what are the most successful shopify stores

Worlds Most Successful Shopify Stores these are some of the biggest shopify,stores in the entire wor

Arie Scherson

Updated on Jan 16,2023

Worlds Most Successful Shopify Stores

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Worlds Most Successful Shopify Stores

these are some of the biggest shopify,stores in the entire world starting off,with store number one we got color pop,color pop is a beauty brand it's one of,the biggest ones in the entire planet,and it's clear to see why they're,successful they got a really clean brand,they've been around for a very long time,and the scope of their success is pretty,insane as you can see by using these,tools similar web it's a chrome,extension that shows you the traffic of,a particular store we can see that they,are getting about 7.3 million monthly,visitors that's a ridiculous amount of,people going through this store every,single month and they're just here to,shop a lot of different beauty products,now next we got one that you may be,surprised by it's actually a store from,portugal and they sell just about,everything so this is kind of the amazon,equivalent of portugal and they are,completely crushing it as you can see,they are getting about 1.5 million,monthly visitors and this is just,blowing up i mean this is an exponential,graph right here it looks like a,skateboard ramp and if this was a stock,i would be buying this looks very,bullish and this store again is a,general store they sell basically,everything and i don't really see,exactly why they're so successful maybe,it's a numbers game for them quantity,over quality they just want to sell,everything at a pretty good price and it,clearly is working so that's a really,good idea since you know there wasn't an,amazon for portugal and now they're the,amazon of portugal pretty dope now next,we got aloe and now this is a yoga brand,at least that's what i knew them as but,clearly now they are expanding into a,wide range of apparel not just yoga,stuff and to be honest they got some,pretty clean stuff like these clothes,look super comfy and i mean i would wear,some right now also they got a lot of,great product images this is extremely,well branded and it goes to show why,they are so successful again we have an,exponential graph here when it comes to,their traffic and last month they,generated 2.17 million monthly visitors,2 million plus people went through this,store and probably bought something i,mean how could you not look at how,beautiful this store is and how dope,their stuff looks so aloe that's another,one next on the list is boat actually, so this is a store,that sells a bunch of different,electronics and honestly it's kind of,like apple type of electronics but it's,kind of a weird name for a store like,this it's called the boat lifestyle this,is not at all what i was expecting i,expected to see a bunch of yachts a,bunch of people chilling under the sun,but actually that's not at all what we,see we see a bunch of different,electronics a lot of different types of,like headphones and speaker type of,stuff over here but clearly they are,completely crushing it i mean they got a,lot of different press and if we look at,their traffic distribution they are,getting 3.7 million monthly visitors,that's pretty ridiculous and look at how,consistent this graph looks i wish i,could invest in something like this and,this store just is completely crushing,it selling a bunch of products that you,would think are saturated but clearly,they have made a name for themselves and,they're completely crushing it next on,the list is, so again another,store that you would not expect to see,in the top shopify stores in the world,fast growing trees i mean i didn't know,that was the thing but i guess ain't,nobody got time to be waiting for a tree,to grow so,unfortunately this is not a graph that,you like to see they have driven over,2.8 million monthly visitors to their,store but as of lately they've only been,getting 1.5 million imagine saying only,1.5 million visitors that's so many,people still and they're completely,crushing it still however i'm guessing,this is because of the time of the year,not a lot of people are buying trees,even though you know a lot of people are,buying christmas trees right now but,those are already grown so i guess that,explains that but pretty cool store i,love trees everybody should love trees,trees are pretty dope and they do a lot,for the planet so shout out,,very good name by the way very,self-explanatory and yeah next on the,list we got so pretty clean,domain name right there just a five,letter word that's what you like to see,that's super clean and really i'm not,exactly sure what they sell i think it's,just a bunch of different,accessories like screen protectors and,like phone cases airpod cases ipad cases,that's kind of what it seems like to me,and i guess a lot of people are shopping,for this kind of stuff you can see that,they're driving 1.2 million monthly,visitors that's an insane amount of,people and they're only,growing so they're getting better and,better driving more and more visitors to,their website and i will say their,stores pretty clean i mean they got a,lot of different products a lot of,different types of iphone accessories so,they're piggybacking on the success of,the iphone and just apple products in,general but pretty cool stuff i actually,really like how this looks so,congratulations berger you made it on,the list you're welcome and yeah next on,the list we got crafted london a jewelry,brand that has been on a com up lately,if we look at their traffic distribution,they're getting 860 000 monthly visitors,and they just sell a bunch of different,chains and rings and just a bunch of,jewelry for men i mean that's clearly,what they're selling i mean i don't see,any women on the store just a bunch of,guys so i guess that's their target,demographic which is kind of smart i,mean that's definitely less saturated,than jewelry for women so they've been,able to make a huge name for themselves,and obviously focused on quality this,looks awesome they got amazing product,images and huge inspo here this is,pretty dope so shout out crafted london,you guys are crushing it next on the,list we got a little bit of a weird,store it's called feature and they just,sell a bunch of different stuff so i,mean they got raffles they got hats that,they're selling and i guess they're just,kind of a lifestyle brand and judging by,how well they're doing a lot of people,seem to be vibing with this stuff so,they're getting,750 000 monthly visitors nearly which is,a ton of people especially for something,like this but i guess a lot of people,shop for hats everybody's wearing hats,nowadays especially hats with sports,teams and stuff like that people love to,represent their communities and their,sports teams but they also got other,stuff i mean they just are an overall,fashion lifestyle brand so i don't know,how people grow these types of stores to,these lengths but i guess it makes sense,since they were established in 2010 and,you know they started out with physical,locations but now with shopify they're,able to sell online and just really take,it to the next level so pretty cool,store here and very inspiring next we,got ruggable i've talked about this,store before and no we're not talking,about crypto rugs we're talking about,actual rugs for your living room not,getting completely liquidated with your,crypto positions so a lot better in my,opinion but these rugs are pretty cool,and what's cool about this brand is that,these are washable rugs so that was,their big angle and the reason why,they're so successful and judging by,this chart we can see that this is like,a new level of success for rugs so shout,out ruggs i didn't know rugs were so hot,right now but clearly people are,shopping for rugs look at this 4.3,million monthly visitors that's an,insane amount of people that are going,through this store monthly and their,stuff is not cheap i mean 89 is the,cheapest that you can get for their rugs,and they go all the way up until 600,bucks so these people are crushing it,this is a women-owned business so shout,out all the women out there starting,these brands you guys are killing it i,mean four million monthly visitors,that's pretty insane next on the list we,got,very very clean name i mean that's so,short and simple and what they sell is,just some aspirational,uplifting wearable reminders made from,water bottles recycled water bottles so,that's a pretty clever idea and they're,getting about 680 000 monthly visitors,in the summer they even reached 1.3,million monthly visitors and again,they're just selling these little,wristbands and some jewelry that's made,out of recycled water bottles so very,smart idea definitely going for the,sustainable route and the sustainable,crowd and also giving you uplifting,messages i mean that's so cute so,wholesome who wouldn't want to you know,support a brand like this so very good,idea congratulations to you guys,are crushing it and your store looks,really cool i like the way that they,built it i like the way they branded it,and obviously it's working real well,since they're in the top shopify stores,in the world next on the list we got, so another interesting name,here and another interesting store,honestly this is a general store again,they just sell a bunch of different,products i mean they got products from,speakers to ugg boots to reebok,sweatshirts i have no idea how these,people get licensed to sell this stuff,but whatever they're doing it seems to,be working because if we take a look at,their traffic distribution god damn,1.09 million monthly visitors that's,crazy and the pages per visit 4.20 420,haha pretty funny but truly i mean,they're crushing it and i i don't really,understand how people build these brands,clearly as soon as these stores go,online they just completely pop off,which is just a testament to how fast,the e-commerce world is continuing to,grow and yeah they got a pretty,ridiculous amount of brands i mean this,is overwhelming this is just way too,much stuff i would not want to be,handling the logistics of this brand but,you know someone's got to do it i guess,so shout out prusie you guys are killing,it the next store on the list is asphalt,gold and again fashion brand so fashion,clearly is the reigning champ of niches,when it comes to the top shopify stores,now this one actually does look pretty,crispy so i understand why they're,crushing it so much they sell all,different kinds of stuff i mean they,even got their own brand but they sell,other brands as well again no idea how,they're able to pull that off if you,know make sure you leave it in the,comments because that would be very,useful information but this brand is,getting 579,000 monthly visitors and again they're,selling their own products they're,selling other brands products they're,really selling it all and they're,completely crushing it because of that,i'm guessing that they're driving so,much traffic through ads but also just,organically through having so many,different products on their store and,then making it search engine optimized,genius idea if you ask me and these,stores really go to show that you don't,need a billion dollar,innovative idea to really succeed you,just need to kind of push new products,and just really get to work next on the,list is one of my favorites it's keytron,this store literally just sells,keyboards and gaming mouses and also,keycaps so everything related to gaming,keyboards and look at how crazy this,store is doing,1.96 million monthly visitors and in the,summer they even reached 2.2 million,monthly visitors that is crazy for just,selling computer stuff not even just,computer stuff but more specifically,keyboard stuff so this goes to show how,crazy this niche is and how crazy the,levels are to this game when it comes to,shopify i mean when you just focus on,making a really amazing product like,this clearly it pays off they're,completely crushing it and i'm guessing,they're only going to continue to grow,exponentially like this so,congratulations keatron this is a dope,brand with a bunch of really cool,products especially for gamers and,people who just work online a lot so,super cool stuff now next on the list is,my girl kim kardashian's brand skims now,skims is completely crushing it,obviously this is her brand and she,promotes it a lot and she's done a lot,of different stuff to make it unique and,just you know completely insanely,successful but let me show you just how,successful i mean especially compared to,these other stores in the past month,they drove 6.2 million monthly visitors,that's probably the highest that we've,seen so far except for a colour pop and,whatnot but pretty crazy and this is,just kim kardashian's brand so it goes,to show how powerful having you know,that level of influence really is for an,e-commerce brand but honestly she didn't,really take any shortcuts with this i,can see how much time and you know,effort has been spent on this brand,making it look amazing making it feel,amazing i guess i wouldn't know i don't,wear these products but that's what,people seem to be saying about it so big,props to her super inspiring and yeah,super crazy brand next on the list is,polo club now this is kind of a ripoff,of polo by ralph lauren at least that's,how i see it but maybe they're targeting,like a younger demographic maybe they're,owned by the same people i don't know,but this is not the same logo,it looks similar but it's not exactly,the same now this brand however is,driving,582 000 monthly visitors and they're,only growing this is a really nice chart,to look at again looks like a skateboard,ramp and that's what you want to see,when it comes to an e-commerce store i,guess they also have outlets and you,know they do a lot of different stuff,but they're just an apparel brand at the,end of the day and their stuff is kind,of expensive but they've branded it so,well that people just absolutely love it,so again fashion seems to be some of the,biggest brands out here if you enjoyed,this make sure you subscribe and that's,it for this video see you in the next,one peace

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