how to promote shopify store on instagram

How to Market Your Shopify Store On Instagram 2022 what's going on everyone it's Jamie here,from Sho

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How to Market Your Shopify Store On Instagram 2022

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How to Market Your Shopify Store On Instagram 2022

what's going on everyone it's Jamie here,from Shopify masterclass and today we're,going to be looking at Instagram,marketing for your Shopify store now,it's a very subtle thing here as you,don't want to be blasting your customers,with your product can take a while to,build out but overall it can be an,excellent channel to advertise your,products the platform just has massive,reach here and it can be great to build,up your social media channels so rather,than having to pay to reach out to your,followers you can simply post on your,Instagram account get your followers,coming to youth organically through,their Instagram feed so how we're going,to go over Instagram marketing today is,by taking a look at five Instagram,accounts that do e-commerce marketing,really well we'll look at what makes,these accounts special what they're,doing that you should be doing for your,own Instagram account and so we'll try,to cross-reference all of them to take a,look at what they do best so make sure,you stay to the end of the video here,now before I dive into it I just want to,thank our sponsor profit calc the one,click profit calculator app available on,the Shopify app store it's gonna allow,you to skip your spreadsheets and get,back to Growing your Shopify store with,real-time calculation it comes with a 15,day free trial and there's a a link in,the description below and I'm also going,to show a quick video detailing their,full feature set are you a Shopify,business owner who spends hours doing,your accounting have messy spreadsheets,kept you from growing your business,discover profit cap the affordable and,easy to set up Shopify app that crunches,your numbers in just one click it,automatically syncs with all your,accounts and expenses to calculate your,profit displaying everything in an easy,to read dashboard so you understand your,business in real time start for free on,the Shopify app store today so let's,dive into Instagram marketing app let's,take a look at our first account that,does it really well and that's going to,be cup sheet so off the top here you can,see they're extremely popular with 1.1,million followers have an amazing follow,a show here with only 334 following and,around 4 000 posts as you know with,setting up your Instagram account,there's not a lot of room to show what,your brand is about so instead they,chose to do a slogan so living life on,the beach and they added a couple of,hashtags here as well including their,own cup sheet as well as cupshi crew and,just Add Water they're also linking to,another one of their accounts here but,click two it's kind of sharing the,populator of one account to the other,account as you're going to be clicking,through so trying to grow this second,account along with this first one then,we see a call to action most Instagram,accounts are going to have this as you,have one link here usually it's going to,be something such as a link tree we can,post multiple links it could link,directly to your Shopify store but you,want to have a call to action typically,there are down arrows as well to point,that length to draw the customer's,attention down another thing is to count,does well is its stories you can see,here I can place a placeholder image on,top of these story sections so you can,categorize them into different ones so,you can see Miami pop-up La pop-up new,in so a customer who's looking at this,page and start clicking into these,different stories to learn more about,the brand separated by categories next,let's take a look at their Instagram,post so let's just click on one of the,top ones here we can see they are,linking to their products but it's not,just going to be an image of the product,here it's going to be an influencer,wearing the product or a model wearing,the product here they actually have a,call to action saying sign up for the,email list to get a first look at the,cup sheet times tabria Majors collection,they're also going to use hashtags,you're not going to throw 40 hashtags,here to description they're just gonna,have three ones mainly just talking,about the brand title if we take a look,at some of their other posts here this,one isn't related to their products at,all it's actually from someone else,called blush Boutique box It just fits,the aesthetic of the brand the style,they're gonna look for and so you're,going to want to vary your post between,just general photos and specific product,photos you can have ones calling for a,specific call to action but it's all,about creating interesting and relevant,content to your followers here related,to what your products sell next let's,take a look at Dr Squatch it's a natural,manly soap and personal care product,brand made in the USA that Duty stay,clean and hashtag squash Nation so we,can see from the description here they,chose to describe what this product is,about as you're not going to really know,just by looking at Dr squash so you can,see in their story section they've,chosen to feature different product,lines so if we click into one of them,it's going to be their deodorant brand,and then showing something like a live,event they're simply advertising their,products here in a very easy to digest,manner so they use that top section to,do the advertising as every customer is,going to see this when they first click,on their Instagram page and they've,separated into categories nice sleep,they also have hats they had Star Wars,theme products was different perks if we,take a look into some of their posts,here and it's very meme heavy so if we,go to the first one when she goes,through her phone but she all she finds,is two gigabytes of Dr Squatch memes,here's one saying what people think when,I sell soap and here's an actual,advertisement for a product so they're,varying it between different memes and,different products here you can see,quite a few memes they're all meant to,be engaging and funny here building up,that Brand's personality your Instagram,page is a great way to do that as many,people are on social media not to,purchase products today to kill some,time or enjoy their time scrolling,through their feeds here so we're gonna,make a lot of your content engaging as,well so throwing some different,promotions here so you can see you can,get two free grapefruit ones one,purchasing a pack of four they're saying,link and bio so they're having their,call to actions and their posts overall,a great example of Instagram marketing,for their eCommerce product next let's,take a look at secret lab so you can see,here in the description they have a link,tree and this is going to link to,several different things for their store,so they have a different giveaway you,can see different collections as well as,their store here link trees are a great,way because there's only one link you,can have in your Instagram description,which can show quite a few Links at once,we take a look at their posts here we,can see they're doing quite a bit of,advertising for their products they're,having their products featured in really,nice imagery this is a new Naruto,collection they're also talking about an,Esports team here called Evil Geniuses,and you can see they're all war using,secret Labs chairs as well so more of a,subtle advertisement as well as some,very direct ones here and overall secret,lab sells cool looking products related,to games that people love so we can see,a ton of collaborations here so I think,it's easier to get this content across,as it's content people like and can,relate to we can see this one's,Assassin's Creed so you may like to see,this even if you're not purchasing a,product as it's a cool image to show,next let's take a look at gymshark where,they have 5.8 million followers,following 127 people but as with all,these Brands here we can see they're,posting quite a bit we'll take a look at,the frequency This Woman's posted 19,hours ago one day ago two days ago three,days ago so it looks like once a day,here so they're constantly creating,content we can see for their stories,here they've categorized them with the,same looking icons in the same theme get,a sense of brand consistency these are,some of the bigger Brands don't need,huge descriptions as most consumers are,already aware of them so we take a look,at through their posts it's going to be,a little meme heavy we have different,videos there's also just gonna be a lot,of videos of people lifting as this is a,gym apparel brand for people flexing,this guy's sifting 500 kilograms or over,1100 pounds which is just a ton of,weight but overall it's gonna be very,related and tied to the apparel they,sell and it's going to be gym apparel so,I'm going to have tons of Fitness posts,relating to that it's all kind of,featuring their products as well as a,lot of these people are wearing gymshark,apparel but it's very subtle in overall,they really know what they're doing here,lastly let's take a look at Mouse case,they have 260 000 followers known as,many posts around 655 in the description,they went for a very short one to Live,Without Limits it doesn't really relate,to what they sell it's more of a slogan,here so it's not a description of the,brand but they chose to make things very,simple with just a link to their website,as well if we take a look at their,stories and reels they separate into,different categories Partners Evolutions,iPhone 13 as well as featuring different,case lines if we take a look at their,posts many of them just feature images,of the product phones are aesthetically,cool these cases look cool as well so,they're okay with featuring a lot of,their product imagery we can see they've,done just a few shoots here and they've,posted quite a few times on it so they,went to this Google shoot they posted,that into several posts here so they're,taking the same content and,redistributing it from different angles,we did some marketing stunts here where,they're Bungie jumping with the cases so,they're featuring how protective they,are and overall they're running just,different promotions at different case,lines as well all to promote the product,is at the end of the day with any of,these eCommerce Pages they're really,just trying to get consumers to click on,that link Google search their brand so,they can sell more content and so you,just want to draw that line between,engaging as well as selling you don't,always want to be selling you want to,have that mix there this concludes the,video on Instagram marketing we looked,at five really good examples of,Instagram accounts and how they Market,their Instagram Pages if you enjoyed,this video I would love it so much if,you hit that like And subscribe button,below if you have any questions leave a,comment and lastly I want to mention our,sponsor profit calc again the one click,profit calculator app available on the,Shopify App Store comes with a 15 day,free trial there's a link in description,below to access that trial there thank,you so much for watching and I'll see,you in our next video

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