how to fulfill dropshipping orders on shopify

How To Fulfill Orders With AliExpress | Shopify Dropshipping 2023 so congratulations hopefully you'r

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

How To Fulfill Orders With AliExpress | Shopify Dropshipping 2023

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how to fulfill dropshipping orders on shopify catalogs

How To Fulfill Orders With AliExpress | Shopify Dropshipping 2023

so congratulations hopefully you're,watching this video because you just got,your first sale on Shopify and now,you're wondering how the heck do you,ship that product out to your customer,and if you haven't got your first sale,yet but you want to be prepared for when,you do well you're still welcome here,welcome to my channel my name is Baird,and this is Baird business and in,today's video I'm going to show you,exactly how you can fulfill your first,order on Shopify and get it delivered to,your customer this is going to be a,quick how-to video guide for beginners,so if you already know how to ship out,your orders keep an eye out on my,channel because I'll be posting a new,video in the next couple days so first,things first you're going to need to,have three things one the de-esser's app,installed to your Shopify store to an,AliExpress account and three the,de-esser's Google Chrome extension,installed having these three things,makes the entire process so much easier,so if you don't have an AliExpress,account or you haven't installed dssers,onto your Shopify store or installed the,Google Chrome extension pause this video,really quickly open a new tab and do,that and then come back to this video,but if you have that then we're good to,go de-essers is the app that we're going,to use to connect our Shopify Store to,our AliExpress account to ship our,customers their products this is all,very simple and easy to follow also if,you have any questions whatsoever please,comment down below and I'll be,responding to every single comment in,question now if you added your product,to your Shopify store through the,de-esser's app this process is going to,be much easier but if you added the,product manually through the Shopify,product tab then we just need to sync,the product to the DSs app it takes no,time and I'm going to show you really,quickly while I'm doing this just in,case those who don't have the product,set up through dssers can follow along,now that we covered that let me hop into,my computer and let's get started you,can see on my Shopify store I have one,product right here the spine deck this,is the product I'm going to be showing,you I added this manually through my,products tab so we need to sync this,product to the de-esser's app and get,these orders shipped out I've gone ahead,and created some test orders that need,to be fulfilled to walk you through the,process so let me go to the de-esser's,app right here click on apps de-essers,and we will sync the product and our,orders to the store so we're going to go,over here to the my products tab,you can see that there are no products,on the DSs app so nothing is synced as,of yet but we just need to click on,import Shopify products and we can see,our product right here let's select that,and then click on import and then boom,we have a green check right here we can,exit out of that and we have our product,mapped to our deacers app now what we,need to do is connect the app to,AliExpress so we can ship out these,products so in another tab I have the,AliExpress URL for the product open I'm,going to copy the URL right here on top,of the page I'm going to go back to the,DSs app and click this button right here,the variance mapping button,click on marketplaces,and we're going to click on standard,we're not going to do basic we're going,to do standard because we have multiple,variants different colors we have blue,and purple,so I'm going to click on standard I'm,going to turn it on,confirm,and right here for blue I'm going to,paste the URL of the product,paste on AliExpress and I'm going to,click this little arrow key right here,and I'm going to select blue because,that's the blue color variant submit and,I'm going to do the same thing for the,purple variant click on purple submit,save and we have successfully synced our,product so you can see right here it is,connected to AliExpress so I forgot I,already fulfilled those three orders so,I created a new test order to show you,how it works if we go to the open orders,you'll see we now have one order,awaiting to be shipped and this is the,order that has not been fulfilled yet,the other orders have been fulfilled you,can see right here fulfilled this is,where there will go once the order is,shipped out but we have to take care of,this one right now now you can see right,here it says there's no shipping method,applied to this order don't worry about,that Arrow right there we're going to,select our shipping method right here so,we're going to scroll down and click on,shipping method and these are all the,shipping methods that the supplier in,AliExpress offers you can see that these,are really expensive 64. 59 nobody's,going to pay that much it's way too,expensive so we're going to use the,AliExpress standard shipping you can see,right here it takes 22 days which is a,long time but it's not the end of the,world I would seriously recommend you do,not use AliExpress for longer than you,absolutely need to once you find a,product that's working and you're,getting some steady orders five to ten a,day reach out to a sourcing agent and,get your product Source a sourcing agent,will be able to get you 7 to 14 day,shipping worldwide cheaper product costs,better quality control custom packaging,and branding on your products and much,much more I have a sourcing agency, and we do all of that,we ship worldwide 7 to 14 days we can,save you money especially if you're,using zendrop or CJ Drop Shipping we can,save you a bunch of money on your,product cost alone we've been around for,four years now we've shipped out,millions of dollars with the products,every single year and we work with some,of the biggest names in the industry our,only sourcing requirement is five to ten,orders per day so if you meet that,requirement head to our website, and fill out a free,quote request we will get back to you,within 24 to 48 hours on a quote for,your product I'd say about 85 percent of,people who reach out to us we can save,them money and get them faster shipping,times so it's a win-win but for now,de-essers and AliExpress is a great,alternative so I'm going to click on,AliExpress standard shipping click,confirm since we already have an,AliExpress account and we're logged into,it all we need to do to complete this,order is go down to here and click on,order and now you're going to have two,options basically you're gonna have the,option to order via API place the order,in the DSs app or you can use a Google,Chrome extension that we installed and,fulfill the order on AliExpress but,we're going to need to go to AliExpress,regardless after this to pay for our,order right now I'm going to show you,how it's done in the DSs app and then,I'll make another test order to show you,how it's done with the Google Chrome,extension so we've selected that go over,here to confirm,cost us ten dollars we're selling this,product for thirty dollars so that's 20,profit and our order is being placed,right here successfully placed one order,now you can see that has left the,awaiting order Tab and moved to the,awaiting payment tab so let's click on,that,and here we go this is our one product,that's awaiting payment I'll click on,make payment it'll bring us to,AliExpress to our orders tab here is,where you can pay for your product so,you can also view the order details,right here view the customer information,the shipping address all that stuff just,to make sure the customer's address is,the same as a customer address on file,but it's going to be the same regardless,so let's go back to here and click on,pay now now I already have a payment,method attached so I'm going to click on,my card and click pay now,and it's that simple we've now processed,the order and now it's being shipped to,the customer it's going to take a couple,days for the order to be processed,packaged and then get ready to be,shipped and it takes a couple hours for,the payment to be verified so if I go,back here to orders tab you'll see,payment being verified once the payment,is verified your product will move from,a waiting payment to a waiting shipment,and then once it's shipped it'll move,from a waiting shipment to awaiting,fulfillment and then once it's fulfilled,and delivered to the customer it'll be,moved from awaiting fulfillment to,fulfilled once your product is shipped,you will receive a tracking number from,AliExpress and you can send that,tracking code to your customer via email,confirmation and your customer can then,use that tracking number to figure out,when their product is going to be,delivered so it's really that simple the,process is very straightforward and it's,a lot less complicated than a lot of,people think let me make another test,order really quickly and show you how,it's done with the Google Chrome,extension,so I'm going to create another order all,right now we've got our order right,there these are all test orders that I,just made myself I filmed this video,yesterday and I use these three orders,but I realized I was using the wrong,microphone so here we are round two all,right so we have created a new order I,can go behind de-esser's Tab and refresh,and if we go to the open orders you'll,see we now have five and we have one New,Order awaiting to be ordered so ignore,this big red box right here let's go,down to shipping method and choose,AliExpress standard shipping confirm and,now we're going to click on order and,we're going to use the Google Chrome,extension this time and you'll see how,fast this really works it's similar to,how oberlo used to work back in the day,before they closed down but it's going,to open up a new AliExpress tab input,all the customer information and then,place the order in AliExpress and you'll,see it happen in real time click confirm,foreign,we have this new tab open right here,shipping address is going to be changed,payment method is going to be your,payment method boom and now the order is,placed just like that and then if we,refresh and go to our orders tab you'll,see that it popped up right here and all,we need to do now is just go ahead and,pay for it and it's as simple as that we,have just fulfilled two orders and,they're going to be delivered to me,because I ordered them myself probably,going to cancel these orders now that I,think of it but anyways I really hope,this video helped you out I hope you,learned a thing or two I hope you're,able to follow along and get your first,order fulfilled congratulations if you,did get your first order if you haven't,had your first order yet you are now,prepared for when that first order does,come in so congratulations to you too I,would love it if you like this video And,subscribe if you haven't already thank,you once again for watching have a,wonderful day I'll see you in the next,video take care

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