better option to,protect your privacy,let's take a closer look into a p.o box,while a po box hides your home address,and helps protect your personal,information it's still not the most,ideal choice for your remote business,one major problem when using a po box is,reduces your credibility,customers may notice a po box listed,and consider it a red flag and there are,several other issues you may run into,when using a po box for your shopify,store,these include,shipping and courier limitations,po boxes can only receive mail-in,packages shipped via usps this means if,you need to use another courier service,like ups or fedex you'll need an,additional address,size limitations,staying on top of your mail and package,volume is vital when using a po box,to prevent your po box from overflowing,you'll have to drive to your po box,location on a regular basis,this wastes time and it's not feasible,for many remote business owners,shopify payments,simply a po box is not an accepted,physical address and cannot be used as,your business address so what's left,i saved the best for last,there's an ideal address solution,a virtual mailbox,how,by choosing to use vpn virtual mailboxes,you'll get a real address attached to a,commercial office that gives you big,perks,giving you that extra layer of anonymity,so you can protect your privacy while,maintaining a professional business,image to increase your credibility our,virtual mailboxes are located in,prestigious areas where customers will,feel safe and secure when shopping with,you and because a virtual mailbox will,allow you to receive mail and packages,from any courier like ups fedex and usps,it reigns supreme over a po box,best of all there's no need for you to,ever drive to a po box location to,manage your mail and packages,with a virtual mailbox,everything can be managed online,so what business address should you pick,for your shopify store,if you don't mind exposing your privacy,your home address will work if you're,expecting mail and packages from usps,only and don't mind too much about,professionalism just privacy a p.o box,will work,if you want privacy protection a,professional business image and the,ability to get all items from all,careers,consider a virtual mailbox,use vpn check out the links in the,description below before you go don't,forget to check out all related videos,and articles from our channel and if you,have any more questions or things you,want to know,leave a comment in this video,learn more

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