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Shopify Contact Us Page Creation | EASY Step By Step Setup what's up guys this is Jake and in this,v

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Shopify Contact Us Page Creation | EASY Step By Step Setup

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Shopify Contact Us Page Creation | EASY Step By Step Setup

what's up guys this is Jake and in this,video I'm going to be showing you how,you can create a Contact Us page inside,of your Shopify store it's pretty simple,and will have you set up and ready to go,in a couple of minutes so with that said,the first thing you need to do is go,ahead and log into the backend of your,Shopify store and then once you're in,here you need to go to online store and,come down here to pages and then we are,going to select add page right here and,then we just need to go ahead and name,our page so in this case we'll just name,it contact us and then we are going to,come down here to template and change,the template to page dot contact and,then click on save and what we're gonna,go ahead and do real quick is view the,page real quick and we can see that it,creates a contact form right here,where the customer can input their name,their email their phone number and send,us a message and when they use this form,what it's going to do is it's going to,send an alert to our email that we have,on our general settings inside of our,store and that's how we can reply as,well I'm gonna be showing you that in a,second but first I'm gonna show you how,you can further edit this page so if,this is all you want on your contact,page then this is all you have to do,however if you would like to add some,additional text of this contact page you,can come in here to content and you can,add different things in here if you,wanted to put images or anything above,the form you could so any text that you,type in here or any images that you put,in here are going to show up below here,and above the form so let's say you,wanted to put something like you can,call us,so let's say you wanted to go ahead and,put in something like this letting your,customers know that they can also call,you as well or you can type pretty much,whatever you want if you want to add a,little bit of personal touch or branding,in here and that if I click Save again,and we come over to this page and,refresh it we'll see that now the text,that we just typed in goes ahead and,shows up in on top of the contact form,so like I said if you want to go ahead,and put your phone number any other ways,to get in touch with you there or if you,want to put in an image or anything like,that like maybe if you're a local,business a picture of where you are on,the map is normally pretty good you can,go ahead and put that here so that's how,you edit the contact page and go ahead,and create that now the next thing we,need to do is we need to add the contact,page to one of our menus so we can see,on this sample store here we have the,menu up top and we have the footer menu,down here so we need to go ahead and add,our contact to one or both of these,menus that way people can find the page,so then we need to come back over here,and right below pages click on,navigation and we just need to select,the menu we want to add the contact page,to so in this case I'm gonna add it to,the main menu on top so I'm going to,click main menu and I'm gonna select add,menu item and we're gonna click on link,right here and then I'm gonna click,pages and then we're gonna look for the,page we just created which is contact us,and I'm gonna click Add and now we can,see that I want to add an ad at that,page right here and we can see that the,order that it shows up in so we can see,home catalog about us is going to be,left to right so we can go ahead and,drag on these six thoughts right here,and change the positioning of where the,contact is going to show up on our menu,and then we click Save and then if I,come over here and refresh again we can,see that now the contact us page is in,the menu so if I want to,and I went back to contact us we can see,that now it's fully functioning and if,you wanted to put it in the footer menu,you can go ahead and do the same thing,by adding it to the footer menu right,here so the last thing I'm going to show,you is when somebody contacts you,through this form where is that,notification going to be sent so if we,come down here to settings and then,click on general whatever email you have,right here so your account email and,customer email this is where the,notifications are going to be sent so,make sure that you have your customer,support email in the customer email,right here in the account email right,here and what we're going to go ahead,and do now is I'm gonna go ahead and,just fill this out really quickly and,send a test email to ourself so I can,show you what its gonna look like so if,I go ahead and send this real quick I'm,gonna go ahead and go to this email,account now and show you what it looks,like,so now I'm inside the email and we can,see right here you received a new,message from your online stores contact,form and we get to see the message right,here and if we want to go ahead and,reply to it we can reply to it just like,a normal email right here so this is why,you want it to be your customer support,email so that way all of the customer,outreach that comes through the contact,us form goes right to your customer,support email so that's how you set,everything out with the contact us page,on Shopify and that's how you go ahead,and integrate and get everything rolling,smoothly but that said you found this,video helpful go ahead leave it a thumbs,up subscribe to this channel for more,content and I'll see you guys in the,next video

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