what is a good conversion rate on shopify

How To 4X Your Shopify Conversion Rate in 2023 so what you're about to learn is not,just the framewo

Chase Chappell

Updated on Jan 18,2023

How To 4X Your Shopify Conversion Rate in 2023

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How To 4X Your Shopify Conversion Rate in 2023

so what you're about to learn is not,just the framework for Shopify,conversion rates that has generated,hundreds of millions of dollars on,Shopify but has generated billions of,dollars on shopbot it's more than just a,four-phase step process that shows you,how to add an extra six figure seven,figures or more with your shop by store,instead these are the techniques that,will disrupt your Market turn your shop,by store into a cash converting machine,and only make your competition envy and,today I'm going to show you how to take,full advantage of that so let's get,started so now we're going to be,covering the Shopify conversion rate,optimization course the first thing we,want to focus on is simplifying the user,experience it only takes .05 seconds for,a customer to form a first impression of,your website that is less than a second,and less than a point one second in fact,that's 50 milliseconds only for somebody,to decide whether or not they like your,website trust it feel that they want to,shop on it or not so you have to be able,to capture their attention quite,immediately in order for them to be able,to be willing to click on other links on,your site to actually purchase and 86 of,all website visitors want to see,information about your products on the,home page lots of you don't even list,your product to be purchased on your,home page and it's not very visual or,you can't even see your products on your,home page in some cases that is,definitely hindering performance and,then 88 of consumers Trust online,reviews so if you don't have reviews on,your website you're definitely going to,want them and user generated content,results in 29 higher conversion four,sites with it than those without it,essentially what that means is is having,content of people who've actually,purchased your product on your website,this can definitely help with your,conversion rate and your conversion rate,is essentially when somebody visits your,website purchases you want to know what,that conversion rate number is and on,average conversion rates for e-commerce,sites around 2.86 percent on Shopify and,for new store owners it's normal to be,around a 1 to 2 percent conversion rate,and that is because initially you don't,have all the information about your,product listed yet maybe you haven't,added any other conversion rate factors,that increase that you might not have,reviews yet these are going to be things,that we're going to be covering today so,that way you can understand exactly what,you need to add to your website so that,way you can increase the overall sales,and conversion rates so some of the,things you want to focus on are having a,banner at the top at all times this is,where you can have important call outs,around free shipping we know free,shipping is an offer that people love,and if they can get free shipping,whether it's free shipping after fifty,dollars or after seventy five dollars or,after a hundred dollars as long as,you're offering free shipping to some,degree whether it's incentivize or if,you apply it across site wide it's,definitely going to help increasing your,conversion rate because when people add,your product to cart and then they find,out they have to pay for shipping,they're less likely to convert thus,decreasing your conversion rate it's,also a good spot to house your special,offer so in their case all birds put for,limited time up to fifty percent off,select style this is the banner at the,top at all times it is a super valuable,way to deliver information and it's,definitely going to help you increase,your shop by conversion rate then you're,going to want to add reviews if you have,them this will definitely increase the,trust it's going to make it easier for,people to you know be able to see,exactly what others are saying so that,way they can purchase then you're going,to want to make sure that if your,product has sizes colors selections you,want to make it easy to use you want to,have color swatches that are visual you,want to make the sizing very clear your,size guides all compact very,understandable on one line if possible,and then keep your description concise,and clear describe exactly what you're,selling include all the information,necessary for somebody you want to,purchase if you only have one or two,bullets that might not be enough,information or if you have 50 bullets,that might be too much and there's,probably a better way to organize it,and make sure to have additional details,so many people miss out on a product,description they show their product but,sometimes they don't even understand,that the consumer might not even know,what it is or how to use it so you're,going to want to put additional,information in there this is also where,you can share you know the size guide if,you have one this is where you can share,your shipping information so people know,how long it takes the return policy the,refund policy the policies that are,important for people to make a decision,to purchase because they want to know,what happens after if they don't like it,and then having special offers to,capture email these are through form,pop-ups on your website where you can,enter in your email and get a special,offer this is how you build your email,list another factor for increasing,Shopify conversion rates an inconsistent,branding throughout a lot of times,people have a very Base website it's,just on a white background which is,totally fine but their branding is,clashing it has different colors that,just don't mix together they have you,know colors all over the place nothing,really flows images are different sizes,their logo is in random places and and,they just really don't have a cohesive,brand that flows through wow and then,finally you're going to want to have,automatic geolocation for language and,currency if you sell to different,countries this is important because a,lot of times people in the UK will try,to Target the us but then they don't,know that the location is different so,therefore when somebody pulls open their,website it shows their UK pricing when,in reality it should show the US pricing,vice versa if you're in the US and,selling elsewhere you're going to want,to make sure you have a way to,automatically know where their location,is to show that Dynamic currency and,here's an example of what it can look,like over the course of a few months,when you're optimizing to increase your,conversion rates let's say for example,on month one you make your branding very,consistent you add product descriptions,you add in shipping information about,how long it takes what they can expect,how to contact you trust badges in the,form of payment in the form of actually,listing secure checkout these types of,things definitely help increase your,conversion rate and an example of this,would be you're averaging a 2.7 six,percent conversion rate which isn't bad,and then by month three now that you've,had some customers and you're getting,product reviews you're able to list,those and that's going to help lift your,overall conversion rate and now because,you have enough people adding to cart,you're sending out email sequences and,SMS cart recovery and because people,signed up for special offers but maybe,they didn't purchase they just gave you,your email well you can send out a blast,email to get them to buy thus increasing,conversion rates even further and now,that you start to understand your sales,data you're able to analyze it and say,hey we're going to run a specific offer,that we know is going to convert on this,day which increases your conversion rate,and then cart goals which is free,shipping after 75 dollars so maybe they,add multiple items to cart they get the,free shipping and now they're more,likely to go through and having a skip,card a lot of times people take people,to a page a cart page and it's just,friction rather than having a drawer,cart or slide cart and then let's say by,month six you're getting a 5.62,conversion rate and now your product,tagging which is saying these products,are the best sellers these are our new,arrivals because you are moving,inventory around you're doing drops in,your product tagging and highlighting,what your best offers are on your home,page you show your best sellers you have,a tab for best sellers you have a tab,for new arrivals because now you have,returning customers coming back you have,new customers that are buying your best,items because you know which one,converts so you're showing the best item,to them and then you have ugc content,because people are now posting on social,media you can see where this starts to,turn into a flywheel and takes you out,of the average crowd and puts you into,the top one percent crowd where you're,able to successfully convert lots of,users as they hit your website because,you're gaining this content now that you,can put on your website you can have an,Instagram feed of people who purchase,your product thus increasing your,conversion rates and then having,multiple payment options maybe you're,offering a way to split up payments for,people making it easier for them to buy,you're incentivizing in this case and,then let's get down to month nine where,you have Dynamic returning customer,product feeds what do I mean by that,essentially somebody visiting your,website after they've already purchased,before and you're showcasing products,that are new to them or you're matching,a product that they already purchased,before with a new product that you have,and this can really help increase your,conversion rate because it's more,Dynamic and now you're focusing on,boosting your page speeds which,definitely have an impact on your actual,conversion rate so you're definitely,going to want to make sure that you're,optimizing all of these things on,Shopify if you want to increase this,conversion rate and then by month 12 a,7.3 conversion rate you've added in,model info size guides that are very,clear you have segmented offers from,emails you're sending and then when,people are visiting your website you're,showing custom segmented offers based,off of if they've been a customer before,or if they're returning or if they,visited your site once and then return a,second time but they hadn't purchased,still yet and then cartoncentives to,incentivize them to purchase maybe your,offering a free gift if they get over,150 and if they hit 250 you're offering,reward points these are things that keep,customers coming back and shopping with,you multiple times and so how can you,maximize your overall conversion rates,well you can do so with the debutify,theme the link is below this YouTube,video and with the beautify you can use,car upsells they have all of these apps,built into their theme and I highly,recommend to use it if you don't already,you can add in upsells where it actually,showcases where you can actually add in,say socks if you sell shoes now you can,pair that with socks getting more people,to purchase cart goal one dollar away,from free shipping so now they're more,incentivized to add another item to cart,thus increasing your Revenue improving,your profit margins allowing you to get,more sales more product and get more,customers and then they have things like,delivery time which lots of customers,are always fixated on when's my product,gonna arrive there's some excitement,around that you want to have information,on that so that way you can display an,approximate date around where they're,located product image crop we know if,the images are 1080 by 1080 squared up,and perfectly cropped and aren't varying,in size it's definitely going to help,with your conversion rate so you're,going to want to make sure to format all,your product images into the same ratio,this is all stuff that the beautify,theme covers and I highly recommend to,check it out and adding your Instagram,feed like we're talking about the ugc,content that improves your conversion,rates for sure so definitely make sure,to check out this offer to beautify is,giving away a free 14-day trial plus 20,off for three months if you decide to,use their actual theme and you can apply,all of these add-ons without having to,get all these different apps all in one,single theme so definitely make sure to,claim my gift by clicking the link below,this video if you want to use this theme,now these are the exact tactic,strategies and techniques that you can,apply to your Shopify store just like we,do with our clients to get incredible,results and we use this with six seven,and eight figure Brands to be able to,successfully scale their sales and,increase their conversion rates on,Shopify and we cover this in depth in,our ads now Mastery one-on-one,mentorship where we work with you,one-on-one going over your Facebook ads,Tick Tock ads Tick Tock organic strategy,your Shopify conversion rate how to,optimize your landing pages whether,you're in Legion or e-commerce so that,way you can increase your volume of,converting and be able to see awesome,sales days so if you want to get access,to the one-on-one ads Mastery mentorship,and see if it makes sense for you make,sure to book a call with our team and,myself and you can do so by clicking the,link below this video or dming me the,word mentor on Instagram at real Chase,chapel and when you come into our doors,not only are we going to help you scale,with Facebook Tick Tock and Instagram,ads but we're going to go over organic,strategies and optimize your site with,you so that way it's the best converting,one possible so that way you can be on,track to be doing six seven or even,eight figures with your brand in just a,little bit of time now I do want to be,very transparent this is an invite only,program not everybody gets accepted and,we want to make sure that we only work,with the best and people who are,actually serious about their business so,we do have limited number of spots,available so definitely make sure to,book a call to see if it's the right fit,I hope you really enjoyed this video,make sure to give it a like And,subscribe it's your favorite digital,marketer here at Chase Chapel cheers and,bye all

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