what coding language does shopify use

How to learn Shopify development as a beginner so let's talk about shopify development,what it is an


Updated on Jan 14,2023

How to learn Shopify development as a beginner

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How to learn Shopify development as a beginner

so let's talk about shopify development,what it is and how to learn it as an,absolute beginner,hello everyone my name is bernard and,welcome to another video from weekly how,if you're not subscribed yet be sure to,subscribe and,hit that notification bell button you,won't miss my future uploads,most of you are probably wanting to,learn shopify development because you,either have a shopify store that you,want to improve,or you just want to become a shopify,developer either way you will do the,same steps to learn shopify,development and then you can choose,whether you want to create shopify,apps or shopify themes,let's begin,before you get into actual shopify,development you will need to understand,first and learn about web development,wait,wait wait wait i'm here to learn shopify,development why would i learn web,development,well shopify development is basically,part of,web development because it's still on,the web,now there are two parts of web,development obviously there's the front,end,and the back end so front end is,basically what you're seeing in your,browser,and back end is what's working to make,your,front end display the right output for,your users,for front end you'll have to learn html,css,and javascript pull it with backend you,can pick one programming language that,can make you feel,comfortable comfortable comfortable,comfortable sometimes i speak,comfortable,you can use node or react php,will be on rails or python you can pick,one of these programming languages,after you've learned front end and,back-end the next thing that you need to,learn or you should learn,is database database is super important,especially for,shopify app development because you'll,have to save the user session,or the access token and then you need to,access that from your database and then,authenticate that to make sure,that the shopify merchant is legit once,you have understand and learn web,development it's time for you to learn,about shopify,development now what is shopify,development,hey vsauce michael here shopify,development is a way for shopify,merchants or shopify developers,to create applications or features to,improve a shopify store now there are,two,things that you can create with shopify,development,a shopify app and a shopify theme a,shopify theme is basically what you're,seeing in your shopify store,it's the front end or the storefront,whereas a shopify app is just a plug-in,to improve your shopify store,now the question is which one should you,learn highly recommend learning shopify,theme development,first because that's much easier,compared to shopify app development but,obviously that's not the only,reason why you should learn theme,development first before shopify app,development,another reason why you should learn,theme development first before app,development is that,you will most likely learn or use liquid,programming in your app development so,without learning liquid you won't be,able to add features in your shopify,stores,using shopify apps in other words you,will not be able to add,custom navigational bars announcement,bars,pop-up messages and so on and so forth,to learn more about shopify theme,development at liquid you can watch this,video that i put out last,last week or last time,i'll put its link in the video,description below or you can click the i,icon right over,here or right over here right over here,yeah right over here no it's yeah it's,here,okay so let's say that you have created,a shopify theme using shopify theme,development,congratulations now you can proceed and,learn shopify,app development shopify app development,is more advanced compared to shopify,theme development,so don't be discouraged to learn it and,take your time okay so what is the first,thing that you need to do,first you need to learn and understand,what is shopify api,so what is api api stands for,application,programming interface it is a way for,two applications to communicate with,each other so these two applications are,basically your,app and shopify if your application asks,shopify to send say for example a list,of,products shopify will respond either yes,or no so that is api just a,communication between,two applications so how can you create a,shopify app you can create a shopify app,using one of the programming languages,that i,mentioned earlier though there are other,programming languages that you can use,as long as it can communicate with,an api if you want to learn more about,shopify app development i have a,playlist of,videos teaching you guys how to create a,shopify app using php,but if you want to use node and react i,have a course for that i'll put all of,the links that you're gonna need in the,video description below,or you can click the i icon right over,here shopify development,can be really exhausting especially if,you're just a beginner,but once you get the gist of it you will,find it very easy so my advice for you,is to keep practicing and learn,liquid if you want to master theme,development,and shopify api if you want to master,shopify app development,so yeah those are the two things that,you will only need to master to become a,shopify developer,anyway that's it for this video if this,video somehow helped you,i would appreciate if you smash that,like button for the youtube algorithm,and subscribe,for more shopify content thank you guys,so much for watching and i will see you,next time

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